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9 Places in Kolkata That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

9 Places in Kolkata That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine melissaenderle.blogspot.com
Kolkata, the city of joy, has a rich culture built over several centuries. The city has many ancient buildings and some of them are home to ghosts and spirits! The city is also considered to be a hub of tantra and black magic. Sounds interesting ?

9 Places in Kolkata That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine:

  1. Hyatt Regency Kolkata, Kolkata (West Bengal)
  2. Novotel Kolkata, Kolkata (West Bengal)
  3. Swissotel Kolkata, Kolkata (West Bengal)
  4. Kolkata Hotel, Kolkata (West Bengal)
  5. Homestay Kolkata, Kolkata (West Bengal)
  6. VILLA in Kolkatta, Kolkata (West Bengal)

1. National Library, Alipore

National Library, Aliporesource: www.youtube.com

This is the largest library in India and is famous for its collection of rare books and, off course, its eerie secrets. People alone, who do not replace books in the right place, have reported feeling someone breathing down their neck. People also report hearing footsteps near them! Some believe that it is the ghost of the wife of Lord Metcalfe who keeps roaming in the halls.

Tybalt: With the innumerable stories of supernatural sightings in the area surrounding Belvedere, one cannot miss a chance to go see the place. It used to be the residence of the Governor General during the Raj. Talk to the caretakers for stories about ghostly sightings- flickering lights in unusual places, sounds and sights of horse-driven chariots and figures coming out of the chariots. 

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2. Ghats by the Ganges under the Howrah bridge

Ghats by the Ganges under the Howrah bridgesource: commons.wikimedia.org

People believe that there are the spirits of those people who lost their life in the Ganges- either by committing suicide or by drowning in the river in this stretch under the Howrah Bridge near the Mullick Ghat flower market. Wrestlers who practice here in the wee morning hours report strange noises and hands waving from just above the water’s surface.  Dare to help these seemingly drowning people?

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3. Nimtala burning ghat

Nimtala burning ghatsource: fullonsms.com

This is one of the oldest Hindu crematorium in Kolkata and one of its most famous haunted places.  It is believed that on the night of the Kali Puja, the Aghoris come to the ghat for their various rites and to invoke thei divine deity, Shamshaan Kali. It is believed that the Aghoris gather here late at night to eat the flesh of burning pyre and perform rituals to evoke occult power.

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4. Patulbari, the haunted house of dolls

Patulbari, the haunted house of dollssource: www.speakingtree.in

A must visit for every paranormal adventure seeker is this old symbol of colonial architecture. The Roman style along building with inscribed dolls on stands multiplies the spookiness of the place and immediately sends chills down your spine. As legend has it, the wealthy owners of a bygone era used to sexually exploit and kill young women at this mansion. Today the spirits of the woman haunt this place,  late in the night reports of a shrill laughter or even clinking of bangles and anklets are common.

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5. Writers building

Writers buildingsource: www.thehindu.com

This 300 year old buliing used to house the Secretariat of the Govenment of the State of West Bengal. Once the residence of junior servants, the writer’s building is now known as one of the most haunted places in India, employees leave the place after 7 pm!. It is here that revolutionaries Binay, Badal and Dinesh killed Captain Simpson of the East India Company. The many locked rooms are said to keep a closely gaurded secret. Every night loud chiling shrieks are heard from the deserted building.

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Vaskar: A stroll down park street window shopping, lazing around the Maidaan and marvelling at the victorian architecture of heritage buildings like the Writers building. 

6. South Park Street cemetery

South Park Street cemeterysource: overtbuzz.com

Built in 1767 this cemetery has the graves of many British Soilders. The cemetary itself is a very beautiful place and is visited by many tourists year round. A group, healthy and happy, once took a group photograph and suddenly fell very ill. One of the members even had an asthma attack, this incident supposedly happened after the group saw a lady in a white robe just as the photo was clicked. Paranormal activities like shadows moving, cameras dysfunctioning or capturing eerie images and health deteriorating are reported.

AS: This hosts cemetery of some of the most noticeable people since British Era. Currently this place is under ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). Trust me if you are left alone at this place it may certainly come across as a haunted place. Situated at Park Street.

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7. The Royal Kolkata Turf CLub

The Royal Kolkata Turf CLubsource: www.polkacafe.com

It is said that when you drive past the turf club on a moonlit night you see a horse with its infamous jockey galloping over the stands. The story dates back to the 1930s when, George Williams a racing junkie who loved  his horses more than his job and family, especially his pearl white horse named Pride. She was known as the Queen of the Tracks and she won many races until age got to her and she lost her last race, the Annual Calcutta Derby. Pride lost the race and George Williams lost his fortune. She was found dead the next morning. You now see George riding pride over the stands.

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8. Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

Rabindra Sarovar Metro Stationsource: www.topbuzz.in

80% of all suicides in Kolkata take place at this metro station, so much for the “city of joy”. The souls of those who passed are said to haunt this place. Train riders tell stories of eerie shadows and weird images appearing and disappearing. Even some of the station attendants and train drivers say they see figures walking around aimlessly.

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9. Hastings House

Hastings Housesource: www.fearandyou.in

Eerie stories of the ghost of Warren Hastings walking through the house, loud footsteps can be heard. He comes to this house in search of his folder, that had documents that could save him from impeachment in London.  Presently it’s the Women’s College of Calcutta University, students claim to see a man riding a horse visit the place.Another story of a woman being possessed and a boy dying on the football field makes this the most talked about haunted places in Kolkata.

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