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5 Reasons Why Europe is the Ultimate Summer Vacation Getaway!

5 Reasons Why Europe is the Ultimate Summer Vacation Getaway! shutterstock

Europe is known for many things but something that stands out is the staggering array of options one has as a traveller. From history, culture and architecture to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders, you want it and Europe has it.

For the history buff and the culture connoisseurs, places like Paris, Barcelona, Vienna and Amsterdam are heavens with a blend of multiple architectural styles and museums. What’s better is the fact that they double up as wonderful romantic destinations too, so you can visit them with your special someone too!

However, if nature is your priority, you can head to the Northern part of Europe with places like Switzerland and Iceland that are punctuated with scenic mountains, humbling fjords and stunning natural phenomenon like the Northern lights!

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Of culture and architecture- Barcelona

If there’s a place where you get to experience a potpourri of culture, architecture, cuisine and the spirit of Europe unlike anywhere else, it is Barcelona. Capital of the region known as Catalonia, this city is known for its distinct traditions and language and is home to one of the greatest football clubs on the planet, FC Barcelona.

Discover one-of-its-kind architecture with buildings designed by one of the most famous exponents of Catalan Modernism, Antoni Guadi as you’re left speechless by the highly individualized style. Apart from this, visit the Picasso Museum, which hosts some of the greatest artworks known to mankind. Take a walk along one of Europe’s most famous streets, La Rambla, and try some tapas to get into the vibe of Barcelona!

Fall in love with the magic of City of Lights 

If there’s one city that you should visit at least once in a lifetime, it’s Paris. The City of Lights needs no introduction as it holds a legendary status among lovers, art connoisseurs, culture buffs, food and wine lovers and artists alike. Whatever the purpose of you visit is, you can’t really go wrong with Paris, ever.

Paint the town red with your special someone by taking a river cruise and a romantic dinner on the Seine or experience the legendary Moulin Rouge. If you want an unparalleled view of the city, nothing better than taking a stroll around The Montmartre which is famous for the stunning Sacré Coeur Basilica. Goes without saying that any visit to Paris is incomplete without seeing the Louvre museum which houses some of the greatest artworks of all time like the Mona Lisa.

Heaven for a mountain person- Switzerland

If you’re someone who loves the feeling of cool mountain breeze against your skin, Switzerland is the perfect place for you. Fall in love with the scenery around you as you move with the clouds across some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the world.

Give skiing on gorgeous icy slopes a shot or sit back and absorb the idyllic charm of a hamlet nestled in the peaks- whatever you do, don’t forget to tune in to the music of the mountains. If you ever feel overwhelmed, close your eyes and live the moment. Take a mental picture of your surroundings and create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Unlike any city you’ve ever been to- Amsterdam

Ever been to a place so beautiful, you start feeling like you’re not just at a tourist place but living a fairytale? Amsterdam with its breathtaking canals and quaint shopping streets will make you feel like you’re a part of a Hollywood period piece.

The one unmissable experience in Amsterdam is definitely the canal cruise as it lets you get a closer look at the city’s distinct architecture. You can also take a walk along the lanes around the canals and experience Amsterdam like a local.

Alternatively, if you want to sample the culture of Amsterdam, flock to one of the many neighborhoods like De Pijp and De Plantage, places where you can see the soul of Amsterdam. You trip is incomplete without witnessing the works of the greatest artist in human history, Vincent Van Gogh, at the Van Gogh Museum.

Nature at its most unique in Iceland and Norway

Punctuated with  surreal fjords and home to otherworldly natural phenomenon like the Northern Lights, this is a place you won’t believe exists until you get a chance to see it. Go back in time and get a glimpse of Viking culture at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

Step into a science fiction novel with waterfalls that bewitch you with their ethereal beauty and landscapes that will teleport you to a world you would have never seen before. Experience nature how it’s meant to be seen- by being a part of it. Discover something new about yourself as you find solace in the silence that binds the surreal scenery of Iceland together with the unspoken charm of nature.

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