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5 Must-Haves for Every Woman Traveller

5 Must-Haves for Every Women Traveller pixabay - Unsplash

This winter you cannot lose your chance at a trip to witness this beautiful transition of nature. To help today’s bold and beautiful women travel smart, eBay.in is offering great options on essentials and accessories.

If you are confused about what to carry during your travel, let HolidayIQ help you with the list of the most important things.

5 Must-Haves for Every Woman Traveller:

  1. Ladakh (Leh) (Jammu & Kashmir)
  2. Lakshadweep
  3. Kerala
  4. West Bengal
  5. Himachal Pradesh

1. Travel light and smart

Travel light and smart
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source: pixabay - jill111

We women want to pack our lives in our bags so that nothing is left out. An intelligent thing to do is get the right bag which would suit all kinds of travel. eBay India has some affordable travel bag options from the best quality, original brands. Once you have the perfect bag, you would know how much to pack.

Destination: Leh - Ladakh


Why: With crystal, blue water and a beautiful backdrop, Ladakh is the highest inhabited region in India and has something for all kinds of travellers. Don't miss out the top spots such as Pangong lake, the Leh palace, Shanti stupa and the Nubra valley.

HolidayIQ reviewer, Tanuja Indi shares, “Leh & Ladakh is simply incredible. The landscape has to be seen to be believed. You can view the magnificent rocky mountains of all hues!! Greenery of variant hues!! There is snow and there is sand desert!! As if that is not all, you have rivers and water bodies of various hues!! It simply is a must visit destination, truly representing Incredible India.

2. Smell good, all day everyday

Smell good, all day everyday
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source: pexels - Kaboompics - Karolina

Travelling means being constantly on the move. But who says you can’t smell like you belong in a spa? Always remember to pack your favorite perfume no matter where you’re going. Want something a bit lighter and more refreshing? Grab an amazing deal on your favourite deodorants and perfumes without stepping out of your home from eBay India.

Destination: Agatti


Why: If you’re a single lady looking for an exotic experience with a potential for new friends, head to Agatti. The island is surrounded by scenic beauty and many fun-loving tourists. The Bangaram island is beautiful.

HolidayIQ reviewer Karishma shares, “It's an amazing destination, a small island but nice place for watersports lovers. You can see everything in 2 days, but the underwater life is a must see... can go for scuba diving (which has different levels), snorkelling, turtle watch, boating etc.”

3. Make your travel more organised

Make your travel more organised
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source: pixabay - Snufkin

It’s so much easier to get ready in a jiffy when you know exactly where your things are. We know what will make your packing way easier and super organised.

Don’t carry multiple bags, simply get some small pouches and travel organisers for your laundry, shoes, make-up, etc from eBay India. You won’t have to unpack and repack each time you open your bag!

Destination: Munnar


Why: Between the backwaters, churches and some delicious seafood, Munnar is more than enough fun for one. A solo lunch on one of the houseboats, a visit to the Rose garden or waterfall hopping is a perfect way to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Check out the Attukal waterfalls.

HolidayIQ reviewer Sangeeta shares, “Lovely weather, excellent greenery, beautiful flowers, it is a nice place to visit. Fresh air, zero pollution, great food and ambience… Kerala seems like a complete package.

4. Consolidate your makeup and cosmetics

Consolidate your makeup and cosmetics
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source: Twitter

While travelling, you definitely want to look your best at all times. We know you need your lip balm, your moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, lipstick… The list is never ending. eBay India has a wide range of compact travel kits with all your favourite beauty and cosmetics at one stop. Oh, and don't forget your sunscreen!

Destination: Darjeeling

pixabay - donvikro

Why: Whether it’s a horse ride on the hilly landscapes or breakfast at Keventer's, the gorgeous hill station will make any solo female traveller feel like a princess. Darjeeling offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities like the Tiger Hills, Peace Pagoda, Ghoom monastery, tea gardens and much more. We don't need to remind you of the Toy Trains!

HolidayIQ reviewer Arpita Mondal shares, “Fantastic sunny weather, clear sky all together make the trip wonderful. Ecstatic sunrise over the Kanchenjunga from tiger hill fulfilled the trip. The mall, tea garden, zoo, ropeway, toy train, Keventers, Glenary's all together made our Darjeeling trip a memorable one.”


5. Make sure your documents are in place

Make sure your documents are in place
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source: pexels - Torsten Dettlaff

Once the papers are safely tucked in, you won't have a thing to worry about. The last thing you need is to be fretting about your passport or any missing any of your other important papers. From card and passport holders to handy sling bags, you’ve got it all on eBay India with its quick and efficient service.

Destination: Kasol


Why: Stroll by the River Parvati, visit the famous Manikaran Gurudwara, trek to Kheer Ganga, hit the flea markets or gorge on delicious Israeli food, Kasol is a safe destination for solo women travellers. Locals are used to solo women backpackers and treat them with respect.

HolidayIQ reviewer Indarjeet Singh says, “Those who wish to spend the night having parties can consider Kasol.”

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