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#GoKerala with HolidayIQ - 5 lucky couples, 10 days, All Expenses Paid!

10 Days in God's Own Country like Never Before Kerala - Never seen before

This winter, Kerala tourism showcases a Kerala never seen before - exclusively for a few lucky members of the HolidayIQ travel community. A hand-crafted, all expenses paid holiday for select travellers. Are you ready for ten days of fun?

Here is a glimpse of the trip you could win...

1. Kasargod: A window into history

Kasargod: A window into history
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HolidayIQ reviewer Shahid describes the Chandragiri Fort saying, "One of the most visited place in my life. The nature, landscape, the greenery,etc. makes me to visit this place every time. To feel the real beauty of forts in India I suggest you to visit this place and enjoy yourself by falling in love with this awesome place." 

HolidayIQ reviewer Sijo visited the Bekal fort and shares, "Built for fulfilling defense requirements Bekal Fort was constructed in 1600s by Nayakas who realised the importance of this port town and secured their Malnad region from Malabar and invaders from Arabian Sea route. Fort was later occupied by Hyder Ali and Tipu before British took over the region.....
Knowing the reason why this fort was built, you will admire various watch towers and numerous slots on the walls. Be ready to walk and climb, as the fort is spread across 40 acres. There is one small soda shop inside on the opposite end, which is a respite if you are here under the hot sun. View of sea is just awesome from here."

2. Kannur: A mix of histroy and natural beauty

Kannur: A mix of histroy and natural beauty
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HolidayIQ reviewer Akash tells you, "We visited Kannur and St Angelo's Fort during Dec'16. I really liked the fort and it's location. Vast sea next to the Fort and the excellent sunset views from the fort made it very attractive. Tips: Get a very good non-veg lunch at Hotel Athens and head for St Angelo Fort. :)"

HolidayIQ reviewer Shijo says, "ASIA'S longest drive in beach is just 15 kms from Kannur called Muzhappilangad Beach. Place is so popular that it's rare to be alone here at any time of the day. But mornings there is less rush, even the ticket issuer was missing when we went. This is definitely an experience, which is unlike any other beaches that I have gone to. "

3. Kozhikode: An off-beat beach with a unique past

Kozhikode: An off-beat beach with a unique past
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HolidayIQ Reviewer JOJI JOSEPH says, “The best beach on the Malabar Coast Kappad Beach with a lot of history to write and say it is a beautiful beach and after the facelift, it is one of the sort-after tourist spot near kozhikode. Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese explorer is believed to have landed here in AD 1498 which paved the way for establishing a sea route from to India. I love this beach because the sea is not very rough, rather tranquil, the local people are very friendly and above all the beach is not very crowded too.”

HolidayIQ reviewer Jatin says, "I liked the Kappad Beach near Calicut the most. It has good restaurants to eat near Beach Road and Silk Road specifically. Visit SM Street for shopping. Local transportation by bus is cheap and efficient."

4. Kozhikode: Tradition and nature come together

Kozhikode: Tradition and nature come together
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HolidayIQ reviewer Sunil says, "Beypore is a must watch destination while you visit Kozhikode. Pulimuttu (Stone Pier): Stone laid down into the sea about 2 km long. It is a wonderful experience to walk through the 'stone platform' across the sea. Beautifully constructed, decorated with plenty of lights and well preserved. Good seating arrangements are there to watch the waves and surroundings. Best time to visit here is early morning or late evening.

HolidayIQ reviewer Sunil adds, "Dolphin's Point: It is at the terminal point of the 'Pulimuttu'. Watching the beauty of the Arabian sea, walk that pathway approximately 2 km long. Sitting on the rock/stones, you can watch the dolphins playing in the sea. I personally select the Pulimuttu and Dolphin's Point as the biggest attraction of Beypore. During this walk, you can also watch the locals catching fishes and mussels (Kallumakkaya in Malayalam). Observing them is interesting." 


5. Thrissur: Temples and waterfalls

Thrissur: Temples and waterfalls
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HolidayIQ reviewer Jason says, "The Athirapally waterfalls is one of the best in Kerala for the looks, water availability through out the year and the environment...We can view the falls from the top as well as from the bottom and both views are awesome. The falls looks massive and very nice during the rainy season but it will be tough to relax and play in water as its pretty dangerous and guards wont allow us to get into water."

HolidayIQ reviewer Akshayakumar says, "The Vadakkumnathan Temple which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva is the main attraction of the Thrissivaperur (Thrissur) district, and one of the main attraction in India as it is having the guinness record for having a participation of the largest number of youth gathering which happens during the famous "Thrissur pooram" which is celebrated annually and it has won in 2015, the top prize in the Asia Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation given by UNESCO." 

6. Thrissur: A royal past

Thrissur: A royal past
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HolidayIQ reviewer Joji says, "With a legacy of about 400 years, the palace (Punnathur Kotta) built by the rulers (Punnathur Kings) became a temple property and the yard surrounding the palace was converted to an elephant shelter.....Gradually people started calling it the Anakotta (Elephant Fort). We can see about 80 tamed Elephants here all belonging to the Guruvayoor Temple authorities which are donated by devotees. You can see Baby Elephants, aged ones, few chained elephants which are dangerous due to the biological changes which happens naturally and apart from these we can see them being washed, fed with palm leaves, some playing in the mud etc. Anakkotta may be the one and only of this kind in India where Elephants are taken care perfectly. This place has been the location for several movies too."

HolidayIQ reviewer Midhunlal says, "Thrissur is a city in the south Indian state of Kerala. It's known for sacred sites and colorful festivals. In the center is Vadakkumnathan Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and adorned with murals. The ornate, Indo-Gothic Our Lady of Dolours Basilica is nearby. To the north, Thiruvambady Temple is home to several elephants. Famous krishna temple in South India is situated at Guruvayur. Sakthan Thampuran Palace houses an archaeology museum with bronze statues and ancient coins."

7. Alappuzha: An experience of a lifetime

Alappuzha: An experience of a lifetime
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HolidayIQ reviewer Thampatty says, "We travelled one entire day in the house boats in Alleppey and it was such a memorable experience! The slow moving landscape around you and the abundance of place on the boat, yummy Kerala food they served were very incredible. Truly relaxing and serene experience. No social media will to distract you from the scenery and beautiful water ways of aleppy. Must experience tour for people travelling to Kerala. Well, A classic heavenly retreat in God's own country and the best way to explore the Venice of the East. "

HolidayIQ reviewer Sheena adds, "Yes, so when we did Alleppey, we chose to do it in style- in a house boat and we do not regret it one bit. Right from the time we actually stepped on board the house boat, we were in for a pleasant experience. It was our first time on one and perhaps that is why our excitement was palpable.
We stayed with family on a 3 bedroom private house boat. These boats are huge, it comes with a common lounge room on the lower and upper decks, a dining area and the bedrooms with attached bathrooms. You will be given a captain, a steward who also doubled as our chef (yes, maybe some other boats have more hands on deck though. We bought fresh seafood from the little markets, our boat anchored at, ate some delicious Keralite styled food and truly spent a relaxed time watching the sun set while our boat moved gracefully over the crimson colored waters. 

8. Alapuzzha: Beaches and history

Alapuzzha: Beaches and history
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HolidayIQ reviewer Vyga says, "The Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Swamy temple is 14 km from Alleppey town...The temple is built in Kerala architectural style and Sree Krishna idol is worshiped in this large temple. The Pal Payasam (Rice porridge) is the main offering and the taste is awesome. ..At the entrance an instrument called 'Mizhavu' is displayed and it was used by the famous artist called 'Kunjan Nambiar'. The temple management has an elephant which is used for the poojas."

HolidayIQ reviewer Vyga adds, "Alleppey beach is one of the main tourist spot in Alappuzha town. The beach is easily accessible from the town by bus, taxi or auto. An elevated highway construction is going on near the beach and once it is completed it will function as the Alleppey by-pass without altering the natural beauty of the beach. A 150 year old light house, children's park and amusement park are located in close vicinity. "


9. Trivandrum: Surrounded by natural extravaganza

Trivandrum: Surrounded by natural extravaganza
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HolidayIQ reviewer SHarjeel says, "Feel like getting away from the humdrum of every day life, feel like you need a break and want to be one with nature, then this scanty little beach town nestled on two cliffs of the western ghats is the place to be. Varkala is known for its beaches (Papanasam, South Cliff Beach, Black Beach and Kappil Beach), yoga schools and rejuvenation SPA's. This town offers peace and quaint to it's travelers and allows you to slow the time down just enough. The sounds of the waves, numerous eateries, fresh seafood and a multicultural environment makes you never want to leave."

HolidayIQ reviewer Amarath adds, "Ponmudi is untouched by human population and pollution and is a less-explored location among most of the places that I have been to. It is silent, cold, surrounded by echoic mountains on all sides. The beauty of sub- tropical rain forests. The purest of air. Excellent stay for spiritually inclined people; great isolation for the people searching for a hideout from work stress." 

10. End your journey with a Sadya experience in Trivandrum

End your journey with a Sadya experience in Trivandrum
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This Onam special makes everyone look forward to the festival even more! Sadya is the traditional vegetarian feast of Keralites. Commonly served as lunch, especially on Onam, the preparation consists of boiled pink rice, side dishes, savouries, pickles and desserts spread out on a plantain leaf. Other dishes like Mango Pachadi, Avial, Mathi Meen Curry, Puttu and Kadala are delicious to say the least. 

HolidayIQ reviewer Sharin says, "There is so many hidden places to explore !! Tiruvandrum is a complete package for the person who loves Mother Nature and religion
Mountains, oceans, rivers, rains, wildlife, dam, pond, backwater, greenery, churches, temple, mosque, beautiful houses, houseboat !! There is a list of more interesting things to do which you can only come and experience !! Kerala - Gods own country"

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