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8 Places in Pune That Serve Insanely Tasty Food Under 200 Rupees!

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Pune is a city that loves eating more than anything else. For people looking for delicious food under a budget, this list by HolidayIQ Travellers could be a life saver.

8 Places in Pune That Serve Insanely Tasty Food Under 200 Rupees!:

  1. Pune (Maharashtra)

1. German Bakery

German Bakerysource: mmm-yoso.typepad.com

Simply awesome food! And German Bakery is the perfect example of this. Known for it’s simple yet delicious burgers, this food joint is the perfect pit stop for anyone who wants to grab great food at decent price. Shakes, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, fries... you name it and they have it. HolidayIQ Traveller Richa says, “In Koregaon, the famous eat out is the German Bakery where you could be rubbing shoulders with foreigners. For every Punekar, German Bakery is the place to be to spend a great evening with friends. Bustling with energy and life, you must try out their red velvet cake, kheema pav, and the mango cheesecake. Located in the city’s elite locality, Koregaon Park (KP), this place is a favorite hangout zone for all Punekars."

2. Goodluck Cafe

Goodluck Cafesource: foodaroundthetrack.com

This cafe is known for its Paneer Bhurji, Caramel Pudding, Iraani Chai, Bun Omlette, Bun Maska. The eatery, which lords it over the busy intersection of Bhandarkar and Fergusson College roads, was the first garden restaurant in Pune. The cost is steep at 200 rupees for one but so is the taste!  HolidayIQ Traveller Shalini Tiwari says, “Next on out list is the famous and young Ferguson College Road. Take an auto and head up straight to Good Luck Cafe and get the best tea and bun maska combination served to start a perfect evening. Please, do not forget to shop.”

3. Garden Vada Pav

Garden Vada Pavsource: theshookers.com

The vada pav at the Garden vada pav centre is truly exceptional and is the best that you can get in Pune. With extremely affordable rates for ranging from 15 to 20  rupees, it is totally worth it!  HolidayIQ Traveller Babita Goyal shares, “Pune is a foodies paradise. Sorghum and Pearl millet are the main ingredients of their cuisine. When in Pune do not miss to try the local dishes like misal pav, puran poli, Pithla bhakri, Panipuri, Bhelpuri, and Pav Bhaji.”

4. Vaishali

Vaishalisource: bhel.esmartschools.in

The best place in Pune to have breakfast you can always see a huge queue waiting for their opportunity and it's a regular scene in a Punekar's life. A sumptuous meal would cost you only by 200 rupees. The SBDP is a must try here. HolidayIQ Traveller Tushar says, “FC Road is a must visit in Pune. Shopping can be done here. There are many famous eateries.” Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Richa from Bangalore, “Pune is a place to eat as much as you can! Vaishali at Fergusson College Road is awesome.”


5. Marz-O-Rin

Marz-O-Rinsource: cocosoutback.com

This place is really easy on the pocket, with everything in the menu rated less than Rs 100. Sandwiches, filled rolls and burgers make up the menu at this casual venue in a heritage building. HolidayIQ Traveller Shalini Tiwari says, “The next place on our list is the MG road. Old Persian area of the city, which is pretty much like the MG Road of Bangalore except that it is bit more lively. Pay a visit to Marz­o­rin (Very old Persian bakery) to enjoy affordable and super delicious cheese pizza and sandwich. Cold coffee is a must there.”

6. Priya, MG Road

Priya, MG Roadsource: boldsky.com

Priya is a reliable place for some quick snacking if you are craving for south Indian food. Dependable and reasonably priced, it offers the regular idli-dosa-vada fare worth checking out. Dosas are the popular choice here along with uttapam and filter coffee.

7. I’m Lion, Strictly Non-Veg, Bavdhan

I’m Lion, Strictly Non-Veg, Bavdhansource: zmtcdn.com

Don’t you love it when you come out of a food joint with a tummy full and happy pocket? Well I’m Lion is just such a place. This place has amazing food which definitely deserves a place in this list. Their sea food is the best in town. This place is reasonably prices and a must visit for everyone in Pune,Bombil Fry, Surmai fry, Surmai curry, neer dosas and chicken biryani are recommended and are an absolute must try at this place. HolidayIQ Traveller Bishal Shaw shares, “Food quality is awesome at this place.”

8. Yolkshire, Pune

Yolkshire, Punesource: hostedmedia.reimanpub.com

This place is famous for a Sunday morning brunch among Punekars. They serve a wide range of egg dishes. Not very big, this place has a cozy ambience and is pocket friendly. Try the cheddar al- bloomin, scrambled egg with cheddar cheese. HolidayIQ Traveller AG Aranha shares, “They offer the best egg omelette or egg bhurji .”


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