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9 Backpacking Trips For People Who Are Always Broke At The End Of The Month

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Travelling in India is not expensive at all. Look at these gorgeous yet affordable destinations suggested by HolidayIQ travellers.

9 Backpacking Trips For People Who Are Always Broke At The End Of The Month:

  1. Kurseong (West Bengal)
  2. Chopta (Uttarakhand)
  3. Ziro (Arunachal Pradesh)
  4. Almora (Uttarakhand)
  5. Pachmarhi (Madhya Pradesh)
  6. Hampi (Karnataka)
  7. Munnar (Kerala)
  8. Lahaul and Spiti (Himachal Pradesh)
  9. Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh)

1. Away From The World - Kurseong

source: destinationgreenindia.com

Walk into tea estates, relish momos and try chaang, a local alcoholic drink made of fermented millets as well as 'tonba'. HolidayIQ Traveller Megha says, “The train takes a very long time to cover the distance but the splendid views it offers makes it worth it. It is a once in a lifetime experience.”

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2. Into The Mountainous Wilderness - Chopta

source: crisscrossingindia.wordpress.com

Chopta is a must visit destination for nature lovers and those who are passionate for trekking. Plan a trek to Tungnath and Chandrashila. HolidayIQ Traveller G. Goswami shares, “Trekking to Lord Tunganath, a three-and-half-kilometer trek on a well-built road is very exciting.”

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20 Ratings | 23 Reviews | 8 Sightseeings | 42 Photos

3. Explore Local Culture - Ziro

source: greenerpasturesind.wordpress.com

Try a local delicacy made with rice, which is cooked and stuffed in a hollow bamboo stem and baked on fire. Enjoy home-brewed rice beer. HolidayIQ Traveller Babita Goyal from Kalimpong shares, “Ziro is a beautiful place with pine trees and lush green all around. The cave temple is a must visit. It is gorgeous with majestic mountains and river flowing below. Get a spectacular view of the Ziro plateau from Kile Pakho. It is a nature lover's delight. Midey has blue pine trees and is a great place for hiking. Do not miss the epic Ziro music festival if you are there.”

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34 Ratings | 20 Reviews | 15 Sightseeings | 9 Photos

4. Into The Wild - Almora

source: Wikimedia

The picturesque town of Almora is 30 km away from Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Spread across 46 km, the forested slopes of Jhandi Dhar Hills contain several species of birds, the laughing thrush and the forktail, a number of leopards as well as the Indian red fox. The best thing about the park is that an expedition into the forest is on foot rather than by jeep. HolidayIQ Traveller Mayank Agarwal from Agra shares, “An amazing road from Nainital to Almora beautiful scenic beauty and a place famous for temples, Baal barfi(sweet dish). A place from where there are lot of destinations you can choose to visit within 100 kms. Places like Binsar, Kausani, Chakori, Ranikhet. There are more small Towns surrounded by beauty of mountains and Uttarakhand for Road Trip please go for it.”

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5. Pump Up Your Adrenalin - Pachmarhi

source: mpholidays.com

Adventurous history buffs will love to explore Pandav Caves, where the five Pandava brothers lived for a while. Indulge in activities like parasailing, trekking and rock climbing organised by the local villagers. HolidayIQ Traveller Abhinav Dwivedi shares, “Pachmarhi is the one of the best hill station and the pachmarhi valley is so good and Temple is also good. And the waterfall is the best place in pachmarhi, its amazing. This is the place where we freely enjoy and photoshoot. The place apsara vihar is the place where the movie Ashoka was shooted. The highest point of MP, dhupgarh is awesome place there we feel a pure air or cloud. This place is just half of himalaya and I enjoyed this place.”

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6. The Most Exotic Destination - Hampi

source: Wikimedia

Hampi has an impressive number of budget (guest house) accommodation options. Just explore locally, like backpackers do, to find the one that suits to your budget. HolidayIQ Traveller Ludger D’souza shares, “Hampi is backpacker’s paradise and poor man's Goa” says. He shares his experience at Shanti Guest House.If you are looking for a Goan experience outside of Goa, this is it. This quaint place is recommended for the young at heart with a limited budget.”

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7. The Best Backpacking Destination In South India - Munnar

source: keralatourism.org

Munnar is a definite first, if you wish to backpack in southern India. Look forward to conquering south India's highest mountain peak, exploring numerous waterfalls and also paragliding over tea gardens. You’ll find all kinds of eating options in Munnar – road-side stalls and mid-range restaurants. HolidayIQ Traveller Sangith from Chennai shares, “Munnar is visited throughout the year, but since we visited in June, it was showering and hills surrounded were touched by white mist which created a beautiful landscape to watch. Tea gardens, various sightseeing spots off-season cheap rate hotels in June make it an ideal hill station destination.”

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8. Cold Desert With A Rich Lifestyle - Spiti

source: Wikimedia

Tabo Monastery is a renowned spot here that is located in the capital area Spiti. The monastery became a thousand years old in 1996. This is home to many Buddhist statues, scriptures and Thangkas exclusive to the place. The central Gompas here is finished with mud plaster. HolidayIQ Traveller Xplorer from Delhi shares, “Its simple another world, close to your world. Another life existence, if you love to explore, see place and meet people. You have to be there. It's an amalgamation of rich culture and existence of civilization in any condition. Its about beautiful landscapes and lovely people. Its about huts which are more comfortable then any luxury resort. Its about home cooked meals and alcohol. If you are explorer, then you must go!”

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9. Taste The Best Food Ever In Dharamshala

source: http://hotelasianplaza.com

The hill station of Dharamshala is covered by thick woods of oak and coniferous trees and it is enfolded on its three sides by the Dhauladhar ranges. The peculiar geographical location of Dharamshala offers views of the snow capped Dhauladhar range above and the Kangra valley below. HolidayIQ Traveller Siddharth Ajmera from Ujjain shares, “We went from Manali to Dharamshala. The view is amazing. So is everything about Dharamshala. Norbulingka Institute, HPCA Stadium and Gyuto Monastery are some of the great places to visit there. Norbulingka Institute is all about the Tibetan Culture and is very beautiful, very natural and very soothing. Gyuto Monastery is a very large monastery with a lot of monks. Both these places will give you a unique experience. HPCA Stadium is another place worth visiting. The stadium is established right between snow covered mountains and is very beautiful. Dharamshala overall is worth going to for a day.”

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