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Explore Sikkim Like Never Before With Nokia 8 and #UniteFor #Bothie!

Explore Sikkim Like Never Before With Nokia 8 and #UniteFor #Bothie! HolidayIQ

Want to lose yourself in gorgeous, pollution-free valleys? Be it covering the stunning, snow-covered mountain passes or visiting surreal lakes amidst poetic landscape, Sikkim is the one true answer to all the questions your wanderer heart asks. Travel with the cool breeze and walk among the wafting clouds when in this heavenly gift of nature.

Capture both sides of the story with the help of new #Nokia8. With its unique, first-of-its-kind ‘Dual-Sight’ mode, you can now use both front and rear cameras simultaneously to create a split-screen photo or a video. #UniteFor #Bothie and switch to sharing both sides of every story!

Follow HolidayIQ traveller Avinash K Singh on his wonderful journey through Sikkim and know what you can do with your new Nokia 8! If you need some more inspiration, here’s Avinash’s Instagram.

1. The true essence of Sikkim!

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You can see HolidayIQ traveller Avinash enjoying everything Sikkim has to offer, along with getting a glimpse of it yourself!

If you want to capture Sikkim in its truest form, one side of the story just won’t cut it. So gear up with the new #Nokia8 and #UniteFor #Bothie to capture both sides of the story- what happens in front of the lens and how you react to it.

Create memories that are not limited to just the beautiful landscape surrounding you. Record you expressions along with the mist covered lakes, solitary war memorials and majestic rare animals of Sikkim and make it a trip to remember!

HolidayIQ reviewer Hardik says, “Kiss the clouds, ride the wind and when you are tired sit and observe the beautiful hills and chat with the joyous crowd. Perfect destination for relishing momo and soups with chilly winds and paragliding.”

2. Learn something new!

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Notice how Avinash is able to record everything with remarkable clarity thanks to OZO spatial 360° audio.

When it’s about a place as culturally rich as Sikkim, it’s not just about the destination and the sightseeing. There’s always something you can learn from the unique culture and warm and hospitable locals.

With the immersive Nokia OZO spatial 360° audio, Hollywood precision and clarity is not a fantasy anymore. Just start recording and feel the difference in the audio quality.

HolidayIQ reviewer Prem says, “Most humble and beautiful people always looking to help you out is what Sikkimese are. The Kanchenjunga mountains get you drunk on nature with lovely morning sun rays. Intermittent rains makes you feel that someone is tickling you with fun.”

3. Be present in the moment!

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Watch as Avinash shares his accommodation experience live!

Tired of making your followers wait for updates from you? It’s precisely when you travel to someplace new, you need to share your unique experiences with your followers the most! Time is of essence here as on social media it’s always about delivering what your fans want.

With the Facebook Live and YouTube Live in the new Nokia 8, you can ensure your followers are never disappointed as you share high quality stuff with them as soon as humanly possible. Become the star you’ve always wanted to be and tell your story with real style!

4. Unleash the photographer in you!

Unleash the photographer in you! Share source: HolidayIQ

Searching for the hidden artist in you? Make the leap from being good to being professional level good with the help of the new #Nokia8. With hidden waterfalls, majestic creatures, bluish-green mountain peaks and lakes shrouded in mist, Sikkim is every photographer’s dream come true.

With Nokia 8’s brilliant  ZEISS optics, you can be assured of a level of precision that is sure to blow your mind! Capture the most intricate details even in a landscape photograph and stun your viewers with tourist brochure worthy pictures! When you get bored of the surroundings, #UniteFor #Bothie and experience the unique joy of visual storytelling!

HolidayIQ reviewer Preetam says, “Lovely small Himalayan state known for its sheer natural beauty and amazing people. Surrounded by Himalayas and neighbouring Bhutan, China and West Bengal, it’s the land of thousands of monasteries and temples.”

Still waiting? Get the best of both worlds with the new #Nokia8 to #UniteFor #Bothie. Watch this space for more exciting updates about #OnTrailsWithHolidayIQ!


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