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Munnar to Spiti: 9 Places In India Totally Worth All The Hype

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HolidayIQ Travellers list places that worth all the adulation they get!

1. Goa

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What's not to love about Goa? The beaches, the lifestyle or the food all take into into a relaxed zone and allow you to enjoy a vacation like it's supposed to be. HolidayIQ Traveller Nivedita says, "India offers a tad bit of every possible terrain, countryside and the perfect climate conceivable to make it a happening place to be in. When it comes to the West Cost of India, the first beach destination that anyone can think of is Goa!So before you get all judgemental and brag about your next trip abroad or debate about how the western cities are better than Indian places check out a Goa, a destination in the very land you were raised in.Goa is known to all the party lovers. It is a haven for water sports especially for the high adrenaline escapade seeking youth who are in the pursuit of fun. Some activities include parasailing, water skiing, wing surfing, dinghy sailing and scuba diving."

2. Valley Of Flowers

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HolidayIQ Traveller Jitaditya says, "Challenging, enticing and bewitching, the Valley of Flowers trip in Uttarakhand has been my most memorable holiday trip so far. It was difficult for a morbid city dweller to traverse the rocky upward slope with no one in the vicinity to even enquire about my last wishes in case I slipped and descended into those Himalayan pits. Nevertheless, a successful completion of that trip also restored my faith in myself, something I needed desperately at that point of time. "

3. Munnar

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Munnar isn't called the Scotland of India for nothing. The moment you set foot here, you at once know that all the praise is justified. HolidayIQ Traveller Biju says, "Munnar is a place filled with tea plantations and got a lovely natural beauty. A minimum of 3 night stay is required to cover the important locations. If you have a nice camera, you will go crazy with it. Main attractions was the tea plantations, water falls, elephant ride, boat ride, drive inside Eravikulam national park etc."

4. Spiti Valley

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HolidayIQ Traveller Ami says, "During our stay at Spiti, we visited various places and beautiful villages like Losar, Kaza, Tabo, Ki, Kibber, Comic, Dhankar, Langza, Laung, Chandratal Lake, Pine Valley,etc. that laid peacefully in the lap of the stupendous Himalayan range. The locals being as calm and welcoming as the mountains lured us to stay back and left us craving for more.We gazed at the colorful monasteries and breathed in the bliss it had to offer. The flaming red attire draped across the lamas and the attractive Buddha statues that stood strong and handsome in contrast to the light hues of the surrounding forming its background. The treks through the mountains and the enthralling serene lakes absorbing the reflection of the fresh blue skies and the mountains surrounding it creating captivating views that left us beguiled."


5. Darjeeling

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This place is a heaven for love birds as well as people looking to calm it down in a hill station. No wonder, it's one of the most popular places in the country. HolidayIQ Traveller Srikanth says, "If you are planning tour then must go to Darjeeling, its the best destination in summer. If we ignore the chances of landslides (which are dreadful), you will not find the place like Darjeeling. Nature and its beauty crafted by man. The drivers of Darjeeling, oh my god, really great they are. We just cannot imagine and they do it."

6. Backwaters Of Kerala

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Nothing can be more  soothing than the backwaters in Kerala; which is why so numerous people flock to this place for the ultimate peaceful experience. HolidayIQ Traveller Parth says, "Kerala is a superb sightseeing place. We get clean beaches and can spend long long hours walking between the coconut trees. Very romantic beaches with soft sand and clean water. Member can stay in backwaters and enjoy time in natural beauty of India. Places are near by and one can enjoy South-Indian food."

7. Srinagar

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Few things can top a ride in a Shikara in the Dal Lake. Kashmir remains a hit among tourists and why not? HolidayIQ Traveller Sunanda justifies this, "This city is truly the heart of Kashmir. It offers a gathering of gardens and lakes. It offers the beauty of dal lake. Which you can enjoy staying in houseboats or lakeside hotels on boulevard lane. All you need is to have clicks after clicks of the various sightseeing places around this beautiful city."

8. Rajasthan

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Majestic forts, royalty, deserts and spicy food- Rajasthan deserves all the tourist attention it gets. HolidayIQ Traveller Deepak says, "Every one has to visit Rajasthan at least once and believe me you will fall in love with Rajasthan. You can relate rajasthan to history of India because Rajasthan is a historical place and if you have a party addiction than believe me you are going to enjoy a lot and the people of Rajasthan were helpful."


9. Mussoorie

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Known as thw queen of the hill stations, Mussoorie righty justifies the title by simply being enchanting. HolidayIQ Traveller Mukherjee says, "It's a small town. Good for relaxed visits. Not too much crowded like other hill stations. For those who just want to relax Mall Road is there. Take a few stroll and then chill out in hotel!! There are number of nearby destinations which is worth seeing!!"

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