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5 Glamorous Holidays for all Those who Love the Good Life

5 Glamorous Holidays for all Those who Love the Good Life wikimedia.org

Why not start this new year with a bang? Pamper yourself with an amazing trip to one of these extraordinary destinations that HolidayIQ has chalked out just for you.  

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5 Glamorous Holidays for all Those who Love the Good Life:

  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Karnataka
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Lakshadweep
  5. Andaman & Nicobar

1. The unnatural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh will dazzle you

The unnatural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh will dazzle you
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source: wikimedia.org

Why: The name of Tawang is believed to have derived its name from the grandiose of Tawang Monastery perched on the edge of the ridge running along the western part of its township. Its haunting beauty has a magical charm that lures the visitors to imbibe of its natural beauty, tribal culture, craft traditions and splendid wildlife.

Destination: Tawang

Things to see: Sela pass, Tawang Monastery, Tawang War memorial,  Nuranang waterfall, Bumla pass among others.

Stay at: The Dolma Group of Hotels allows you to choose your stay amidst the busy market area to a pleasant and peaceful home stay away from the chaotic town. You can enjoy impeccable service while enjoying every bit of the breath-taking beauty of the hidden paradise, Tawang.

HolidayIQ Traveller Debayan Bhowmik shares, “One of the lesser known but surely one of the loveliest hill station. Every penny spent in reaching here is justified. The Tawang monastery, the war memorial, Bumla are a must visit among others. Local delicacies are nothing special but hot thukpa and momos are very tasty indeed. The local garment shops sell variety of items.

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2. Experience a luxurious stay in the wild

Experience a luxurious stay in the wild
source: theserai.in

Why: Home to exotic flora and fauna, the forests surrounding Kabini are unique in diversity and richness. The way of life here has been preserved for years as a result of indigenous tribes that have been protected from the changing outside world making its tourist places just a glimpse into their lives.

Destination: Kabini

Things to see: Nagarhole National Park, Kabini River, Brahmagiri among others.

Stay at: The Serai completely spoils you with their flawless services. Trek into the evergreen forests or rest by the river at your Waterfront Verandah for a moment of respite. Walk alongside nature and enjoy every chance you get to be enchanted.

HolidayIQ Traveller Priyanka Agarwal shares, “I went for the Jeep safari twice, since I was very eager to spot wild cats (tiger and leopard). The safari experience was brilliant! It was my first safari and I actually spotted a magnificent tiger, walking majestically in front of our jeep. All of us just sat there in awe of its magnificence. We took as many photographs as we could and just when we thought our trip was successful we spotted a family of doles (wild dogs).”

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3. Live like royalty in Madhya Pradesh

Live like royalty in Madhya Pradesh
source: wikimedia.org

Why: Have you ever experienced what it is like, to live like the kings and the queens? If you haven’t, this is your chance. Nothing can match up to the experience of living in a royal fort and exploring a place that is brimming with rich culture and heritage.

Destination: Maheshwar

Things to see: Narmada Ghat, Akhileshwar Temple, Rajwada, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Khargone and Holkar fort among others.

Stay at: The Ahilya Fort is a magnificent structure that is around 250 years old. Overlooking the Narmada River, it is perched up high on a hill and thus offers an amazing view of the ghats below.

HolidayIQ Traveller Abhishek Kumar shares, “The peaceful, riverside town of Maheshwar has its own history. There is a historic buildings known as Ahilya Fort. There was a temple on the bank of Narmada River. One more thing would be noticed there is Maheshwari handloom sarees. There's a beautiful ghat to refresh your mind and a small garden near the fort. In the garden we can see a huge statue of Devi Ahilya.”

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4. Experience exotic nature in Lakshadweep

Experience exotic nature in Lakshadweep
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source: wikimedia.org

Why: Staying on an island, close to the vastness of the sea can calm our stressed nerves like magic. Located about 459 km off Kochi in the mainland, Agatti can be accessed only by sea and air. It is surrounded on all sides by coral reefs and blue waters, making it a stunning location.

Destination: Agatti Island

Things to see: Bangaram Island, the Lagoon and Pitti Island are some of the go-to spots.

Stay at: Agatti Island Beach Resort sports a breathtaking view of sparkling coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches and lush green coconut palms. Swimming, rowing or diving in deep sea or a shallow lagoon, viewing the underwater world in a glass bottomed boat or visiting an uninhabited island- there is never a dull moment here.

HolidayIQ Traveller Sandeep Saxena shares, “There were a total of 30 tourists on the whole island while we were there and for hours we had a beautiful white beach all to ourselves. The snorkeling is amazing, coral a little bleached but lots and lots of fishes in the lagoon. The most striking feature of the island is that it has serene blue lagoon and crystal clear water around them and is fringed by snow white coral sands.”

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5. Have you ever stayed on an archipelago?

Have you ever stayed on an archipelago?
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source: wallpapersdownload.com

Why: Neil is a tiny but beautiful island located 37 km to the south of the Andaman Islands. With unexplored coral reefs, brilliant bio-diversity, white sandy beaches and tropical forest and vegetation, it is often referred to as the ‘vegetable bowl’ of the Andaman.

Destination: Neil Island

Things to see: Natural Bridge, Bharatpur beach, Sitapur beach, Kalapathar beach are some of the must-visit places.

Stay at: Silver Sands Beach Resort is located right on Colva Beach, the endless silver sand shoreline, surrounded by the warm azure blue Arabian Sea. It is a dream location for honeymooners and holidaymakers. You can indulge in a spa treatment, a fitness regime, an outdoor pool and beach access.

HolidayIQ Traveller Rahul Gupta shares, “It's a very small and remote island. Mostly frequented by westerners, this is a gem of a place in India. The waters are sky blue owing to the blue corals. It is explored on bicycle or by foot. As I can recall, there are just a couple of commercial resorts, providing hut themed lodging. Food is expensive owing to the remote location. Enjoy sunset by the beach and drink lots of coconut water."

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