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Bachelorette Bash: What Happens In Goa Stays In…This Blog

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Author's Bio: Neha Makdey is an automobile consultant by profession and a traveler by passion. She wants to travel the world to explore the lush green valleys, watch serene sunsets, enjoy local food, relax and read books on beaches and understand the traditions and cultures which change every few miles. She also runs a great blog, Happily Tanned. Here is what she has to share about her expeience in Goa - 

I recently visited North Goa for a Bachelorette bash. Goa has something to offer for every kind of traveler. Dazzling nightlife, lip-smacking cocktails, amazing nightclubs, wild beach parties and of course free flowing music makes it the best place for party animals. If you decide to plan a bachelorette party in Goa, there is plethora of options on what you can do. Here are the few things that will help you in the planning process.


Image coutesy - Neha Makdey

Where to Stay

If you are a party lover and want to let your hair down to the music in some of the popular pubs then stay near Baga or Calungute beach. If you want to relax and unwind in the less crowded places or plan a boat house party then stay in south Goa. Book a swanky Persian style villa with a private pool. Stock the place with drinks, food, games and anything that your group is interested in.


Things to do in Goa with your BFFs

Image coutesy - Neha Makdey

The sun, sand and seaGoa is known for its beautiful beach shacks. You can unwind and get a true feeling of the Goan lifestyle at these shacks. The sound of splashing waves and the sprawling golden beaches will never leave you while you sip the beer and enjoy culinary delicacies! With great music, chilled beer, amazing food and happening crowd, Goan shack is the place to be for brunch!

Beach Shacks at Calungute Beach, Image coutesy - Neha Makdey

Bike Rides – You will find bike rentals everywhere in Goa. Rent a bike, fill petrol and go on a long drive with your besties. Goa on a bike is a completely different experience than the beaches. The roads are fantastic and the view is breathtaking. There are multiple places where you can park your bike on the road side and click nice pictures.

On the way to Gunpowder restaurant, Image coutesy - Neha Makdey

Shopping – The flea markets in Goa are amazing. You can buy t-shirts, dresses, handicrafts, bags and a plethora of accessories. You can also shop for Goan spices or the popular cashew nuts.

Image coutesy - Neha Makdey

Go Gluttonous – Goa is a paradise for foodies. Don't miss out the crunchy prawn fry, calamari fish with rice, Rotisserie chicken and Goan Prawn curry. You can try the Hindu cuisine like Solachi kadi, Fish suke, fish fry, bhaji (Street food) and Dangar or go for Catholic cuisine. Catholic cuisine is a fusion of Indian and Portuguese cooking styles. We did explore few shacks on Baga beach; but on the bachelorette day, we decided to go to Gunpowder restaurant in Vagator for brunch. This was one the best restaurants I have visited so far in Goa.

Image coutesy - Neha Makdey

Apart from this, you can also gamble in casino, Indulge in adventurous sports or arrange a bachelorette Spa Party.


Where to Party 

Image coutesy - Neha Makdey

When it comes to nightclubs there are plenty of places to choose from. The Goan DJs create the ultimate party environment. Some of the popular places are SinQ (Sinquerim), Club Cubana (Arpora), Cafe Mambos (Baga) and Tito's Nightclub (Baga). We danced to the tunes of some great music at Café Mambos on Friday night. The café closed at 3:30am. Luckily it was a birthday of the bride-to- be. We celebrated her birthday at 4 am on the Baga beach.

Within 10 minutes of cake cutting, all our faces were covered with the pineapple cake which we later washed with the salty sea water.

On Saturday night was the Bachlorette night, we went to the most happening club in Goa - Club Cubana. The taxis here are freaking expensive, they charged us Rs. 700 for one way trip from our guesthouse in Calungute to Club Cubana at night. It is a multi level secluded club adorned with Cabanas, pool, loungers, trendy bars and an indoor dance floor. You can grove to the music all night long.

This was the most epic Bachelorette party I ever attended! What is your idea of a great bachelorette/Bachelors party? Share in the comments below.


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