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Getting Hitched? 6 Trips to Spend Some Quality Time With Yourself

Getting Hitched? 6 Trips to Spend Some Quality Time With Yourself

If you are planning to get married, the pre-wedding time is essential where you want to experience everything that is on your bucket list before you enter the new world, leaving behind your free spinster or bachelorhood. Why not go for some soul-searching to these places! 

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HolidayIQ Reviewer Sanan Kashyap adds, “To experience the truly rustic milieu from the hinterlands of south Bihar, one must experience Bhagalpur and the nearby places....Mandar hill (around 45 km to south) was used to churn the ocean according to Hindu mythology, the place is secluded but great for introspection and personal appraisal (you know what I mean with no one around to disturb you and sanctity-in -the-air kind of feel). It's an absolute must visit. The place is a bit offbeat for a regular fun-seeking crowd, but if you really want to experience India at level that is soul enriching, then bhagalpur is a must visit point. P. S. - try visiting the place alone without partners or friends, who knows you may get enlightened along the way.Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer Davis Vadakkan adds, “Conversations with sea waves. You know sometimes life is unpredictable... It's very successful with the best of amenities... Just to reinvent myself, I travelled to Goa... Doing a bit introspection for a purposeful future... Assessing the family life and the difference between having a house or a home.” Read Full Review

Hill | Weather | Waterfall | Nature

HolidayIQ Reviewer Alok Negi adds, “A place for some soul searching, Happy Valley, as the name suggests, will give you much reason to smile. Its peaceful environment with the surrounding mountains will give you time to think about yourself. You can sit there for hours and still want to be there. The path that leads to the top of the temple is amazing as you got to time to explore the surrounding. There's a Buddhist Temple which you can explore and then take a walk straight towards the heaven which will lead you to the top of the mountain. From there you can see whole of Mussoorie. On your left, you will see George Everest and on your right, you will see the actual Himalayas range. Don't go there to visit, go there to know yourself.Read Full Review

Golden Temple | Religious | Peace | Peaceful

HolidayIQ Reviewer Ibopishak adds, “The Golden Temple is much more than what meets the eye. It's beautiful, humbling and a great place for soul-searching. You can have lunch at the Langar. You can sit near the pond in peace at night and soak in the calm and peace in the surroundings. You can either purchase the scarf to cover your head for 20-30 bucks or collect a free scarf just before entering the main temple area and return it. Shoes must be left outside in the locker room but you can carry your phone to take pictures.Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer Poulomi Das adds, “Mesmerizing view of the silent nature is the main attraction of this place....You have to hike this place. You need hiking shoes as well as hiking sticks. This hiking may be a little bit tough for freshers but when you reach, you are going to be speechless with the view. You can take a mule for going up. A soul-searching place for every traveller.Read Full Review

Sea | Sunset | Beach | Island

HolidayIQ Reviewer Tansy A says, “Dunny Island...Not more than 1 percent of India's total population will know about this place. The lagoon around is beautiful as well as blissful. You might get lucky to spot Arabian sea dolphins. I don't think anyone sitting at home and reading this can hardly imagine how spectacular it is. The island is so pure, so serene that someone wouldn't have dreamt of a paradise this beautiful. The rug tents would make sure your trip has nothing less than an extreme adventure of its own kind. Typical beach things are very much expected as well supposedly to be done. Writing your name on the sand, making a sand castle, taking a dip in the blue waters. However, Dunny island promises much more. The sunrise and sunset both are delightful as well as worth a life. The island is known for its amazing coral streak. Yes, you would find reefs as well as aquatic animals you would have hardly spot in your city aquarium. I was fortunate to see a jellyfish, a starfish, several crabs as well as some other fishes. But the virgin attribute I give to this place is yet to be justified. The night sky here makes you feel you are actually out of this world. Not just you see twinkling stars and constellations with the naked eye, you'll be amazed to witness and see whole of galaxies. Stargazing at Dunny Island will surely make the best of your night spent. You might wish to tug in shoes, torch as well as a warm blanket. Your tent will be surrounded by water both sides which makes it really chilly at night. Bonfire and dancing, singing and chattering, photography and above all sitting alone, pondering and introspecting. Dunny Island has it all.Read Full Review

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