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8 Exotic Places Only Diehard Travellers Will Do!

Diamond Mines and Danish Colonies - These Trips Have Something For The Ladies and Their Men! wikimedia.org
Only for hardcore travellers! If you are bored of travelling to the same old over-crowded destination then it’s time to seek new destinations. HolidayIQ recommends these 8 places in India.

8 Exotic Places Only Diehard Travellers Will Do!:

  1. Nelliyampathy (Kerala)
  2. Panna (Madhya Pradesh)
  3. Minicoy Island, Minicoy (Lakshadweep)
  4. Teesta River, Monpong (West Bengal)
  5. Tranquebar (Tamil Nadu)
  6. Champaner (Gujarat)
  7. Pattadakal (Karnataka)
  8. Amboli (Maharashtra)

1. Nelliyampathy

source: keralatripmaker.com

Channu Mon: Nelliyampathy is the paradise for nature lovers and trekkers. Several species of birds and animals including some rare species are found here. The Pothundy Dam is a picturesque locale with facilities for boating and a nice option as a picnic place. As the Ghat road winds its way up to Nelliyampathy, at certain places there are viewpoints from where the vast stretches of Palakkad district are visible with its extensive paddy fields forming a verdant carpet.

Mahesh Ram stayed at The Whistling Thrush Bungalow: You are going to feel alive inside of Nelliyampathy forest and of course the climate. We, 15 members had been planning to go somewhere and no far from our city cos of some early fixed plans. We had driven 100-120 km hardly to reach there. Friendly hotel offering excellent food and accommodation. You can opt this without any doubt. Happy Kerala trekking.

Find out how it feels to trek through Kerala. 

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2. Panna

source: bhavyaholidays.com

Panna is a small city, famous for its diamond mines and Tiger Reserve. There are several places of interest in Panna like Ajaygarh Fort, Kalinjar Fort, Mahamati Prannathji Temple, Pandav caves, diamond mines and Panna National Park.  

Pratik Dewani stayed at the Jewel of the Jungle while he was here: Jungles that inspired Kipling's Jungle book. Home to some of the rarest species of animals and birds of the tropics this is a must visit for any traveler, just to understand and appreciate nature. Had a wonderful experience, couldn't ask for more.

It's time to live out The Jungle Book yourself. 

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3. Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island
source: lakshadweep.nic.in

S M Bega Raaj from Chennai shares: Humongous lagoons with such a fabulous colorful Sea water throughout the horizon. There are many activities to enjoy like Snorkeling, Kayaking, Banana Boat ride, Knee Boat ride, Speed Boating and on top of everything Scuba diving.”

Hari Krishnan stayed at Agatti Island Beach Resort: The hotel has a great sea shore adjoined to it. The wonderful stay combined with the seashore makes you relaxed from the daily stresses. The rooms are well equipped in the beach bungalow. The stay gives you sufficient activities for enjoyment through rowing, glass bottom boat ride. The seafood on offer is excellent.

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4. Teesta River

Teesta River
source: dhrs.org

Teesta River originates from the Tso Lhamo Lake in the North Sikkim and forms a natural border between the West Bengal and Sikkim. The river is ideal for white water rafting.

Piyush Singhi shares: “The banks of River Teesta looks very beautiful during sunset with greenery nearby and cool breeze of air. It is a must visit place if you are in Jalpaiguri town. You have boating facilities available at decent rates.”

Krishna Chawla: Teesta Paryatak Hotel, Jalpaiguri is located in outskirts of Jalpaiguri and has a really good surrounding. We enjoyed the stay and didn't have to face any problems. The food was not too good but neither costly. People rarely got a chance to complain. They serve visitors in a polite, humble way taking care of our needs and problems in every way possible. We loved the stay.

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5. Tharangambadi

source: wikimedia.org

From 1620 to 1845, this small town was a Danish colony in India, well before the British invaded India. The first printing press in India was established here and the beach in Tranquebar (now known as Thrarangambai) is said to have the second richest ozone content in the world.

Sudarshan Sampath from Bangalore shares: “With the view of danish fort and lots of old. Well we spent good 2 hours in the fort seeing the Dutch architecture and design their store areas of Arm and Ammunition, Ration, visiting the old churches was an experience. We also went to Velankanni church. Very huge and a powerful place. A place to heal oneself.”

Manoj Bawa stayed the Bungalow on The Beach: The location is for those keen to visit the Danish fort/ colony at Tranq. The hotel building which was destroyed by the tsunami has been renovated very well and though there is no room service, the people in the hotel are very helpful. There is no elaborate menu and though the food tastes good, there is room for improvement. 

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6. Champaner

source: wikimedia.org

The existence of this ancient city can be traced back to the 8th century. There are several forts, gardens, tombs and other important monuments in this city.

HolidayIQ traveller Muzammil Riyaz from Ahmedabad shares: “Well-maintained world heritage site, perfect picnic spot for family. Lots of historical buildings and mosque to be seen. Champaner was capital of old Gujarat and was once established by begda sultans. Make sure you carry plenty of water as it's an open sunny area and you need to get some snacks on your own.”

Amarjeet Singh: The Champaner hotel was situated at Pavagadh, Gujarat. The food was excellent and very reasonable. So whenever you visit Pavagadh please visit this hotel. It's undertaken by Gujarat government and the room rent is also cheap. Located near bus stand.

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7. Pattadakal

source: wikimedia.org

Indrajeet Mohite: Pattadakal is a place nearby Badami. It is a place known for the remains of various temples. Visitors must visit the museum in Pattadakal so as to understand how the temples are rebuild. The temples are made with big stones. There are big and deep tanks for storing water. I like the fine art of the temples.

Abhishek Shetye stayed at the Clarks Inn Hotel: This hotel is conveniently located at a walking distance from Badami Caves. Pattadakal is just 21kms from the hotel and Aihole is 14kms further from Pattadakal. In a town like Badami this hotel was surprisingly good, could ask for more. Will surely recommend this place if one plans to visit Pattadakal and Aihole. The restaurant is not their strongest point but in Badami one would not find anything better either.

Discover India's rich history. 

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8. Amboli

source: mouthshut.com

Amit Ghosh: Amboli Ghat on the Western Ghats in Maharashtra is a lesser known quaint place dotted with waterfalls. The pure lush greenery will soothe your eyes once you are in Amboli. The place being not so famous, has a few places to stay. Amboli is situated on the road which connects Goa to Mumbai. So if you are going to Goa by road, make sure you drop in to Amboli once.

Piyush Mundra stayed at the Green Valley Resort: Nothing much to roam around but the destination offers silent and relaxing place. One can go walking around, and if one likes to trek this is the best place to do that. For nature lovers and photographers there lies a lot of wonderful experiences.Location of Green Valley is perfect. It is just a 2 min walk from the highway that connect Maharashtra to Karnataka. Easy to find and lies in the heart of the amboli village. The hotel also offers a scenic view of the countryside and Valley.

Get in touch with nature! 

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