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6 Different Types of Travellers We all Have met at Least Once

6 Types of Travellers That we all Know of gogoagonecrazy.blogspot.com


We all know them. We have travelled with them, been their friend, dated them, fought with them, everytime painting our own experience with the color of their insights into the world.  We find them intriguing, question what they do, fight with or agree with them. We cannot ignore them, they are too interesting. We are attracted to the way they see the world. Twisted, comical but oddly inspiring. These are types of travelers we all meet and remember as part of our travel.

The 'Monica' 

Source: familyadventureproject

“We need to go to the beach today, get out of those swimming trunks” or “NO!! We have to go the museum, it says so in my diary, the nature reserve is for tomorrow!”

These people plan everything - the itinerary, flights, hotels, even whom we speak and don't speak to. Trouble is their plans never work out. I mean, who knows what you're going to see out there. There is always an element of surprise when you travel. They get pissed off, but everyone usually has fun and a memorable trip in the end!

A trip to Coorg is perfect to test these routine lovers. Pack your bags, go to Thadiyandamol, pitch basecamp and watch how they conjure up a sightseeing plan in the lap of nature.  

Holidayiq guru Nishitha says,"I had been for a trekking with my friends to Thadiyandamol Hills. This is an awesome place which is called as the highest peak of Coorg. The way to reach this hill was amazing.It was completely covered by coffee estates all around. Once we reached the top we relaxed for sometime had some good time, saw the beautiful sunset and then left the place"


The Cheapster 

They swear by a budget. Anything outside it, no matter how exciting it is, is a complete no no!


The beaches, shacks, flea markets, and bars of Goa! The one place we can go and live another life for a few days. You are at Baga, enjoying the night and want that one last drink to feel happy before spending the night at the beach. You order but hear that dreaded sound “No! No more, we have spent enough for today”, your friend is right! She has saved you those 200 bucks that will save your life one day. GO HOME!

Source: debagadeckcomforts.com

Holidayiq scout VB says, "Good place for partying and very very safe.This is one of the happening place. You get alcohol and food right by the beach you can enjoy both your dinner and beach.You can directly get buses to any place. Clothes are cheap and nice while accessories are expensive."

The know it all! 

“This place has the best fish, I read about it” Or “this place may look cheap, trust me, its the best option according to this award winning book”. These people assume they know it all because a book told them so! And well they are'nt always wrong.

source: guesty.com

But then, you travel to Hampi with your girl gang, no matter how many travel books you read, you will never know of the gem that is the Hampi Hippie village across the Hampi river, or the secret hilltop campground behind the ruins or the best place to rent a loona. There is so much to see, let go and write your own do's and don'ts list!

source: rakhduu

HolidayIQ tourist Praveen says,"Hampi is famous for its rich history. It goes back to 1336 AD. The city with large dimensions, carvings, florid ornamentation etc. It's just makes you fall in love with the sculptures. It is also called God of whispering rocks. It was wonderful."

The flaunters 

They are'nt showing off, they travelled, saw the world, learnt things the hard way, while you sat and dreamt about travelling. Primary research is earned, suck it up, you'll get there one day.

source: techstory

While on safari in the Ranthambore National Park, one of the girls on the jeep knows everything - where the tigers are at, what the broken twig says about game movement, what animals come out in the prevalent weather, what's the best time to see which animal, what the forest  means to local tribes, what to eat, where and when. She has been there before, she knows her environment - she can show off!

HolidayIQ scout Renuka says,"Plenty of opportunities to sight tigers in their habitat from a distance. Zone, 3 known as the VIP zone is the site of water bodies, flanked by a huge grassy platform from which the tribe of tigers emerges into the sunshine.cThe distance is huge, bur enough to excite and keep the watching wild life lovers enthralled. Across the lake, another scene unfolds as the tigers move leisurely, swimming across to the ancient palace, now abandoned, never visited by even the most alert forest game keepers."

source: 121clicks

The shutterbugs - Click here, click there. Click click everywhere! 

No matter where you go, no matter how tired you are, no matter who is company, this person always waits to use the camera. Be it people, places, scenery, landscapes, monuments or the good old group selfie, this person never shy’s away from using the camera. We all have that one photo that captures the trip perfectly which no one planned to take but thanks to click fingers we have it!


When trekking in the Kanchenjunga National Park it is easy to be mesmerized by the landscape and loose yourself in the environment you are in. The pristine valleys, views of the mighty Kanchenjunga connect the with the spirit and treat your soul to nature. We need the shutterbug to help us revisit this once in a lifetime memory.

source: shangrilanepal

The loner (Not creept at all) 

This traveller is unique and different. No rules, no limits, just pack your bag and travel with purpose to a vague destination. Eat in small family run roadside eateries, drink tea at roadside shops, stop for infinitely long time at places where you connect. These people speak and wish strangers, they have a live and let live policy. They are fun to hang out with but are somewhat alof from societal obligations. Interesting people, find friends like these!

source: trailsofindia.com

It is not uncommon to find solo travellers while hitchhiking the Parvati Valley. Whether exploring the beautiful village of Malana or trekking to Kheerganga, you find these people living life closer to the edge than you!

source: myriadtrails

6 Different Types of Travellers We all Have met at Least Once:

  1. Johnson's Lodge, Manali (Himachal Pradesh)

1. The Parvati Valley hosts all these travellers and they all love it!

The Parvati Valley hosts all these travellers and they all love it!source: meanderingshots.blogspot.com

HolidayIQ explorer Sumeet says, "It's not a place for sightseeing. It’s a town to stay and experience. You can meet people from around the world who indulge in Shiva’s way of living. Trek along the boulevards and breathe fresh air. Sit along the banks of River Parvati and listen to people’s tale and stories."

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