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Mysteries of Parvati Valley

Fringed by the giant mountain peaks, the Parvati valley runs from the confluence of the Parvati and Beas river eastwards through the steep-sided valley of the town of Bhuntar. The Parvati valley is ripe with myths and lore of God's visiting and staying back. HolidayIQ lists down some of the lores surrounding this mythical Parvati valley.

Mysteries of Parvati Valley:

  1. Manikaran (Himachal Pradesh)
  2. Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara, Manikaran (Himachal Pradesh)

Day 1. The story of Shiva and Parvati

The story of Shiva and Parvatisource: /

One of these lores talks about how Manikaran gets its name. Mani translates into ‘earring’, the story narrates a tale of how Lord Shiva and Parvati chanced upon Parvati valley. Enamoured by the beauty of the valley they stayed back for 3,000 years.

During their stay, Parvati lost her earring in a stream while taking a bath. According to Hindu mythology, Shiva asked one of his attendants to find it. When the attendant couldn’t find the earring, Lord Shiva flew into rage and opened his third eye which wrecked havoc and anarchy in the universe.

Finally Sheshnag (lord of serpents) appealed to Shiva to stop the destruction. To appease Shiva and placate his anger, Sheshnag hissed and gave rise to a massive surge of boiling water that spread through the valley. This surge pushed up precious stones similar to the ones in the earrings; keeping Parvati and Shiva happy, thus ending the destruction. Ever since, boiling water has sprung from the ground. These hot water springs supposedly have curative powers.

Day 2. The story of Guru Nanak’s visit to Manikaran

The story of Guru Nanak’s visit to Manikaransource:

The Sikh lores narrates the story Guru Nanak’s (founder of Sikhism) visit to Manikaran, with his disciple Bhai Mardana.

On reaching there they were hungry and Nanak sent Mardana to get some atta (flour) from the langar (a full-fledged kitchen and dining area in a Gurudwara). Mardana got the flour and bailed them into rotis but there was no fire to cook it. Nanak asked Mardana to lift a nearby stone and a hot water spring appeared.

Upon Nanak’s instruction, Mardana placed the unbaked rotis in the spring and watched disappointed as they sank to the bottom. Nanak asked him to pray to God and if the rotis floated back up he would donate one in God’s name. As Mardana prayed all the rotis floated started floating up duly baked. To which Guru Nanak concluded that anyone who donates in the name of God will get back those items which are drowned or lost.

Day 3. The story of Kheerganga

The story of Kheergangasource:

Kheerganga or Kheer Ganga as the name suggest is Ganga River as white as Kheer (Indian delicacy made with rice and milk). The name Kheerganga came due to the milky waters of the river flowing in all its vastness and its streams flowing into Parvati valley from all sides of the mountain.

There are many fables that surround the origin of Kheerganga. One of them revolves around Shiva’s son Kartikeya who wanted to meditate here but the forest was alive with the sound of rivers and wildlife. This distracted Kartikeya countless times, so Shiva struck the ground with his Trishul in order to bring silence to the surrounding forest. The spring emerged at the point where the Trident pierced the Earth.

The other myth whispered in the nearby mountains states that the spring was made by Parvati to feed her son Kartikeya, some Kheer (the white sulfur in the water gives a milky appearance to the water) after his millennial long samadhi (meditation).

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