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A Visual Guide to 5 Days in Thailand

A Visual Guide to 5 Days in Thailand goodfreephotos.com

The land of smiles, colour, tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, ornate temples and ultramodern cityscapes, Thailand has it all. If you have 5 days, let HolidayIQ reviewers guide you through the must-visit places. 

A Visual Guide to 5 Days in Thailand:

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Bangkok: Chao Phraya River cruise

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Mithun Nandi shot this video review of Chao Phraya River

HolidayIQ reviewer Kiran Ganesh shares, “Chao Phraya River cruise starts at dusk. There are small chartered boats and different cruise ships available for departures batch by batch in different timings. I always opt for 2 hours cruise with dinner, cocktails and live music. The cruise takes about 2 hours showing us the majestic look of the fabulously lit up modern city, old city, Vat Arun, other grand temples and passes under Rama VI bridge, which is worth watching at night. Then the ship turns back and travels to the starting point. By this time the entertainment on deck will be heated up with some lavish spread of mouth-watering Thai, Chinese, Indian and European food with optional cocktail service also. The lady singer with a good band plays hit numbers as per the choice of the tourists present there.

Bangkok: The popular Indra Square Market

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Madhu Maddy shot this video review of Indra Square Market

A combination of outdoor and indoor shopping areas, Indra Square Market has a plethora of things to offer to any kind of shopper. The indoor shopping mall is part of the Indra Regent Hotel and has over 300 stores dedicated to fabrics, dresses, knock-off designer t-shirts, accessories and electronics.

Bangkok: The divine Temple Of The Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit)

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Gaurav Verma shot this video review of Wat Traimit

HolidayIQ reviewer anngr says, “The temple has levels and the top level of the temple houses the main sanctum of Buddha where Buddha is in the sitting posture. Many priests are seen all around the temple which makes this temple a popular among the locals. A little walk from the main road along a side road takes us to the temple. Since the temple is a high raised one we do get a stunning view of the city from the top. The decorations inside and outside the temple are so beautiful that one has to spend quite a bit of time to admire the whole lot. We have to climb some steps to reach the top but this temple does have an elevator which takes us up. It’s better to visit this temple before 11am or 12 as the hot sun makes the flight up the steps uncomfortable. Other than that I would say this temple is a must see attraction of the city.

Pattaya: The vibrant Underwater World

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Ranganatha Gowda shot this video review of the Underwater World

HolidayIQ reviewer anngr says, “This houses all species of fishes like starfish, sharks, penguins, whales, frogs, snakes, octopus, etc. The aquarium passes along a glass bottomed path along which, while walking one can have a view of those sharks and fishes swimming in the water which itself is a different experience. Cameras are allowed inside so you can take photos. Children will enjoy this as they are allowed to walk on the glass topped tank that contains sharks.


Pattaya: The mesmerizing Sanctuary Of Truth

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source: HolidayIQ reviewer Thejasvi Bhat shot this video review of the Sanctuary Of Truth

HolidayIQ reviewer anngr says, “The temple stands stunningly attractive along the beach. All the outer and inner walls of the temple were decorated with Hindu gods and Buddha’s 3D projected statues which make the temple in and out beautiful. The roofs are of Chinese architecture. The inner portion of the temple is divided into 3 parts, while one end is inspired from Indian architecture, the other end is Chinese inspiration. The centre sanctum adorns the Buddha’s statue. Since 8 is considered lucky by the Chinese, along every part number 8 is mentioned. The mahishasuramardini at the front roof top is so unique.

Pattaya: The sparkling waters of the Coral Island

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Gaurav Verma shot this video review in Coral Island of Pattaya

HolidayIQ reviewer Harvinder says, “We went to the Coral Island for water sports. There are motor boats to take to coral island from Pattaya beach. On the way, there is parasailing activity charging 400 Baht. Underwater activity is the main activity which is very good and charges at 1200 baht. In this, you go 5.5 feet - 6 feet under the sea. I enjoyed this activity. You will be shown coral reef, some fishes. You can touch them, feed them. Bread is provided by them to feed the fishes. Underwater photo and videos are also taken but charged at 700 baht. Then there are common activities like jet-ski, banana boat, skiing. Indian food is available at the restaurant named seven star which is good. Overall nice experience.

Phuket: A day of leisure at the Phi Phi Islands

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Thejasvi Bhat shot this video review of the Phi Phi Islands

HolidayIQ reviewer Suharika Karri says, “The Island is a world of its own and can be explored on foot. There are no vehicles. There are a lot of scuba diving places one can choose from. The underwater life is beautiful. I saw baby sharks and starfish apart from the unlimited schools of fish. It was my first experience at diving and it was serene! A lot of people go to Maya Beach to see monkeys and more. One has to experience the nightlife and crazy beach parties at the party beach and also eat the Thai Pancakes, especially the Banana Nutella one. So, the mad parties, yummy food, scenic beauty, underwater life, tattoo parlours and the Thai massage parlours, all of it make it a must-visit place on every traveller's bucket list.

Phuket: The cinematic Phang Nga Bay Cruise

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Santosh Rao shot this video review of the Phang Nga Bay

HolidayIQ reviewer Rohinton Nazir says, “We were booked on this tour through our driver, Mr. Sam who is well known in Phuket. It was at a very reasonable price despite being a tour on the speedboat. A buffet lunch and free drinks complete our happiness. This tour includes the fabulous Maya Bay, too made famous by Leo Di Caprio in and from the movie "The Beach".”


Phuket: The magical Phuket Fantasea

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Thejasvi Bhat shot this video review at the Phuket Fantasea

HolidayIQ reviewer Anand Mankodia says, "It is a wonderful show. The reception is exceptionally good. As the name Fantasea, we have entered into the Fantasy world. The driver picked up at 5:00 PM. from the hotel and we reached there after 30 mins. They provided a warm welcome. Then we had photography session. Then we went for gala dinner between 7 to 9 and at 9pm the Elephant show started. It was a wonderful show, we enjoyed it a lot. The show completed by 10 PM."

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