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Take That Long Pending Trip! 8 Perfect Destinations For Backpacking In India

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If you’re the kind of travellers that likes to takes impromptu trips then these 8 trips are custom tailored for you.

Take That Long Pending Trip! 8 Perfect Destinations For Backpacking In India:

  1. Manikaran (Himachal Pradesh)
  2. Lahaul and Spiti (Himachal Pradesh)
  3. Zanskar Valley, Zanskar (Jammu & Kashmir)
  4. Hampi (Karnataka)
  5. Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)
  6. Rajasthan
  7. Pondicherry
  8. Gokarna (Karnataka)

1. Parvati Valley - For The Breathtaking View Of Himalayas

Parvati Valley - For The Breathtaking View Of Himalayassource: travelwings.info

The Parvati Valley runs eastwards, through a steep-sided valley from the town of Bhuntar In Kullu. This eternally beautiful quiet hamlet is adorned amid lush terraces and old pine forests. The best way to explore this paradise is backpacking and hiking through the culturally rich villages.

HolidayIQ traveller Inderjit Singh from Panchkula shares, “One can reach at this place by driving through the Parvati Valley near Bhuntar. The entire way is really scenic and one can really feel the hardship of local people living there. There are certain patches which are really dangerous for anyone who is driving first time on hills, so avoid rash or careless driving. The Taxi drivers drive at comparatively high speed. Between Bhuntar and Manikaran there is famous place known as Kasol. Those who wish to spend night having parties can stay at kasol or even one can move to Malana from there. Manikaran Gurudwara is really nice, there is natural hot water at Manikaran Sahib. One should not miss the Langar prasad ( food ) at the gurudwara. Overall one can find it really worth to visit this place.”

2. Spiti Valley - For The Seclusion

Spiti Valley - For The Seclusionsource: wikimedia.org

The Spiti River originates from Kunzum range and Tempo and Kanzian streams are its tributaries. Water draining the famous Pin valley area are also a part of the Spiti river system. Spiti at an average elevation of 4270 meters is a barren land too difficult to cross.

HolidayIQ traveller Siva V from Hyderabad shares, “Spiti is one of the unseen beautiful valleys in Himalayas. To reach this place take a vehicle from Manali if you are not good riding a 500cc bike. We reached Manali from Delhi by bus and so hired a vehicle. Passing through the Rohtang pass, the levels of oxygen gets low and the road will be most adventurous to ride. To reach Spiti from Manali, it takes around 12 hours and so carrying some food will be good. On the way visit Chandratal lake which is one of the beautiful lake. Camping at chandratal lake on a full moon day will be one of the most beautiful things to do. Reach spiti and then visit nearby monasteries will give you insights of Buddhism. Spiti valley cannot be accessed post October 10 as they will be closing the roads from Rohtang pass. One of lifetime experience trip.”

3. Zanskar Valley - For The Indigenous Culture

Zanskar Valley - For The Indigenous Culturesource: wikimedia.org

The Zanskar valley is a mountain range in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir that separates Zanskar from Ladakh. Zanskar is a high altitude semi-desert lying on the Northern flank of the Great Himalayan Range. Zanskar is also home to the infamous Zanskar river and the Chadar Trek. Zanskar is a place that offers you a chance to introspect and mingle with the some of the most diverse cultures and people (living in the second coldest place in the world) which will change your perspective of life.

4. Hampi - For The Historical Significance

Hampi - For The Historical Significancesource: wikimedia.org

Hampi is the ruins that were once the capital of the Vijayanagara empire. An epitome of architecture and history. Hampi is full of large stones, out of which the statues of Hindu gods and goddesses have been crafted. The popular Virupaksha Temple situated near the Hampi Bazaar is one of the oldest monuments of the town.

HolidayIQ traveller Rahulnath Raveendranath shares, “Well, Hampi as such is an experience more than a destination. I would recommend at least a 3 day holiday if you are interested in getting along with the flavours of Hampi. The place is not just all about the archaeological remains and the rock structures. A history enthusiast (though not me) can easily relate every single monument or structure to an incident and can feel the moment. Nearest town to Hampi is Hospet. This town rather a village is very untidy and moderately crowded. You can choose a hotel in Hospet. Hampi is 15 or 20 minutes drive from Hospet. If you prefer to use the public transport, there are JnNurm buses playing every now and then. Coming back to Hampi, there are temples, rocks, trekking spot and lots more. Best time to visit the place will be during December or January. And it's always better to have an early start to Hampi as by afternoon the sun can take some good portion of your energy. If you are allergic to dust I would suggest to take a towel as the place is very dusty. Better take water bottles with you as the ones you get at top points are not from trustworthy companies. Mornings and evenings are the best time to explore Hampi. You can get bicycles or mopeds for daily rent. Hampi has been haunting me even after my visit and I am sure I may go again. For first time visitors I would suggest a 2 or 3 day trip.”


5. Rishikesh- For The Spiritual Awakening

Rishikesh- For The Spiritual Awakeningsource: wikimedia.org

The abode of Lord Shiva and the and the place where Lord Rama meditated and practiced penance at this place after he executed Ravana. Rishikesh also embodies many popular yoga and meditation centre.

HolidayIQ traveller Saurabh Acharya shares, “We planned for Rishikesh for 3 days stay with focus that we will do all adventure activities for which we were planning to go since last 2 years. We found that bungee jumping is done only at Rishikesh in India by jumping heights. So, we addressed our tour in that direction. On first day we did all jumping heights activity i.e, Bungee jumping from 83 mtr. Height, giant swing and flying fox. It was mind boggling experience and will never forget in our life. It is like life before it and after this activity. On second day we did river rafting in chilled Ganga river water. And on third day we did trekking on neer garh waterfall of about 4-5 km. On mountain. All the three days were filled with thrilling experience. At one point of time we thought to stay for more 2-3 days for experience of yoga, meditation camp and rock climbing camp.”

6. Rajasthan - For The Royally Diverse Landscapes

Rajasthan - For The Royally Diverse Landscapessource: wikimedia.org

Defined by the Rajputana kingdoms that ruled it for centuries, Rajasthan is melting pot of rich traditions and distinct landscape. Rajasthan is bisected by the Aravali hills that offer distinct landscapes like the barren Thar deserts on one side and the culturally significant  kingdoms of Mewar. The state is rich with larger concentration of forts, palaces, and royal riches than any other place in India and thus offers an insight into the lives of the kings and learn from it.

HolidayIQ traveller Sanawar Rahman from Kolkata shares, “The best place in India for holiday is Rajasthan, it's truly a land of colours. A mix of everything. Love, Romance, Adventure, Religious, Food, Wildlife. A camel safari on a land of sand was just an awesome experience. A traditional dish of Dal bati churma delicious. Fort, Rides, puppet dance, elephant ride were all the experience I achieved at Rajasthan. My favourite holiday destination in India till date.”

7. Pondicherry - For The French Influence

Pondicherry - For The French Influencesource: wikimedia.org

Pondicherry is largest coastal enclave in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. The unique location of Pondicherry captured the attention of Portuguese, the Dutch, the Danes, the English and the French. Pondicherry came under the rule of the French in 1673 and since then it became the site for the battle between the British and the French. The colony stills retains some of the aspects of colonial rule and thus a good place to learn about the French culture.

HolidayIQ traveller Chandana Iyengar from Bangalore shares, “One of the best city I have visited ever in South India. French architecture, Temples, Sea, River etc. It is a complete package and suitable for all kinds of people except the weather. Most of the time it's Hot. Drive from Pondy to Chennai through ECR Road is different experience and scenic for photography lovers.”

8. Gokarna - For The Hippie Ambience

Gokarna - For The Hippie Ambiencesource: wikimedia.org

Gokarna is located on the confluence of rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini and resembles the shape of a cow’s ear which is why is the reason behind its name. Apart from being a religious town, Gokarna is also known for its beaches. The presence of beaches here gives a hippy feel to the town while the presence of many temples make it a pious place, thus creating a contrast that very few places have in the world.

HolidayIQ traveller Pravan D from Bangalore shares, “Gokarna is a places with nice beaches and is known for its historical significance. There is a lot of history in Gokarna. The best time to visit is between November and February when the weather is comfortable. This is a must visit place in south India and it will be fun to come in a group for a relaxed vacation. Om beach and kudle beach are the best beaches. The Mahabaleshwara Temple is a must visit here. You can visit a few nice places like Goukindi and Jatayu Theertham. Trekking is also a lot of fun.”


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