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So True! 10 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month To Travel
The snow, spicy food to innumerable year-end celebrations, December has a lot to offer. HolidayIQ Travellers list 8 reasons that make this month the coolest.

So True! 10 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month To Travel:

  1. Kutch (Gujarat)
  2. Chikmagalur (Karnataka)
  3. Ranthambore (Rajasthan)
  4. New Delhi (Delhi)
  5. Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  6. Auli (Uttarakhand)
  7. Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)
  8. Gurudongmar Lake, Pelling (Sikkim)
  9. Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)
  10. Goa

1. The Month Is An Overdose Of Vacays - Christmas & New Year Is The Perfect Time To Visit The Rann Of Kutch


You have worked your ass off throughout the year and finally it’s December. This is a great reason to take that vacation you longed for. With Christmas and New Year holidays, the month is an overdose of fun! Pack your bags for Kutch.

HolidayIQ Traveller Pradeep says, "You can not be a complete traveller unless you visit Kutch. This place is full of culture, Nature and adventure. The Rann is a vast overwhelming landscape where you can get lost without a GPS. Cottage industry, handicrafts, beautiful villages, water bodies, plenty of migratory birds. It is all there. Plan to spend at least 8 days and make sure you visit the artisans working on making beautiful artifacts in their homes."

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2. Because The Real Joy Of Sipping Coffee Is During Chilly Winters. Especially A One-By-Two Filter Kappi At Chikmagalur


Chilly weather, a good book, and hot coffee. What more could a winter obsessed person ask for? The real joy of having a piping hot espressos is during this time of the year! Head to Chikmagalur. Set amidst the lush greenery of the coffee plantations of Kambihalli Estate, Coffee Barn Cafe is a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

HolidayIQ Traveller Joy Shah says, "If you want to getaway from the city buzz on a weekend holiday, take a trip to Chikmagalur. It will surely refresh you with its coffee gardens and wide spread hill-locked valleys."

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3. Because Camping And Bonfires Is What You Wait For - Like Camping Under The Stars In Ranthambore


Night camps and bonfires are the best thing about this month. December gets balmier with a bonfire. It can be just a bunch of old friends or colleagues warming yourselves up with some drinks and swaying to the tunes of a guitar. Ranthambore National Park has plenty of resorts with luxury tents that are perfect for glamping. Oberoi Vanyavilas is the most opulent. There are 25 tents that have polished hardwood floors, four-poster beds, and freestanding bathtubs.

Other luxury tent accommodations are Ranthambore Bagh, Khem Villas, Sher Bagh, Aman-I- Khas and Jungle View. HolidayIQ Traveller Nalina shares his experience. “The hotel has a fabulous spa, its own wildlife park, two main swimming pools and one private pool for the higher-priced rooms.”

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4. No More Sweat! Welcome The Pleasant Weather - Nothing Like Dilli Ki Sardi

source: Flickr: Rajesh Pamnani

After sultry summers, Delhi really waits for the blissful winters.  From enjoying peanuts with masala tea to enjoying a perfect drink by the bonfire, Delhi sure is a complete bliss during December.

HolidayIQ Traveller Piyush Pratap Singh shares, “I visited Delhi many times and each time I find it very new and explorable. There are a lot of monuments and shopping places. Specially Red fort, Qutab minar, Humayun's tomb and much watched Ugrasen ki baoli. In shopping Chandni chowk is main attraction, situated in front of red fort. Well you travel in any weather any time but best time to travel is from December so that you can experience DILLI KI SARDI.”

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5. Because The Chilly Weather Is An Excuse To Hit The Expressways - Drive Down The Mumbai-Pune Expressway


Don’t blame the chilly weather if you get carried away while driving on a host of expressways India has to offer. If monsoon was just enough to assure you a memorable ride, winter will cement that experience.

HolidayIQ Traveller Guneet says, We travelled from Mumbai to Goa via Pune, Kolhapur, Amboli, Sawantwadi. The route is pretty good and overall journey was around 600 km." HolidayIQ Traveller Ganesh adds, "According to me travelling by car on this route is most fantastic experience. The road crosses many rivers and mountains and many beautiful temples and waterfall."

6. Because You Love Snow And It Gives You A Chance To Ski In Auli


For those who love snow and adventure, December is the best month ever. Turning everyday streets and mountain tops to a playground for all ages, this month is the best time to visit Auli. At an altitude of 2500 – 3000m above the sea level, Auli is high enough to offer thick blankets of snow but not too isolated to be unaccessible. The 4km-long ropeway – one of the highest in Asia –between Auli and Joshimath is another reason why you should be here this December.

HolidayIQ Traveller Siddhartha Mohta shares, “Auli certainly provides the best skiing and snow boarding experience in India, Nestled between beautiful nanda devi, it gives an amazing 270 degrees view. This place is kinda remote, but all efforts to reach the place is worth it, prices are a bit on the higher side, but considering its remoteness i have no complaints. One can see a lot of folks from defence here, apart from skiing, one can go for beautiful treks. In Feb the temp reached -10 and it was a real good experience. A highly recommended place for travel enthusiasts.”

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7. Because You Just Need A Reason To Gorge On Spicy Dishes. Especially Hot Momos In Mussoorie


December’s chilly weather gives you an excuse to gorge on spicy dishes. How about hot and spicy momos?

HolidayIQ Traveller Naresh Kunwar shares, “There is small shop for Chinese food named ‘KC Soup Bar’ which is a must try. I tried 'momos' and 'hot n sour soup' here, they were the best.” The rain makes you crave for something hot and spicy. HolidayIQ Traveller Ishan Bhatt shares,“Momos are the speciality of Dehradun. Do not miss out on the the delectable momos and the soup served with them”.

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8. Because Nature Is So God Damn Beautiful. Like The Gurudongmar Lake In Sikkim


Nature is the most dramatic, with the funniest formations when winter is around. Their are a few lakes that freeze during winters. Make sure you have enough batteries, because your camera will probably not cease working. Trek to Gurudongmar in Sikkim.

HolidayIQ Traveller Ramu Mondal says, “The lake was frozen and the panoramic view was fabulous.” HolidayIQ Traveller Alokjyoti Shah adds, “Gurudongmar is in North Sikkim, a famous lake surrounded by mountains. It is not a residential place, situated at about 17,400 ft high altitude. Stay at Lachen and start your journey early in the morning. The weather is whimsical.”

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9. The Perfect Time To Escape To A Romantic Getaway. Take A Walk In Shimla During Snowfall


Winter is a perfect time to go for a vacation with your spouse. What better than Shimla?

HolidayIQ Traveller Zaffy Seo says, “Shimla is an amazing honeymoon destination. The snowfall and natural beauty of the place will be cherished by me.” Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Radhika, “Mall Road and The Ridge are the main attractions of Shimla. During snowfall, Shimla is like 'heaven on earth'.”

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10. Because You Love Music Festivals & Goa


Because it's December and there can not be a better time to visit Goa. If you love music, beaches, party, Goa is just the ultimate place.Goa in December means Christmas and New Year's Eve. Dig a little further and you'll know that it is a host to the hottest parties.

HolidayIQ Traveller Shivam Gupta says, "Anjuna is famous for its crazy trance parties overlooking the beach and for its flea market. The beach itself is not very charming but there are parties/events always going on at some shack or the other. The most famous places here are Curlies, Shiva Valley and UV bar. The sundowner parties at UV bar are simply fabulous and have great music. If you are here on a Wednesday, you should check out the flea market. It has got loads of kitschy stuff at dirt cheap prices. Try out food at small eateries around Anjuna Beach. Most of them serve delightful seafood.”

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