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7 Breakfast Dishes We Indians Absolutely Cannot Live Without!

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Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and rightly so. HolidayIQ Travellers suggest must-try breakfast items.

7 Breakfast Dishes We Indians Absolutely Cannot Live Without!:

  1. Indore (Madhya Pradesh)
  2. Delhi
  3. Kota (Rajasthan)
  4. Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  5. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  6. Kolkata (West Bengal)
  7. Bangalore (Karnataka)

1. Poha-Jalebi

Poha-Jalebisource: wikimedia.org

It's made from flattened rice and is the staple breakfast of central India, mainly Madhya Pradesh. The dish is also popular in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and even Karnataka where it's known as 'avalakki'. The best place to taste poha can be Indore in Mashya Pradesh. Usually jalebi accompanies it. About Indore, HolidayIQ traveller Nikhil says, "This is fantastic place to explore new food items. While there are local sweet and farsan shops here, there is also a local night bazaar which takes place after 10:30 odd. Its called Sarafa Bazaar. You may go to have variety of dishes at night. Thats actually the night life of Indore. Its a beautiful place and worth exploring as well. Best place for foodies. I shall add more info post my next visit."

Budget Stay: Ginger Indore

Mid-range Stay: Shreemaya Hotel

Luxury Stay: Sayaji Hotel

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2. Paratha

Parathasource: wikimedia.org

Parathas are eaten throughout the country. South India has the polular Kerala Parota but Punjab and Delhi are the places that swear by parathas. Be it plain paranthas with tea or stuffed paranthas with butter, they remain equally popular. The paranthewali gali in Delhi is famous for its many varieties of paranthas. HolidayIQ Traveller Pooja says, "Who would miss the scrumptious paratas at Old Delhi. I would always see those lanes of Chandni Chowk in movies and series, it turned out to be much more vintage and populated than I had imagined.There was nothing left on the types of paranthas on the menu that we did not try. To compliment the hot paranthas, we were served chilled hot and salted lassi in mud cups."

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3. Kachori

Kachorisource: wikimedia.org

Kachoris, though deep fried, are a delight. People from Rajasthan can testify to this universal truth. Popular in Madhya Pradresh and Uttar Pradesh, Kachori has three delicious variants in Rajasthan - Daal Kachori, Pyaz ki Kachori and Mawa ki Kachori. Kota is famous worldwide for its kachoris. HolidayIQ Traveller Sandeep says, "Very Good destination as it provides overall look of the Mall culture.An educational hub and full of Historic places. Kachories are World Famous. You will not find Kachori of Kota anywhere else.
If you come to Kota then  go to have Daal Kachori of Ratan Namkeen, Near Naya Pura ( Kota Bus Stand)."

Budget Stay: Surya Royal Hotel

Mid-range Stay: Hotel Madhushree

Luxury Stay: Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel

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4. Misal Pao

Misal Paosource: wikimedia.org

Pao with bhaji or misal is popular in Maharashtra and enjoyed throughout the country. Mumbai serves the best misal pao. HolidayIQ Traveller Pritha says, "A city of dreams as it is called, Mumbai is crowded but has a charm of its own. Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Mumbaiya Chaat and Pao-bhaji is famous. Trains or planes, Mumbai is accessible in both ways."

Budget Stay: Sahara Hotel

Mid-range Stay: The Regale by Tunga

Luxury Stay: The Oberoi

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5. Dhokla and Thepla

Dhokla and Theplasource: wikimedia.org

Dhoklas and theplas are popular breakfasts in Gujarat but their appeal can be seen in mostly of north, central and west India. HolidayIQ Traveller Amit Patra says, “Ahmedabad is heaven for foodies. In every corner of the city, you will find some good food joints.Khaman and sandwich dhoklas are famous."

Budget Stay: Hotel Classic Inn

Mid-range Stay: Aloft Ahmedabad

Luxury Stay: Courtyard by Marriott

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6. Luchi Aloo

Luchi Aloosource: wikimedia.org

Luchi is pure bliss. Ask any Bengali and you'll be met with merry nods of agreement. It's complimented with aloo and gives most Bengalis a break from non-vegetarian food. No better place to enjoy Luchi than the City of Joy. Here's what HolidayIQ traveller Sidharth has to say about Kolkata, "Kolkata is really a good place where no one will sleep in hunger. Food is very tasty and at cheap rate. Full Kolkata peoples depends on metro, bus and local train. Always people stay busy with their work. One must visit this place at the month of October-November."

Budget Stay: Beeu Hotel

Mid-range Stay: O2 Hotel

Luxury Stay: Taj Bengal

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7. Idli, Dosa, Upma & Vada

Idli, Dosa, Upma & Vadasource: wikimedia.org

Idli,dosa, vada, rava upma, appam. bisibelle bath, khara baath, kesari bhat - heavenly stuff served in South India to die for. Out of all the goodness, dosas are the most famous. One can enjoy delectable dosas at 99 Variety Dosa in Bangalore. HolidayIQ Traveller Abraham says, "Must visit once in a year type of place for an Indian. Everything except for the traffic is beautiful. Got all the goodies in one place. Big big malls, cars, shops for everything, awesome scenery when you get out of the city, good people volvo buses for in the city transport. It was a good experience."

Budget Stay: Treebo 9 Marks Inn

Mid-range Stay: The Park

Luxury Stay: Ayurvedagram

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