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9 Divine Avatars of the Kaveri

9 Divine Avatars of the Kaveri mouthshut
Rising in the Western Ghats, the Cauvery descends upon the plains of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as she makes her way to the Bay of Bengal. She starts of an angry torrential goddess of the hills and grows into a broad and tranquil blue life giving deity. A series of dams and waterfalls later she’s merges with eternity.

9 Divine Avatars of the Kaveri:

  1. The Jade, Coorg (Karnataka)
  2. Coorg Holiday Cottage, Coorg (Karnataka)
  3. Pai Vista Hotel, Mysore (Karnataka)
  4. Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden, Mysore (Karnataka)
  5. Amblee Holiday Resort, Srirangapatna (Karnataka)
  6. Bheemeshwari Adventure & Nature Camp, Bheemeshwari (Karnataka)
  7. Vivanta by Taj MG Road, Bangalore (Karnataka)
  8. Femina Hotel, Trichy (Tamil Nadu)
  9. Sangam Hotel, Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu)

1. Birthplace of divinity, Talacauvery

Birthplace of divinity, Talacauverysource: swarganisarga.blogspot.com

Set high up in the Brahmagiri Hill of Kodogu, this is considered the origin of the River Kaveri. A temple, dedicated to Goddess Kaveriamma, a tank erected by the kodavas, mark this auspicious place in the Talacauvery national park.

Nishitha: Talacauvery is the birth place of river Cauvery. This place is very cool as it is situated in a hilly region. There is a temple and also a pond where we can take bath. It is considered to be holy water. There is also a Brahmagiri hill on top of it which has a very beautiful scenery.

Budget stays: Dubare-Inn Resorts

Mid-range stays: Spice Garden Homestay

Luxury stays: The Windflower Resorts & Spa

2. Rafting in Coorg

Rafting in Coorgsource: blogs.rediff.com

The river follows a rough course through the hills of Coorg, offering the one of the most spectacular rafting sites in India.

Gabriel: It is known for its elephant camp, a forest camp on the banks of the river Kaveri. There are opportunities for trekking, elephant rides, fishing, and river rafting. The local people will provide the joy of still water rafting but if you really want to have life time experience the best time is monsoon season.

Budget stays: King's Cottage

Mid-range stays: Roshanara View Holiday Home

Luxury stays: The Windflower Resorts & Spa

3. A man made dam near Mysore

A man made dam near Mysoresource: mysore.ind.in

Away from the ghats and into the plains, the River is now broad and tranquil blue. A man-made dam across the Kaveri forms a power station and has an amazing garden, Krishnaraj sagar dam and Brindavan gardens,  that is visited by many tourists throughout the year.

Dilip: greenery treat. Excellent landscape at the backdrop of great engineering

Budget stays: Sandesh The Prince

Mid-range stays: The Windflower Resorts & Spa

Luxury stays: Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden

4. An island of natural bliss, Ranganathittu Bird Santuary

An island of natural bliss, Ranganathittu Bird Santuarysource: www.indiafamousfor.com

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka. It is the largest bird sanctuary in the state, only 0.67 km2. in area, which is about 40 acres and comprises six islets on the banks of the Kaveri river. This stopover for migratory birds is also home to marsh crocodiles.

Nishitha: This place is on the banks of river Cauvery. It is said that it is like a breeding centre for different kinds of birds which comes from outside India too. There is a boating facility available to watch birds which is much more interesting.

Budget stays: Sandesh The Prince

Mid-range stays: The Windflower Resorts & Spa

Luxury stays: Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden


5. From the bygone era, Srirangapatna

From the bygone era, Srirangapatnasource: thinkingparticle.com

Srirangapatna was the seat of Tipu Sultan’s Kingdom. The amazing natural surroundings, the remains of temples and monuments and the "Sangama" - place of 3 holy rivers Kaveri River, Kabini River & Hemavati River all stand testimony to the diversity of this place.

Rupesh: The place is magnificent and take us back to history. Tipu Sultan the great and his life, we can closely study here. There are palaces, Makbaras, Museums and Temples to visit. His life is preserved in form of paintings, architectures and remains in form of clothes and antiques etc.

Budget stays: Ruchi The Prince Hotel

Mid-range stays: Regaalis Hotel

Luxury stays: Silent Shores Resort & Spa

6. Wildlife along the holy river, Bheemeshwari

Wildlife along the holy river, Bheemeshwarisource: wildtrekker.blogspot.com

An excellent place for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts,Bheemeshwari is a quiet spot located between the Shivasamudra falls and Mekedatu falls, on the Cauvery River. The surrounding forests of thr Cauvery National Park offer excellent trekking and wildlife sighitng activities. The river here is well suited for sport fishing.

Anup: Bhimeshwari is nestled amidst the Cauvery wildlife sanctuary, It is also known as the Angler's paradise, cos of it Mahsheer fishes. Sanctuary is a home for leopards.

Budget stays: Bheemeshwari Adventure& Nature Camp

Mid-Range stays: Galibore Nature Camp

7. Where the river offers a spectacle, Shivasamudram

Where the river offers a spectacle, Shivasamudramsource: www.team-bhp.com

Shivasamudram is a an absolute delight for nature lovers. The list of things to do mainly includes enjoying the Gagana Chukki and Bhara Chukki waterfalls. There are also excellent trekking trails with breathtaking views. Camp in forests, just laze around and read your book during the day. Try bonfire at night and lie back on green grass and get mesmerized while gazing star studded sky.

Ranish: There are two locations from where one can enjoy the falls. One of them is weak maintained and tourists generally give visit to that one only. The "tokari" boat ride was full of fun. The boatman took us to the center of the fall and it was real fun when the cold water was hitting us like needles.

Budget stays: Alila Hotel

Mid-range stays: Vivanta by Taj MG Road

Luxury stays: JW Marriott Hotel

8. The ancient temple town, Tiruchirappalli

The ancient temple town, Tiruchirappallisource: www.nativeplanet.com

Tiruchirappalli is an ancient town with a recorded history that dates back to the 3rd century BC. It was ruled by The Cholas, the Pandya, the Pallava, the Vijaynagar Kingdom, the Carnatic Kingdom and the British. This has had a profound impact on the city’s architecture and culture. The temple is also famous for its temple and religious identity.

Bisaka: Tiruchirapali or Trichy as it is called popularly is a city located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India on the banks of the Kaveri river. Though not being the conventional hill stations or the beaches it has a beauty of its own in the form of Old Temple and the Rock Fort Temple specially.

Budget stays: Royal Sathyam Hotel

Mid-range stays: SRM Hotel

Luxury stays: Royal Southern Hotel


9. The historic city of Tanjavur

The historic city of Tanjavursource: www.sanghamtours.com

Thanjavur gained prominence during the period of Chola Kings, who made it as their capital. Thereafter, it was ruled by Nayaks and Maratta Kings, who nurtured art and culture. The cultural, the architectural and the scholarly pursuits of these rulers are reflected in the great monuments like Brihadeeshwara Temple, Grand Anaicut, Serfoji Mahal Library etc. Hall of Music, Art GallerySchwartz Church are other important landmarks in Thanjavur.

Soundarajan: Thanjavour is historical place where the Chola kings were ruled. Around Thanjavour there are lots of Hindu temples located which are more than 1000 years old.

Budget stays: Victoriyah Hotel

Mid-range stays: Gnanam Hotel

Luxury stays: Ideal River View Resort

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