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7 Things Only Travellers Can Talk About for Hours!

7 Things Every Traveller Worth his Salt can Talk for Hours About! wheelstreet


We all have our routines with different aims, some to earn a living, some to pass an exam, some to live life as deemed fit by loved ones. Our minds, however, are trained reflections of the primitive adventure seeking, hunter gatherer. Ever wondered? Why planning a trip seems fun? Why anything to break routine seems ‘cool’ and interesting? Thats you wondering how it would be to pack your bag, leave routine behind and explore, wander and pack your mind with soulful moments that you will treasure till the end, more than that new car or flat you dream of buying! Pack your bags and venture out, you will come back a different person!

Plan to discover


When you decide to travel, nothing prepares you from the magnanimity of our planet. Be it the languages, the cultures, the noises, the smells, the languages, the food etc etc etc. This is why you need to stop, calibrate and travel, IMMEDIATELY!

The dose of this vastness humbles you. You may be a scientist, engineer or an incredibly successful lawyer. You are a true authority, rightfully arrogant and brash in daily life.

No one knows you, unfamiliar surroundings

Remote travel like in Chhattisgarh on your way to Barnawapara National Park, it doesn't take more than a tea break on NH 6 to shed you off all the ‘know all’ paradigm. The language, the humility of the local people, the landscape all new, all of it beating a sense of awe out of you.

Source: Sid-thewanderer

Barnawapara: a place of balance

Then you get a chance to meet the Gonds of Barnawapara and your pride in the middle class lifestyle, modern capitalist and ego massaging, takes a beating. You see man and nature coexist side by side. People know their landscape and the wildlife is protected.  You realise, “Damn! There is a lot I don't know about, afterall”.


Source: blog.travelwithus

You wonder can having access to the forest be as important and fulfilling as me getting my newest X-Box? You see magic in simplicity and entitlement in happiness. That is new, refreshing and helps you find a connection.

Budget Hotel: Muba's Machaan

Mid range: Mayura Hotel

Luxury: VW Canyon

Out of your comfort zone; face the elements

What does being embraced mean to you? A hug from a loved one? Acceptance at your workplace? Getting out of routine, out of your well marked territorial comfort zone, puts you out there.

source: dangerous-business

Journey to the stars at Kudremukh 

Get your backpack, trek the Kudremukh peak. Get a local tribal guide. Carry a tent, camp under the stars; wild, inviting and completely isolated from your rockstar routine. Pristine wilderness surrounds you, the stars watch over your night’s rest, peacock calls wake you up. This is when you feel her comforting arms around you. The one true embrace.


Luxury: Taj West End

Mid-range: The Chancery

Budget: Ballal Residency

HolidayIQ scout Sheetal says, "A serene natural beauty. Kudremukh Wildlife Sanctuary located in the lap blissful greenery of Western Ghats. A must for bikers, nature lovers and animal lovers. Best time to visit during monsoons and winters, summers too will be a good getaway from the city life."  

We make an Impact on this world

We change landscapes, we dam rivers, we use forests as resources, we build roads, we take pride in mega cities we build and reside in! Great achievements isnt it? Ever wondered what other species sharing this planet think about all of this? Well, we are an intelligent specie surely we know what impact we make. The planet is vast, tremendously old and wise. She has survived before us she will will continue to flourish after us. Become aware, get out of your usual grind. Travel and explore how we change our world and what happens to species that can't talk our language.

source: volunteerworkIndia

Islands of paradise remain; go explore Simlipal 

Less known and underexplored Simplipal Tiger Reserve is right in the middle of progress as we know it. A flourishing mining industry employing tribals displaced from their forests and rivers, Simplipal is the perfect place to see contrasting life forms co-exist, well for now atleast. Get a glimpse of a Tiger, explore the local cultural heritage, for those with an open mind, this place is a temple of learning of how we interact with the planet's diversity.

Source: telegraph

Budget staysBhagela Resorts

Mid-range staysMonsoon Forest lodge

Luxury staysSyna Tiger Resort

HolidayIQ connoisseur Sudipta says, " The dense sal forest is bound to cast a spell of magic on you the moment you enters from the Kaliani gate as you have got the feel of dense mystic forest ready to surprise you any time. There are different spots specially inside the biosphere reserve open for visitors include Chahala, Joranda and Barehipani and you can have the magnificent view of a waterfall from the log hut at Joranda. If you are opting for the package offered by the forest department, you will be provided launch en route in a village located in the buffer zone of the park limit, prepared by a village self help group."

7 Things Only Travellers Can Talk About for Hours!:

  1. India

Day 1. Dont Just Exist, LIVE

Dont Just Exist, LIVEsource: qz

There are many reasons to thrash routine and do what your soul tells you. Nothing beats a collage of culture, wilderness, people and cuisine all served to you in one gigantic platter of self discovery. Taking a roadtrip preferably alone is a stupendous task. It tests you often bringing out shades of you that no one knew existed. Its also gratifying to see the things you see, to learn all that is thrown at you, to feel your senses heighten at every new discovery. You feel life in everything around; this planet lives and breaths indeed. You start to find and love yourself. Maybe thats whats needed in today’s fast paced market oriented life. Don’t just exist, LIVE.

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