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Sweden's GOT it all thanks to Gothenburg, their star city!

Sweden's GOT it all thanks to Gothenburg, their star city Daniel Högberg/imagebank.sweden.se

PC: Daniel Högberg/imagebank.sweden.se

If you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, we have something that might help. How would you and your significant other like to travel to a place that breathes exclusivity, individuality, and diversity? Muse over to this one city that stands out for its ‘openness’ and other traits. Some call it a hidden wonder, and for everyone else, it’s Gothenburg

This is the second-largest city in Sweden, and reaching there is now easier than ever, thanks to Qatar Airways. Express your love to bae in Swedish and say ‘Jag älskar dig’ because saying ‘I love you’ is so passe. So, take a flight from Delhi, Mumbai or any of the other top cities in India to Doha and fly direct to Gothenburg. It’s a quick 6-hour flight, operating 5 times a week that will get you and bae to the coolest city you’ve been to in a while. Now, this is an ‘I love you’ moment you will remember for life. 

So, to all the globetrotting couples looking to turn the page to a whole new travel experience, read on to see how Gothenburg will give you and your beau five holidays worth in one city. 

1. Nature is no stranger here:

Nature is no stranger here: Share source: http://mediabank.goteborgco.se

PC : Frida Winter/mediabank.goteborgco.se

Just imagine your day begins with a light breeze, aha, just like that you know can sense good times ahead. Get ahead with your day with a trip to the Gothenburg Archipelago, no matter the season, this spot is an absolute must-see. Divided into northern archipelago and southern archipelago. The archipelago is home to over 30 pristine islands. Put on your swimming suit, leave your worries at the shore or on the ferry and jump into the azure waters for a refreshing swim. You two can also go on an adventure to one of their breathtaking nature trails (pictures clicked here will be striking and #travelgoals). It doesn’t just stop at that, get ready to be bewitched as you explore their enchanting villages or spend your time challenging your boo to a wide range of adrenaline-pumping water sports for a de-stress sesh like never before.

PC: Steampipe Production Studio/mediabank.goteborgco.se

Looking for some lush greenery? Step into the world of 16,000 species of plants and different greenhouses, herb gardens and rock gardens, no one does it better than Gothenburg’s Botanical Garden. One of the largest in Europe, you can visit this garden all year round and the entry is free!

How would you like to go on romantic couple walks in a park where leaves are every shade of green imaginable? Oh, did we tell you this park is also an open-air zoo? At Slottsskogen, you get a chance to see the king of the forest, the Swedish Elk, and meet its other happy residents - penguins, seals and moose to name a few. Relax by the lawns or just observe the scenic beauty all around - Slottsskogen has it all. Visit this park any time of the year and we can assure you, you’ll love it in any season. It has free admission and is a locals’ favourite place to unwind!

2. Say ‘Hej’ to the friendly locals:

Say ‘Hej’ to the friendly locals: Share source: Mika Aberra/mediabank.goteborgco.se

PC : Mika Aberra/mediabank.goteborgco.se

The locals of Gothenburg are warm and understanding. That explains how it was voted as the world's most sociable city. Wouldn’t it be great to vacation with the love of your life in a place which has great vibes, where the people are so open, always ready to help and love to have a good time themselves? Yeah, we feel ya!

You will experience two things when you engage with the people in Gothenburg, 1- It will be nice on your ears to listen to the locals speak (so, melodious). 2 - You’ll love their unique sense of humour, which is sure to make you two chuckle.

‘Project Gutenberg’ sets another great example of how this city has a habit of sharing and being open, their library has over 60,000 free eBooks. Get ready to get wowed as you can see some of the world's great literature here, and all of this is free of cost. So, read them online or download them among epub and Kindle eBooks - the choice is yours. Such are the gifts you can revisit over and over, and all of these await you in Gothenburg!

3. Be selfish around the delicious shellfish:

Be selfish around the delicious shellfish: Share source: Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

PC : Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

They say you have to taste a culture to understand it. And, Gothenburg has scrumptious food to offer owing to its coastal location and closeness to the North Sea. Say hello to the largest port of all the Nordic countries, this city’s seafood and fish will feed your souls, you gotta try it to believe it.

Hit a trendy cafe, munch on mouth-watering dishes at hip food trucks or enjoy world-class food from Michelin-starred restaurants for ideal dinner dates - keep in mind, they use all locally grown produce (true to their roots, literally). It’s no surprise here that all foodies feel right at home when it comes to Gothenburg.

PC : Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

When you’re in Gothenburg, The Swedish Right of Public Access allows you to set up camp almost anywhere amidst nature (as long as you treat other people’s property and the fauna and flora with much love and respect). Find edible treats like mushrooms, berries, nettles and other green veggies in the Swedish forests, and enjoy it the way it’s meant to be - in the outdoors.  Sweden is known as ‘The Edible Country, so you two should make it a point to go to their DIY-restaurants where top chefs are invited and create menus from ingredients that can be found in Swedish nature. Just make a reservation in advance and dine in the middle of stunning landscape and scenery. You will most certainly relish your meals as it’s sourced from nature that you see around plus eating your meals around a wooden table in this sublime setting, will add to making this ‘a meal to remember’.

PC : Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

Ever heard of a Fish Church before? Gothenburg has an indoor fish market named Feskekôrka (aka fish church) that resembles a Neo-gothic church, not your regular neighbourhood fish market here, this place is ‘an ode to the fish’. Located right by the river, you can not only smell the freshness of the fish but also devour different varieties at their three restaurants. It’s safe to say, this spot is a great catch!

PC : Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

4. Organic denim? Yup, got it here!

Organic denim? Yup, got it here! Share source: Faramarz Gosheh/imagebank.sweden.se

PC: Faramarz Gosheh/imagebank.sweden.se

If fashion is your cardio, better pack light because forecasts predict a major denim shopping haul in Gothenburg. You ought to shop at the ‘Patagonia of jeans’, Nudie Jeans. Not only a world-famous denim brand but a sustainable fashion brand with a purpose. Invest in their organic cotton types of denim, feel good about shopping at a store that practices fair labour, organic farming, and uses toxic-free dyes - shopping for a good cause, you bet!

PC : Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

That’s not all, folks, you have Dr Denim for casual outings, corporate and intimate affairs or even just when lounging around. This is the place for those who believe ‘every day is a denim day’. And ladies, don’t forget to visit Twist & Tango for simple yet stylish outfits perfect for your everyday fashion.

This city has everything from high-end boutiques to small indie shops and large malls, you’re in for successful shopping sprees here. Known for their famous vintage scene, so don’t forget to stop by at the ‘long streets’ Andra långgatan and Tredje Långgatan for some rad shopping at a bargain.


5. Fancy some stunning art and architecture?

Fancy some stunning art and architecture? Share source: Sofia Sabel/imagebank.sweden.se

PC : Sofia Sabel/imagebank.sweden.se

Get the best of both, a mix of historic buildings and contemporary designs at Gothenburg. If you’re a couple that has an eye for design and architecture, so it’s pretty perfect that Gothenburg has spectacular sights to see. Spend an evening at the Goteborg Opera for its architecture alone, it’s an exceptional river-side opera house (talk about a great view) that makes nights dreamy with their musicals, operas, classical and modern ballet.

You should also pay a visit to the Kuggen - a modern marvel. This architectural landmark in Gothenburg is an award-winning building that is part of a university. It’s not only a sight for sore eyes but this colourful structure is also the epitome of green engineering.

Tell all your friends back home about the one-of-a-kind ‘Public Sauna’ in Frihamnen, hands down, this will be one of the coolest saunas you would have ever been to in the world. What makes it stand out? Could it be that it was constructed using recycled materials? Or that 12,000 recycled bottles were used to make the changing rooms? Or how it’s free? We think it’s all the above.

PC: Anton Olin/imagebank.sweden.se

Wait, there’s more! You two should visit Gothenburg Town Hall and make a day out of it. This legendary building (one of the city's most famous) showcases architecture styles from three different eras (yeah, we’ll give you a minute). Can’t tell if it’s the glass ceiling facing the yard, the spacious hall with the skylights, the awe-inspiring interiors or the history that makes this place such a hit.

PC: Mika Aberra/imagebank.sweden.se

Put on your comfy shoes, charge your cameras and get ready to be intrigued! Observe a collection of over 50,000 objects at the Röhsska Museum home to applied arts, fashion and design. If you’re a couple that has a flair for creativity, a joyful day of art at the Gothenburg Art Museum awaits. It houses art collections from the 15th century up until today. You can also find masterpieces by Rembrandt, Ernst Josephson, Albert Edelfelt, Carl Larsson, P.S. Krøyer, Picasso Chagall, Bruno Liljefors and many others. This means you could easily spend a day or two here. Keeping up with art is so much better than reality TV, yes?

Why go on a multi-city Euro trip when you can go to one city and get the best of everything Europe has to offer? Gothenburg in Sweden is truly the place to be, exploding with originality and uniqueness, Gothenburg in Sweden is the new address to worthwhile and special vacations. Thank goodness for Qatar Airways to fly direct to Doha and then Gothenburg from any of the top cities in India (no complaints from your partner about the travel time, finally!). The 4,000 entertainment options, brilliant cuisine and spacious aircrafts will leave you wanting for absolutely nothing. You can even connect to WIFI! What better way to start and end a fabulous trip with bae!

Couples, you asked for something new. We’re giving you the best there is out there. A holiday spot that will make you go ‘Why haven’t we come here before?’. You’re welcome in advance, and happy or should we say ‘Lycklig’ travels.

6. Check out the first hand experience of a travelling couple:

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