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Calling All Single Girls! 10 Things To Put On Your Summer Bucket List for 2016
It’s March and summer is just around the corner! (Can you believe it?) It's time to make a bucket list just for the summer. Here’s a list of 10 places that will guarantee the greatest summer of your life. And yes, they will get you some cool Instagram photos too.

Calling All Single Girls! 10 Things To Put On Your Summer Bucket List for 2016:

  1. Wonderla Resort, Bangalore (Karnataka)
  2. The Himalayan Village, Kullu (Himachal Pradesh)
  3. Ocean Spray Hotel, Pondicherry
  4. La Villa Bethany, Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)
  5. The Machan, Lonavala (Maharashtra)
  6. Tantra Beach Shack and Huts, Anjuna Beach (Goa)
  7. Acres Wild, Coonoor (Tamil Nadu)
  8. Hotel Nand Nandan, Dwarka (Gujarat)
  9. The Tea Sanctuary, Munnar (Kerala)
  10. Mayfair Gangtok Resort & Spa, Gangtok (Sikkim)

1. Water-babies, This One's For You

Water-babies, This One's For Yousource:

Chill out, girls! It might be hot in Bangalore, but it isn’t enough to keep you indoors. Slide into summer, literally at a Wonderla.

HolidayIQ traveller Vijay Mahara from Haldwani says, “The entry fee gives unlimited access to wet rides and dry rides. There are lots of options for rides, they are so many that you can't cover them all. Some rides are breathtaking, it gives you an adrenaline. Must go for place to have fun with your friends during summers.”

Extend your Wonderla Fun and stay Wonderla Resort, right in its backyard.

2. This One's For The Bolder Girls

This One's For The Bolder Girlssource:

Learns some of their best life lessons when travelling alone. Even if it’s for a week, take a Himachal trail this summer. Explore the untapped natural beauty of the mountains.

Traveller Karun Sanju suggest trekking to Triund: “Trek to Triund while in McLeod Ganj. There is another place called snow line which should be visit if interested in adventure. There is no stay for night while trekking on snow line. One should return before night from snow line. It's 14 km from Triund.”

While here, stay at The Himalayan Village, 9-acre former royal estate sited between the Kotwali market of Dharamsala and the Tibetan bazaar of Mcleodganj.

3. Take A “No Destination” Road Trip

Take A “No Destination” Road Tripsource:

Take your car and just zip down the highway. If beaches, adventure sports, scenic roads and good food is what your girls are looking for, Pondicherry fits your bill.

HolidayIQ traveller Priyam Goyal shares, “We took an impromptu road trip to Pondicherry in March. Though the weather is hot and humid, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The city has some nice places to eat and is a haven for seafood lovers. There are some very fancy French restaurants too. The Promenade is the landmark spot of the city and the entire tourist population flocks there in the evenings. Chunnabar Boathouse and Paradise Island is a must-visit and one can easily spend an entire day there. There is a scuba diving institute that offers various levels of scuba diving.”

A the cherry on your cake could be a stay at the Ocean Spray. Beat the heat at this iconic masterpiece that is built around a manmade lake that extends over 5 acre. You girls will totally love this!

4. Some Music Festival Loving At Mussoorie

Some Music Festival Loving At Mussooriesource:

EDM or country, a couple of days or a week long extravaganza—it doesn’t matter. Music festivals are always a good idea. Stop wondering how to ‘roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer', just head to Landour in Mussoorie, to attend the Big Gig. From acts by famous artists and college bands to yum food and chilled beer, this festival has it all.

Traveller Dan Dan shares: “Close to Delhi and very easy to commute! If you think of spending weekend in a hill station near Delhi, it’s only Mussoorie. It has excellent weather during summers!”

Away from the city, nestled in an acre of wooded area, La Villa Bethany is the best stay option.


5. Turn Off Your Phone And Take An Internet Free Holiday

Turn Off Your Phone And Take An Internet Free Holidaysource:

It’s time that you girls take out time from your busy office lifes and take an internet free vacation away from your boss. What better option than living amidst nature at a tree house 40 ft above the forest? Head To Machan, Lonavala.

HolidayIQ traveller Chhavi Agarwal says, “Amazing experience to be cut off from city life. Weak phone connections and no TV in the room ensures you don't spend time on calls but live in the present, enjoying nature. I loved the concept of games - Scrabble - and books on nature and science in the room.”

6. Stay Out Partying All Night And Watch The Sunrise

Stay Out Partying All Night And Watch The Sunrisesource:

Beautiful beaches, trance parties, casinos, dirt-cheap booze and seafood. What's not to love about Goa?

HolidayIQ traveller Shivam Gupta says, "Anjuna is famous for its crazy trance parties overlooking the beach and for its flea market. The beach itself is not very charming but there are parties/events always going on at some shack or the other. The most famous places here are Curlies, Shiva Valley and UV bar. The sundowner parties at UV bar are simply fabulous and have great music.”

Live like a hippe at Tantra Beach Shack at Anjuna. And trust us, this is the ultimate place for you!

7. Learn A New Skill This Summer! Make Cheese

Learn A New Skill This Summer! Make Cheesesource:

Summer is the perfect time to slack off learn something new. Head to Acres Wild in Coonoor.

HolidayIQ traveller Suchismita Das says, “I was taken by surprise by the warm bonhomie, quaint surroundings and the lovely staff at the Acres Wild in Coonoor. The cottages are named after different kinds of cheese and were great. To add to it, they served distinctly flavoured local cheeses for breakfast and they were excellent!”

8. Challenge Yourself To Something You Would Never Do

Challenge Yourself To Something You Would Never Dosource:

Ditch the monotony of 9 to 5 life and do something you would never do. Challenge yourself! Maybe not to the extent of Cheryl Strayed in Wild but a surfing or sailing lesson, perhaps? Head to Dwarka.

Adventure Enthusiast Mukesh tips:  "The beaches, sunset point and a chance to tackle the waves and play adventure sports is what is great about it. Since Dwarka is a religious destination, there aren't many surfing enthusiasts. It is advisable to carry your own surfboard.”

While here, you can stay at Hotel Nand Nandan.


9. Hot Tea, The Balcony and A Perfect Afternoon!

Hot Tea, The Balcony and A Perfect Afternoon!source:

For women looking for a dreamlike vacation where tea gardens glisten in the sun, mornings begin with clouds drifting into your room and where life has a different momentum to it, Munnar beckons. Locals are friendly and travelling within the town is cheap.

HolidayIQ traveller Urwashi says: "It's not just Munnar but the journey to Munnar too is a spectacular experience." Go here for its scenic beauty and "visit its tea gardens and tea factory where you will get nice flavoured tea and coffee," says Traveller Shwetha.

Cool Guru Mrinalini Mitra suggests staying at The Tea Sanctuary: "Setting is spectacular, rooms are as posh as Kate Middleton's Boudoir. Service is heart-warming as your family old faithful's.”

10. Splurge (Because You Deserve It)

Splurge (Because You Deserve It)source:

Gang up in Gangtok and head to the casino. Splurge on yourself because you can and you should!

HolidayIQ traveller Megha Goel says, “Mahjong is one of the best casinos in India opened at The Mayfair. The name of the casino comes from the name of a famous game played in China. The casino has a different ambience all together. Blackjack and poker lovers will have a blast. It is open 24 hours. I totally enjoyed the live performances too. The entrance fee is Rs. 3000. Children below 18 are not allowed.”

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