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7 Lesser-Known Sights in Rajasthan for the Offbeat Traveller

7 Lesser-Known Sights in Rajasthan for the Offbeat Traveller HolidayIQ

Steeped in history, traditions, architecture, culture and unique spirituality, Rajasthan offers you a spectacular showcase that brings to life a bygone era, reflected in modern times. With an open mind and a sense of curiosity, these are 8 places our travellers advice you to go to. You never know, “Jaane  Kya Dikh Jaye.”

1. Bundi - The sleeping beauty of Rajasthan

Bundi - The sleeping beauty of Rajasthansource: HolidayIQ

Wedged between Jaipur and Udaipur, Bundi is an unspoilt gem with a man-made lake and a fairytale castle by the mountainside. The miniature paintings and enchanting ancient palaces narrate a tale of the evolution of Rajput Architecture.

In the words of Rudyard Kipling, “Jaipur Palace may be called the 'Versailles of India'. Jodhpur’s house of strife, grey towers on red rock, is the work of giants, but the Palace of Bundi, even in broad daylight, is such a palace as men build for themselves in uneasy dreams – the work of goblins rather than of men.” This rings true in your senses when you experience the intricacies of the place.

HolidayIQ reviewer Ashish Tripathi shares: "It's a small town near Kota, Rajasthan about 39 km. The place is good. The market is worth a visit. Handcrafted items are the main attractions. A restaurant on the roof near only palace Garh Palace is very nice. It's pocket-friendly, so if you have a spare day and you are near somewhere. Try it!"

Fun fact: Bundi is also called the stepwell city with more than 50 step wells.

2. Baroli temples - Hidden wonders of the ancient world

Baroli temples - Hidden wonders of the ancient worldsource: Mapio

The Baroli temple complex is also known as Badoli temples, located within a walled enclosure in Baroli village in the Chittorgarh district, near Rawatbhata. Built in the Pratihara style of temple architecture that dates back to 10th century AD, the place is a showcase of the region’s spirituality, with exquisite carvings and sculptural depictions of Lord Shiva or Nataraja on the ‘mandap’ and the pillars.

The Nataraja sculpture has 16 arms and its headdress is matted. There is a large diadem carved at the top of the skull, which is decorated with beads. The facial features are very fine, with high arched brows and full mouth. A true monument of Rajasthani craftsmanship.

3. Barmer - The heart of Rajasthan

Barmer - The heart of Rajasthansource: HolidayIQ

Barmer is the heart of Rajasthan and the majestic jewel of its eternal crown in the Thar Desert. Barren sandy stretches, harsh weather and rough terrain open doors to a sleepy town, famous for handicrafts that include woodcarvings, carpets and intricate embroidery. 

HolidayIQ reviewer Rahul Saran shares: "It's a great heritage place with lots of stuff to watch. You can enjoy with your friends and relatives, and try the desert safari. If you go to Barmer then visit the Kiradu temple, the Khajuraho of Rajasthan."

4. Kumbhalgarh – Rajasthan’s own great wall

Kumbhalgarh – Rajasthan’s own great wallsource: HolidayIQ

Perched at a height of 1100 metersKumbhalgarh sports the Indian version of the Great Wall of China. Stretching for over 36 km and wide enough to accommodate 8 horses riding at once, the intimidating nature of the erstwhile defences hits you immediately. The fort is surrounded by 13 peaks, each instrumental in its success in preventing the fort from being captured.

HolidayIQ reviewer Shanu Dungarwal shares: "It's a huge fort surrounded by numerous Hindu and Jain temples. It was built by Rana Kumbha, Father of Maharana Udai Singh." It is also the birthplace of the great King and legendary warrior Maharana Pratap.


5. Ranakpur - An architectural marvel

Ranakpur - An architectural marvelsource: HolidayIQ

The temples in Ranakpur are dedicated to Jain Tirthankara Adinath. Ranakpur is also one of the 5 most important Jain pilgrimage sites in India. The temple presents to you the vision of its creator, Dharna Shah, who wanted to build a vehicle to enter the heavens. Magnificent use of marble leaves you spellbound.

HolidayIQ reviewer Konark Patel shares: "Situated deep in Aravali valley, away from noises of the city - Ranakpur is around two and a half hours away from Udaipur. The leading road from Udaipur to Ranakpur is one of its kind, snaky roads with exhilarating mountains and valleys. The temple is also one of its kind with artful and delicate sculptures. It's an excellent example of ancient art and architecture. It indeed reveals the rich cultural heritage of India."

6. Mandawa - The Shekhawati belt of Rajasthan

Mandawa - The Shekhawati belt of Rajasthansource: HolidayIQ

Mandawa is an important town of Shekhawati region, adorned with forts and colourful houses. The place takes you back to the 18th century when Mandawa was inhabited by rich merchants who built everlasting mansions called Havelis. Treat yourself to the unique local cuisine and take back memories in the form of locally made paintings and wooden handicrafts.

HolidayIQ reviewer Sunil Jain shares: "The place Mandawa in the Shekhawati belt of Rajasthan is quite popular for their old world Havelis. Most of the Haveli owners shifted to other parts of Rajasthan or India and hence their typical Havelis were eventually converted/renovated into hotels. These hotels are now worthwhile visits because of the old world charm they carry. In fact, the entire Mandawa town has a number of such Havelis and you can enjoy their top class services and the great architecture."

7. Osian - An oasis in the desert

Osian - An oasis in the desertsource: HolidayIQ

It is said that the origin of Osian can be traced back to the Hindu God Rama. It witnessed the rule of Rathore Rajputs and the British. Get a sneak peek into the spiritual evolution of the region as you explore the temple complex that comprises 18 shrines.The shrines are renowned for their artwork and carvings on the elegant sculptures.

HolidayIQ reviewer Rajan Shah shares: "The town of Osian is located approximately 69 km from Jodhpur. Osian is also an important Jain pilgrimage for the Oswal Jain community. The Mahavira Temple of 783 AD is the most ancient testimony in the region."

Disclaimer: All the information given in this article has been compiled by the HolidayIQ content team. Department of Tourism, Govt. of Rajasthan is not responsible for any factual error.

The views above are collated from opinions expressed by travellers on www.holidayiq.com

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