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Rediscover Rameswaram: 10 Reasons to Pack Up and Head to Rameswaram Right Now!

Rediscover Rameswaram: 10 Reasons to Pack Up and Head to Rameswaram Right Now! Wikimedia commons

Want a fulfilling and liberating travel experience that is a perfect blend of history, mystery, and nature? Then it's time to pack your bags and head to Rameswaram.

From picturesque and clean beaches to less densely crowded temples, Rameswaram has it all. This holiday season, plan the perfect getaway. But how would you plan your stay that would cater to all your needs and look into the minute details along with providing you with the best of experience?

The answer lies here. Read on as we tell you why Rameswaram is your best bet to relax, unwind and go on a contemplative journey.  

1.For Ram Setu - A Link That Separates Myth From Reality

Ram setu 2.jpg

Adam’s bridge, popularly known as Ram Setu will instill your beliefs in mythology. While laying siege on Lanka, the Ram Setu bridge (used to connect India to Lanka) was built with stones that miraculously float on water.

These stones still exist in Rameswaram and have been the center of debates for years now. Still, think Ramayana is just a story? Visit Ram Setu yourself to decide on that.

Also, do not forget to visit the APJ Abdul Kalam memorial that was recently inaugurated.

It takes only 7 minutes to get to Hyatt Place Rameswaram from Ram Setu by car. Despite the usual traffic and distance of 2.3 km.

HolidayIQ reviewer Saket Suman says  “The destination along with being a mythological one is a good place to visit for everyone as you can see the bay of Bengal and indian ocean mixing with each other. It is famous due to Ram Setu, Pamban Bridge, Dhanuskodi and many other places”

2. For The Quiescent Pamban Island

Your search for quietude ends here. Step into this tranquil island and let all the chaos wash away. Unwind and give in to the salty breeze and gushing waves.

A true nature lover's paradise, Pamban island is tucked away from all the hustle and bustle. This quaint island also comes with a chunk of history to it and reading about it a little before your visit can make your outing a truly memorable one.

Travelling from Pamban Island to Hyatt Place Rameswaram? It takes only 3 minutes and is 1.2 km in distance. Talk about a quick car ride, right?

3. For Pamban Bridge - India’s First Sea Bridge

Rameswaram located on Pamban Island is connected to Mandapan via the Pamban Bridge. The train ride across the Pamban Bridge provides a beautiful view of the Palk Strait.

While you enjoy the beautiful ride, the journey to Hyatt Place Rameswaram from Pamban Bridge will take you only 17 minutes by car. This idyllic view will make you forget the 11.2 km stretch between the two.

One of the most stunning train routes in India, The Pamban bridge is a must for those who love to collect memories.

HolidayIQ reviewer Saravana Prakash says “The Pamban bridge is exactly 2.6 km from Pamban to Rameswaram. From the railway route, one can view the breathtaking Pamban bridge

4. For The Holy Confluence Of Indian Ocean And Bay Of Bengal

Bay of Bengal.jpg

As majestic as it sounds, here’s what a HolidayIQ reviewer has to say “At the end of Dhanuskodi Beach you can witness the roaring mighty Indian Ocean with clear blue waters with strong choppy waves, and the Bay of Bengal at the Other end, in a calm manner as it could be with a clear green water.  Two seas with extreme opposite characteristics - Bay of Bengal(Female) is silent like a river while Indian Ocean(Male) is aggressive. The beach at the confluence is long and wide, pristine, devoid of the crowd and really breathtaking, still untouched”.

You can get to Hyatt Place Rameswaram from Dhanuskodi Beach in a jiffy as it is only 1.4 km away, and a 4-minute car ride between the two places!

5. For Its Cobalt Blue Ariyaman Beach

Ariyaman beach is ideal for your little ones. A lazy day in the clean blue waters of Ariyaman is all you need to de-stress. With clean and sparsely crowded beaches, Rameswaram offers some of the best watersports experiences. Go ahead and try kayaking, jet skiing, wind-surfing, coral watching and a lot more in one destination.

The distance between Ariyaman Beach and Hyatt Place Rameswaram is 27.7 km, and the car ride will take you around 38 minutes with an aesthetic view on the way.

HolidayIQ Reviewer Yuvaneswaran has something interesting to say “This place is a must visit when in Rameswaram. The salt in the seawater has properties to cure skin problems. Also, they have a separate payable swimming pool for private bath and this package includes a musical bath and aravi kuliyal

6. For fishing in Kunthukal beach

Kunthukal beach.jpg

Head to this dainty little fishing village of Kunthukal to take a dip in the pristine blue waters.

Take a stroll and catch up on a tete-a-tete with the villagers to learn about their fishing techniques and culture. Who knows? You may make a friend or two you will cherish lifelong!

Travelling from Kunthukal Beach to Hyatt Place Rameswaram? Not to worry, it takes only 18 minutes by car and is 12.1 km apart making your travel quick.

7. For the sacred Villoondi Theertham

Head to the calm and serene Villoondi Theertham. A small freshwater spring situated inside the sea is surrounded by interesting mythological stories of Rama and Sita.

Considered as one amongst the 64 sacred water bodies, Villoondi Theertham is clean, sparsely populated beach with low tides and is ideal for a memorable picnic, stroll or simply sit back and enjoy the picturesque sunset.

The distance between Villoondi Theertham and Hyatt Place Rameswaram is 5.4 km only, and the time taken to travel by car is 9 minutes, so, you can literally hop, skip and jump between the two!

HolidayIQ Reviewer Guru says “ Here we can see a well constructed in the sea. Legend says this well was constructed around the water flow when Sri Rama dipped the bow into the sea water to get water for Sita to quench her thirst after their journey from Lanka killing Ravana. The entire theertham area is beautiful.

8. For soul searching in Ramanathaswamy Temple

One cannot simply visit Rameswaram and go back without visiting the Ramanathaswamy Temple. This temple town will take you back to the glorious days of divine worship and will definitely make you feel closer to god.

Also, the temples in Rameswaram have ample space and lesser crowds for peaceful worship. One of the best parts is how one can enjoy vegetarian food before exploring the temples of Rameswaram at The Hyatt Place that offers a complete vegetarian and non-smoking experience. With all this, your perfect contemplative spiritual journey is sorted.

With the distance between the Ramanathaswamy Temple and Hyatt Place Rameswaram being only 2.3 km and 9 minutes travel by car, your pilgrimage journey gets a lot easier.   

HolidayIQ Reviewer Gitanjali Verma says Bathe in the holy waters from different wells.Watch the beautiful south Indian architecture everywhere. Better to go in the mornings so that you can finish by noon.A dip in the sea before going to the temple is a must. No entry fee.

9.For the mysterious Dhanushkodi beach


Speaking of Dhanushkodi, here is what you must know about this ghost town. Dhanushkodi is situated at the south-eastern tip of Pamban Island of the Tamil Nadu state of India. Once upon a time, Dhanuskodi was a flourishing tourist town.

However, in December 1964, a cyclone wiped out the town of Dhanushkodi. In addition to the turquoise blue sea and clean white sand beaches, Dhanuskodi has a lot more to offer.

It has a meager population of 500 which mostly consists of fishermen and the town is filled with the ruins of old churches, railway station, and much more. If you love exploring, then Dhanushkodi is where you must be!

Dhanushkodi Beach is only 1.4 km from Hyatt Place Rameswaram. This will take you a swift 4 minutes travel by car.

HolidayIQ Reviewer Saravana Prakash saysDhanushkodi beach is one of the most beautiful places around Rameswaram. One can come here for the calm and peace and return back rejuvenated. The lost island of Dhanushkodi will truly astound anyone

10. For The Hyatt Place Rameswaram

Wondering why this? Read on as we give you all the right reasons to choose The Hyatt Place Rameswaram to stay when you visit Rameswaram.

  • It is the only branded hotel on the island providing you with the best of experiences

  • They offer a complete vegetarian and non-smoking experience which respects the sentiments of everyone visiting the holy-land of Rameswaram

  • It is the only hotel with a pool in Rameswaram. And if you are still thinking about the blue waters by the end of the day? Do not worry, take a dip in the clean and cool pool and you are set.  

  • It is the only hotel with 24/7 restaurant in the island (24/7 Gallery café) and while you are pondering over the mind-blowing facts about Rameswaram, head back to the gallery café and think it over a cup of coffee.

  • Due to the cozy corners of the room, curl up in one of the corners and check out that perfect Instagram worthy click to share amongst your social circle.

  • We all know the importance of staying connected to the go and the Hyatt Place Rameswaram apprehends this and provides complimentary WIFI & E room usage for all in-house Guests
  •  So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and avail their 25% off on all bookings!

                                        Book now!  

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