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8 Road Trips to Take This Republic Day Weekend

8 Weekend Road Trips to Help You Relax and Rejuvenate pexel.com

Taking a road trip with friends and family can be an excellent way to live a little, de-stress, forget your troubles and make some fond memories. So, if the pressure is mounting up and you need a release, it’s time to take off. Here are some trip ideas to do just that over the upcoming Republic Day long weekend! 

8 Road Trips to Take This Republic Day Weekend:

  1. Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)
  2. Mudumalai (Masinagudi) (Tamil Nadu)
  3. Nasik (Maharashtra)
  4. Bordi (Maharashtra)
  5. Alwar (Rajasthan)
  6. Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)
  7. Pondicherry
  8. Tranquebar (Tamil Nadu)

1. Yercaud

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source: HolidayIQ reviewer: Raja Lovedreamz

With its rugged mountains cradling a serene lake, Yercaud makes for one hill station that will blow your mind. Endlessly sprawling orange and coffee plantations spell this charming hill station, which also has numerous parks, viewing points, waterfalls and caves to offer you the thrill of exploration. Don't forget to pack your walking shoes for Yercaud.

“Be aware that to reach Yercaud you have to cross 22 hairpin bends. Overall the roads were good with a relaxed journey.” shares HolidayIQ traveller Partha Sarathi Jena.

Distance: 215.2 km via NH 44 from Bangalore

What to see:

2. Mudumalai

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source: HolidayIQ reviewer: Raju Iyer

Mudumalai is one of the first wildlife sanctuaries in India and ranks high for its scenic beauty, verdant hills and endangered species such as the Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, etc. Bound by the lofty Nilgiri hills, Mudumalai lies at the junction of three states: Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Housing 50 tigers, the wildlife sanctuary has the highest density of tiger population in India. Get out there and be mesmerised!

A good trip from the urban jungle to a real jungle is what sums up the road trip according to HolidayIQ traveller Vijay Vishnu. He further adds, “The best part of the drive is after you enter Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary. The road is good and there is every chance of spotting some animals. The only issue is the frequency of speed breakers which is there to protect the wildlife from speeding vehicles. The road is closed from 9 pm to 6 am. Best time to travel is late evening or early morning.”

Distance: 230.9 km via NH 275 from Bangalore

What to see:

3. Nashik

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source: HolidayIQ reviewer: Meenakshi Chavan

This is one of the best drives because of ever-changing landscapes that you encounter at every stop. From the towers of concrete to the relatively open greens with trees lined till the highway and before you realize it, the landscape changes to grassy meadows. Nashik arrives in style with lush green grasslands, undulating hills, and herds of cows and sheep grazing.

“The route by road from Mumbai to Nasik is very scenic after one leaves the Kalyan/Bhiwandi area. The road is quite good and there are several places one can stop by on the way for tea/snacks/washroom. The ghat section after Kasara and up to Igatpuri is particularly good.” shares HolidayIQ traveller Suresh Ramaswamy.

Distance: 167.3 km via NH 160 from Mumbai

What to see:

4. Bordi

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source: HolidayIQ reviewer: Nitant Raut

The Bordi-Dahanu stretch offers some of the most pristine beaches whilst providing a window into the lives of rural culture of Maharashtra. The Bordi-Dahanu region is located at a three-hour drive from Mumbai along the picturesque Sahyadri mountain range. You can sense that you have arrived once you see a long stretch of white sandy beach. There are several fruit orchards nestled in the shadows of the green mountains.

“Travelling to Bordi by road was simply an amazing experience. The road is so good. The view is awesome; the mountains, green trees, the sunshine and beachside road. The route Mumbai-Dahanu-Bordi is great. There are many dhabas, restaurants, and refreshments on the journey. Carry your camera to capture the beautiful view on the road.” shares Nandan Panchal, a HolidayIQ traveller.

Distance: 157.4 km via NH48 from Mumbai

What to see:


5. Alwar

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source: HolidayIQ reviewer:Justin Jacob

Famous for its scenic landscapes and erstwhile royal palaces, the city of Alwar is located around 160 km from Delhi. Alwar was historically known as Matasya Desh, where the Pandavas spent an exile of thirteen years. Alwar also boasts of the huge population of Tiger in its Sariska Tiger Reserve which is located amidst the Aravali hills.

Good roads - six-lane Jaipur Highway till Dharuhera -take a left turn towards Bhiwadi. District Alwar starts from here and the city is around 90 Kms. from here. Four lane State highway with not much of a traffic so you can travel fast. Petrol pumps and eating joints are there throughout. You can also visit the Tijara Jain temple on the way.” shares HolidayIQ traveller Rajiv Mathur.

Distance: 166.4 km via NH48 from New Delhi

What to see:

6. Mussoorie

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source: HolidayIQ reviewer:Pshah

Mussoorie wins the title of closest and prettiest hill around Delhi hands down owing to the presence of breathtaking waterfalls, ropeways, and natural beauty. Initially, an escape for the British, Mussoorie provides an escape into the wave of activity surrounding the scenic views and lush green landscapes.

“Nice road with good facilities of food. Specially Cheetals and Moolchand restaurants having a good variety with taste. Road is four lane for first 170 km and after that road work is under progress but clear for traffic. Hill start from Dehradun with the nice road.” shares HolidayIQ traveller Amit Agarwal.

Distance: 277.2 km via SH 57 from New Delhi

What to see:

7. Pondicherry

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source: HolidayIQ reviewer: Swateek Jena

If a colonial backdrop, amalgamated cultures and the beach is what you want then Pondicherry is the perfect place for you. It offers a unique experience with its yellow doors and spiritual dome. The East Coast highway connecting Chennai and Pondicherry is every driver’s dream. With scenic views, you can catch a glimpse of the Shorey Temple and the beautiful temples and monuments as you pass through Mahabalipuram.

“The drive to Pondicherry from Madras, up to Mahabalipuram can be on the East Coast Road (ECR) or the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR). We chose the first because it is more scenic as it goes along the coast. The road is good for the most part and there are dozens of resorts and restaurants all the way to Mahabs.” shares HolidayIQ traveller P Yesu Thasen.

Distance: 155.3 km via East Coast Rd from Chennai

What to see:

8. Tranquebar

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source: wikipedia.com

Tranquebar is an ideal place to slow down and enjoy the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, swim in the ocean and be free. It is a beautiful mix of Danish, Portuguese and British heritage. The impact of these empires can still be seen in colonial houses, churches, and cemeteries.

Far from the crowds and not a very popular destination but a great place to relax. Watch the waves, sit on the ramparts of the fort and thank God that there are no throngs or hordes of tourists and diesel-spewing buses.” shares HolidayIQ traveller Amit.

Distance: 270.6 km via E Coast Rd and NH32 from Chennai

What to see:


The views above are collated from opinions expressed by travellers on www.holidayiq.com

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