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The Ultimate February Bucket List Is Out! 8 Places You Must Visit This Month

Get packing for here's a list of places you should definitely visit in the month of February.

1. Paragliding & Camping In Bir Valley

Paragliding & Camping In Bir Valleysource: wikimedia

The perfect destination for paragliding, this is a place that has enough to keep you engaged. HolidayIQ traveller Lalit says, "Bir is a very beautiful destination and lesser known place. It is famous for its paragliding activities. In fact in Oct 2015 this place hosted the world cup for paragliding."

2. Evergreen As Ever- Coorg

Evergreen As Ever- Coorgsource: flickr

Lush and gorgeous,Coorg is enchanting to say the least.HolidayIQ traveller Mallik says, "I went to central area of Coorg district Madikeri for a honeymoon. It was a nice experience for both of us to make it wonderful and memorable. We went to many places and the view is very amazing. We feel we are above the clouds. We went to birth place of kavery river, Omkareshwar temple, fort, waterfalls, elephant safari and more. Everyone should experience it to have some amazing feeling."

3. Enjoy Skiing In A Fully Snow-Covered Gulmarg

Enjoy Skiing In A Fully Snow-Covered Gulmargsource: wikimedia

If you want to make Icemen and ski in February, Gulmarg is where you want to be. HolidayIQ traveller John Don from Srinagar shares, “Gulmarg is a wonderful place to be at as it has scenic beauty and wonderful forests. Nature has bestowed Gulmarg with all the eye catching things. Gulmarg also has the highest gondola of the world. In Gulmarg Gondola is the best thing I have ever seen, taking a ride in cable car while enjoying the beauty is breathtaking. Our stay was nice but I think too much human interference has taken the sheen away from Gulmarg a lit bit. I think it is best place for any kind of people whether adventurous, romantic or just nature loving it is a beauty to watch. So every person should visit this wonderful place once.”

4. Konark- Marvel Of Architecture

Konark- Marvel Of Architecturesource: wikimedia

Go to Konark to experience some mind-bogglingly beautiful architecture.Konark translates as ‘Essence of the Corners’. HolidayIQ traveller Prateek says, "The Konark temple is in shatters and is being renovated and reconstructed to by the archaeological survey of India. The Sun temple is a place of historical significance, which is why it is one of the must-see destinations in India. Here the first rays of sun fall so it is called Sun temple. It is a beautiful temple with intricate architecture and rich in heritage. The entry ticket is Rs. 10. One can also visit the Chandrabhaga beach and Ramachandi beach near Konark. But beware of crooks as many of them are present here who will try to convince you and fool you. Otherwise it is a classic place to visit which is a symbol of India's glorious past but is losing it's beauty."


5. Paradise For A Wildlife Enthusiast- Thekkady

Paradise For A Wildlife Enthusiast- Thekkadysource: wikimedia

One stop destination if it's nature's relaxing touch you're seeking, Thekkay is one of the largest tiger reserves in the world. HolidayIQ traveller Sanjeev Sarma from Mumbai shares, “The destination, nestled in the hills, is an ideal tourist spot for all ages & round the year. The weather gods are unpredictable but the surrounding hill sides are blessed with greenery & not to miss the tea plantations en route. Drive slow AND let the surroundings sink in. Remember the journey is to be enjoyed & not the destination alone. Three days two nights would be sufficient. Periyar boat ride, Kalari show, Kathakali performance, Bharatnatyam performance, elephant safari, Jungle scout night hike, Jeep safaris are options for the tourist.”

6. Varanasi- The Spiritual Capital Of India

Varanasi- The Spiritual Capital Of Indiasource: flickr

The sight of the aarti at the ghats is a soothing balm for the eyes accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the city life. HolidayIQ traveller Abhishek says, "The centre of Indian spirituality. That's why known as spiritual capital. I love the city and enjoy there very much such as ganga arti on the dasasmev ghat and also love to watch many temple like baba vishwanath and sankatmochan etc. It is one of the best centre of tourism in India. And also love its livelihood. Much better than any other spiritual city of the country. And how can any one forget the Banarasi pan loving remind me the song 'khaike paan Banaras wala' loved it!!"

7. Trek Amidst The Exotic Flora & Fauna At Yercaud

Trek Amidst The Exotic Flora & Fauna At Yercaudsource: wikimedia

This hill station is relatively less crowded and is an ideal place to be if you're tired of battling crowds to get a view of beautiful sunsets.HolidayIQ traveller Janani Karthikeyan from Chennai shares, ”Even though we can cover places in Yercaud within a day, it is really a lovable place for a nice, relaxed weekend after a hectic week. We visited the lake, park nearby the lake, ladies seat and rose garden. I will always remain as pleasant memory. It was drizzling lightly after we left the park and afterwards it became sunny during our boat ride. Vendors were selling fruits near rose garden which is really good. Fruits like starfruit and fig are must try.”

8. The Vibrant & Dust-Swirling Desert Town- Bikaner

The Vibrant & Dust-Swirling Desert Town- Bikanersource: wikimedia

The place famous for namkeens and bhujias has some surprises in store for you. HolidayIQ traveller Rakesh says, "Bikaner is a sleepy district town in Rajasthan India carrying history of about 600 years of its existence. The neat and clean town with good roads and friendly people offers many forts and temples for visitors to behold and appreciate the Rajputana heritage. Junagarh fort is a marvel created, added and maintained by Suryavamshi Raghore Rajputs. It's one the finest forts in Rajasthan well kept, maintained with display of weapons, arms and artillery used in medieval warfare. The fort lends a character to the town. There are other forts like the one where the current generation of the royal family lives and part of it is turned into a heritage hotel. There are other medieval structures too, created with classic domes, arches and the jaali work. Apart from seeing and understanding these Rajputana heritage there is nothing else to do in Bikaner. 2 days trip is sufficient to cover all the areas of tourist interests in Bikaner."


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