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Planning a Solo Trip? 8 Places to Discover the Sweet Taste of Freedom!

Planning a Solo Trip? 8 Places to Discover the Sweet Taste of Freedom!
Don’t wait for someone. These 8 places are just perfect if you wish to embark on a solo trip this year.

Planning a Solo Trip? 8 Places to Discover the Sweet Taste of Freedom!:

  1. Kumarakom (Kerala)
  2. McLeodganj (Himachal Pradesh)
  3. Pondicherry
  4. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
  5. Andaman & Nicobar
  6. Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)
  7. Hampi (Karnataka)
  8. Lachung (Sikkim)

1. Experience peace in Kumarakom

Experience peace in Kumarakomsource:

Experience the backwaters of Kerala away from the hustle bustle of the commercialised Alleppey. Kumarakom also witnesses boat races around the time of Onam, which is an important South Indian festival.

Suresh George: If you are looking for a lazy way to unwind without breaking the bank, then this place should top your list. Great property with well maintained rooms. Superb location and good food. The whole lake to yourself.

Check out the local cuisines of Kumarakom.

2. Escape the city life in McLeodganj

Escape the city life in McLeodganjsource:

McLeodganj is famous for its Tibetan institutions and Buddhist monasteries. The town of McLeodganj, surrounded by thick vegetation of oak, pine, deodar and rhododendron, and still retains the old colonial charm.

Jitendra Thukral: Great place to stay with value for money if you are looking for clean rooms with quiet place and mountain views. Not for those who look for pomp and show. The rooms are clean and food is good and reasonably priced.

Discover the joy of living in the mountains.

3. Live the French life in Pondicherry

Live the French life in Pondicherrysource:

Pondicherry is also believed to be the abode of the revered sage, Saint Agasthya. Pondicherry is a living monument of the French culture, is a conglomerate of different cultural influences.

Sanjiv Pandey: One of the best stays for us. Beach has flat sand bed, best for having fun in water. One of the biggest reasons for us going to the same place 4th time in 2yrs. Breakfast is amazing. If money is not an issue, it's highly recommended to everyone. Go for it.

Explore the influence of French culture in Pondicherry.

4. Go soul searching in Varanasi

Go soul searching in Varanasisource:

Sitting beside the flowing river feeling the wind in the hair, and listening the the calm still waves makes you realise the importance of living in the moment. Varanasi has been known to be solo travellers abode for centuries now.

Amitabh Virmani: I had a comfortable stay. The hotel restaurant is very nice. The buffet serve a good variety of food. The travel desk is excellent. They helped me book all my travels, which made my stay very easy. The driver showed me around the places.

Discover the voice of your soul in Varanasi.


5. Explore the mystical Andaman islands

Explore the mystical Andaman islandssource:

Andaman might be a secluded place, but it is nothing less of being picture perfect with widespread flora and fauna. If you want a trip away from the bustling of city life and amidst startling natural beauty and tranquility then Andamans are just perfect for you.

Shashank Sinha: Very good experience in hotel. Nice hospitality, good food and awesome view. They organize the 1st candlelight dinner for us. Special thanks to hotel chef for special dinner. It was an awesome experience and from my side it is a seven star hotel.

Unveil the secrets of Andaman.

6. Learn to meditate in Rishikesh

Learn to meditate in Rishikeshsource:

Rishikesh is a blanket of experiences that help attain the detox that your soul desperately needs. Like Icarus to the sun, the lure is impossible to ignore. Everytime you go there, you discover a new layer - a layer that makes you pause and drink in the fill to satiate your soul.

Smriti Uppal: Nice peaceful place. Well maintained. Cordial staff. All in all perfect for a relaxing holiday with the beautiful ganges between the hills. Good food and prompt service. Best part was the small trek across the river to the beach right opposite the resort.

Find the elusive inner peace in Rishikesh.

7. Visit the former holy land of Hampi

Visit the former holy land of Hampisource:

Hampi has been solo travellers haven since decades now, the allure of the ruins of the temples and the laid back atmosphere lets you introspect.

Dilip: A very beautiful stay I would say. Rooms were directly facing the lush green fields. Connecting directly to the nature. Backwaters just nearby this place made the whole experience beautiful. Special mention to the chef and the food, it was real good.

Browse through the temples of Hampi.

8. Live by yourself in Lachung

Live by yourself in Lachungsource:

Lachung is the place to just be at, if you wish to get away from the maddening roar of the urban jungle. The quaint little town is an experience that every solo traveller must experience.

Pooja Sharma: Very courteous, accommodating and hospitable staff. The manager is most informative and helpful. We were there for two nights and would've loved to stay even longer. It is sandwiched between a quaint village and an army regiment. Lovely views.I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Discover the sweet sound of silence in Lachung.


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