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The Best Indian Destinations For The Carefree Traveller!

The Best Indian Destinations For The Carefree Traveller! shutterstock

Tired of the humdrum routine that forces you to live life like a clockwork? 

Put everything on hold, fade out of civilization and experience the inner peace that stems out of the solitude of these destinations.  

1. Find the monk within you in Ladakh

Ever been humbled by a landscape so stunning it leaves you speechless? That's what Ladakh feels like. If your work life is permeated by stress and you’re desperately looking for a place to run to, Ladakh is Nirvana.

Apart from the expansive, empty yet magical landscape, it also offers you a chance to absorb the nuances of the wonderful Buddhist culture. Find your true self while you meditate to the intoxicating and fresh mountain air!

HolidayIQ reviewer Mousumi says, “Perfect for an internet-free holiday. Leh has an unparalleled ability to mesmerize with its unique topography. From its picturesque valley to Pangong Tso pristine water reflecting three (that my eyes could detect! Distinct shades); winning over altitude sickness and crossing the world's highest motorable road at Khardungla pass (18380 feet above sea level) with my 86 yr-old grandma - every single moment was enjoyable. Was enchanted by the shimmering sand-dunes at Nubra valley.”

So the next time you want to experience something this exceptional, make sure your mind is absolutely free of any worries. Embark on your vacation with the peace of mind of a monk, secure your house with the unparalleled safety that Godrej Locks provide.

2. Chase the fierce Monsoon in Meghalaya

If you’re tired of the pollution and stress that define your city life, it’s about time you got in touch with nature again. Meghalaya with its untouched natural beauty is the detox you need.

Relish the unique feeling of discovering a hidden waterfall, wake up to the cuckoo’s call, experience nature in a way you would’ve thought was impossible.

If all of that doesn’t whet your appetite, chase the monsoon at its fiercest, in Cherrapunji.

If you wish to cherish this experience in its true form, it’s imperative you dispel all your worldly concerns. Godrej locks, with their world class safety options ensure you will come back to your abode with your worldly possessions intact.

HolidayIQ reviewer Sumit says, “This is in true sense Scotland of East. The vibrant hills are covered by the mesmerizing clouds. The splendid Khasi Hills have magic to offer to every visitor. The welcoming people of the state are an added bonus to the scenic beauty of the place. A must visit for those in love with green mountains.”

3. Take a road trip along the Gokarna coastline

If you feel like your daily life is taking a heavy toll on your overall well-being, there’s no better way to get back in groove than spending some time by the cool, calm and relaxing sea breeze.

Goa is perpetually teeming with tourists and is a mainstream beach destination by now, so the next best alternative is Gokarna.

With some of the cleanest and most pristine beaches in India, Gokarna is the perfect destination for anyone looking to tune out the noise of civilization and get in sync with their inner peace.

Trek from Kudle beach to Om beach or stay at Ankola and take the scenic ride on NH-66 to Gokarna. Rent a two-wheeler if you are feeling frisky, but don’t forget your helmet. Whilst you make merry on the road trip, let the safety of your home be the responsibility of Godrej Locks.

HolidayIQ reviewer Tinu says, “Gokarna has its own charm, it's called mini Goa, but still I would pick Gokarna over Goa, for a simple reason, it's less commercialized and more serene and peaceful. During the season you will find people  out there and the atmosphere is buzzing with energy.”

4. Wake up to the morning mist on a houseboat in Allepey

If you ever feel like the monotony of your routine is eating away at your happiness, Alleppey with its serene backwaters is just the place tailor-made for your needs.

Wake up to the sight of morning mist rising from the backwaters as you sip a hot cup of tea from the comfort of your beautiful houseboat.

Dispel all doubts about the safety of your house with quality protection from the world-class products of Godrej locks. For all your other worries, you have the relaxing Ayurvedic treatments of Kerala!

Lose yourself in the hypnotic charm of the bewitching greenery around you.

HolidayIQ reviewer Vinod nair says, “Alleppey or Alappuzha is known as Venice of the east for a solid good reason. The backwaters here and the houses surrounding it with a laid back atmosphere is apt for a wonderful relaxed sun soaking holiday. The wind just flows right here not too much and brings in the whole atmosphere to the right ambience..”

When you travel, you travel to explore and experience new things. In this unsafe world at least  your home should be safe. Live your travel experience to its fullest and leave the safety of your possessions back at home to Godrej Locks.

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