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Don't Waste Your Weekend Partying. Escape to These Stunning Places Instead

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How about a holiday away from pesky tourists? HolidayIQ Travellers suggest resorts that will offer peace of mind

Don't Waste Your Weekend Partying. Escape to These Stunning Places Instead:

  1. Neeralaya Resort, Kullu (Himachal Pradesh)
  2. Ranthambore (Rajasthan)
  3. Kovalam (Kerala)
  4. Coorg (Karnataka)
  5. Wayanad (Kerala)
  6. Patiala (Punjab)
  7. Kutch (Gujarat)
  8. Covelong (Tamil Nadu)

1. Neeralaya Resort, Kullu

Neeralaya Resort, Kullu
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HolidayIQ Traveller Chaitanya Kohli says, “River Beas flows on one side of the resort & it look amazing. The sound of the flowing water at night is wonderful. There is a sit out area near the river. The breakfast gazebo, the kitchen garden and the vast landscaped garden with beautiful trees and hammocks is what you will love as you step out of the cottage. Perfect lighting at the night makes it more beautiful.” 

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2. Aman-I-Khas, Ranthambore

Aman-I-Khas, Ranthambore
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HolidayIQ Traveller Priya Khanna recommends Aman-i-Khas. "This resort is open only from October to April every year. It is located in a brushwood forest on the edge of Ranthambore National Park and has tents with Moghul-style canopies," he says.

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3. The Leela, Kovalam

The Leela, Kovalam
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Kovalam in itself is a treat to be in. Add this resort to your list and you have on your hands an exiting vacation. HolidayIQ Traveller Ajit says, "The hotel is amazing. The welcome is warm and traditional. The staff is all trying to help you. We stayed in the club room with a butler who is more than helpful. Their complimentary evening high tea is delicious and filling. Our suite was just grand and the bathroom was a treat to be in. Just exquisite. The location on the private beach is excellent. Their restaurant on the beach gives great food and excellent service. The pool at the club wing and the view from it is just too good."

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4. Orange County, Coorg

Orange County, Coorg
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A beautiful and serene place to rejuvinate yourself, about Orange County Resort, HolidayIQ Traveller Vasanth says, "We stayed in lily pool villa, which is exclusively crafted for guest's luxury experience. The villa was very spacious and very comfortable. It was designed for couples with Low bath showers, two wash basins, a private cozy pool and a gazibo next to the pool. The housekeeping team does excellent work and they have kept the property space clean. If you want to experience quality, this is the place to go for."

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5. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad

Vythiri Resort, Wayanad
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Escape to this place if you want to avoid pollution and get in touch with nature. Says HolidayIQ Traveller Gagan,"Calicut-Bangalore 4 line road facility to reach the hotel and it is expensive. All types of food are available. Car parking, trucking, tree house, swimming pool are also available. Good room service in a natural huts. Stay is expensive and rooms are very clean. Easy access from Ooty, Coimbatore, Mysore and Cochin."

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6. The Baradari Palace, Patiala

The Baradari Palace, Patiala
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This palace-resort is guarenteed to give you the peace you're searching for. The location is serene and the ambient peace is one of the many positives of this charming place. HolidayIQ Traveller Harish Bysani says, “The palace is converted into a hotel. The hotel is completely illuminated at night and is worth seeing. It is located in the centre of the city and the access to Omax Mall, Kali Temple, bus stand and railway station, which is an added advantage. It is very peaceful as the palace is surrounded by huge gardens. The rooms are huge and are tastefully decorated with antique paintings. The darbar hall of the king is converted into the dining area and the ambience is great.”

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7. Shaan-e-Sarhad Rural Resort, Kutch

Shaan-e-Sarhad Rural Resort, Kutch
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Go to this place to enjoy the desert in Kutch and do some soul- searching. The calm of the huts is an experience in itself. HolidayIQ Traveller Shagun says, "I travelled to Kutch with a friend in December 2014 and was so glad about choosing Shaam-e-sarhad. The resort was so clean, private and beautiful that it left us stunned. We stayed in a secluded mud-hut called the bhunga with its own private shower with glass doors and a porch where one could sit and stare into the vastness of the Kutch desert. I recommend this place from the bottom of my heart. Must go and stay there. You'll be amazed by the hospitality, beauty and peace you experience there."

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8. Vivanta By Taj, Covelong

Vivanta By Taj, Covelong
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Another remarkable place to escape the noise of the civilization, this resort offers you the much needed retreat. HolidayIQ Traveller Lourdu says, "Place is nice but food is average. I found it well designed and planned. Architecture was good. Garden and beach was beautiful. Room and cottage was excellent. Service by staff was very good. I particularly like the sea faced restaurant and buffet lunch in the main restaurant. The price is just right. We had a great outing."

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