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These Are Undoubtedly the Best Breakfast Places in India

These Are Undoubtedly the Best Breakfast Places in India
If there was ever any food you would travel for, it has to be the gorgeous grub served at these iconic spots across India.

These Are Undoubtedly the Best Breakfast Places in India:

  1. Darjeeling (West Bengal)
  2. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  3. Haryana
  4. McLeodganj (Himachal Pradesh)
  5. Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)
  6. Nagpur (Maharashtra)
  7. Orchha (Madhya Pradesh)
  8. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
  9. Siliguri (West Bengal)
  10. Mandawa (Rajasthan)

1. Keventers, Darjeeling

Keventers, Darjeelingsource:

It has been traditionally known for its famous full English breakfast. However, you do get a variety of sandwiches, burgers and various other meat and snack items. The portions in Keventers are quite large. If you are taking a full English breakfast, you will possibly need to skip your lunch.

Priyadarshi Nayak: Beautiful location, large rooms, very good food, neat and clean restaurant. Well behaved staff, I stayed there with my wife and kid for 2 days, marvellous experience, really it's the best resort in Darjeeling. I am not going to think of any other hotel in my next trip.

You Must Order: Burgers and cold coffee.

2. Das Surti Khaman Wala, Ahmedabad

Das Surti Khaman Wala, Ahmedabadsource:

Sunday mornings couldn't get better than this! Mari wala khaman, white dhokla and pandra. The mari wala khaman is a big hit among patrons.

Jasmine Chitraju: Good comfortable stay stayed at the Aloft for 2 days with family. Overall it was a nice comfortable stay. The room was large and well furnished. The view not great but pleasant enough with the pool below. The bathroom was clean, large and well. Food is also good. Staff are cooperative.

You Must Order: Khaman and sandwich dhokla.

3. Gulshan Da Dhaba Murthal, Haryana

Gulshan Da Dhaba Murthal, Haryanasource:

The dhaba lies on the famous highway stop - Murthal. The breakfast menu consists of paratha, kali daal along with pachranga achaar and homemade curd.

Savita Chadda: Great weekend getaway and a perfect setting for a family outing. The food was good and so was the service. The location was perfect for a relaxing stay far from the hustle bustle of the city. Perfect value for money.

You Must Order: Aloo and onion paratha.

4. First Cup Café, Mcleodganj

First Cup Café, Mcleodganjsource:

Walk down the descending and winding Jogipara Road in the morning and you will find people enjoying breakfast by the road. First Cup Café is a great place to stroll down to enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee. You can opt for cakes, pies, croissants, bowls of muesli, egg dishes, etc.

Richen Dolma: We stayed there for only two nights and yet did enjoy the hospitality there. The staff were very welcoming, courteous and approachable. They made us feel at home. If you're looking for a place to stay, you should definitely try Pawan Guest House.

You Must Order: Local bread, egg dishes made to order and crepes.


5. India Coffee House, Trivandrum

India Coffee House, Trivandrumsource:

Right next to the west entrance of the railway station, and by the bus stand, is the Indian Coffee House. It is famous for its breakfast and you can choose from an extensive menu. With an average price of Rs 10 - 15 per item, a filling breakfast here will not pinch your wallet.

Kailash Iyer: Located near the railway station and close to the bus terminal, this hotel is worth staying in, it has good and cheerful staff. The rooms are decent, the food is also good, the gym and pool are worth exploring.

You Must Order: Toasted cheese and cucumber sandwiches & coffee.

6. Rupam Poha Wala, Nagpur

Rupam Poha Wala, Nagpursource:

Do not forget to visit the Rupam Poha Wala in Kasturchand Park when you visit Nagpur. This shop serves delicious poha with chutney and chickpeas.

Utpal Kumar Das: This hotel provides every sort of convenience. It has close proximity to Nagpur Railway station as well as Airport. Food is awesome along with it's services. Staff are also nice, cooperative and well-behaved. Rooms are nice and excellent for a pleasant stay.

You Must Order: Poha.

7. Bhola Cafe, Orchha

Bhola Cafe, Orchhasource:

The breakfast menu has over 40 items on offer and includes a variety of fresh juices and milkshakes. Most items on the menu range from Rs. 15 to 40 and each can be best enjoyed with a glass of juice as you sit and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the street.

Prem Anand: During my Orchha trip I stayed at Bundelkhand Riverside. It's a new but heritage style made resort. Just behind the resort, river Betwa flows down. Very serene and beautiful. One can spend hours sitting idle near the river.

You Must Order: Butter honey cupcakes & fresh juices.

8. Babu Lal Kachori Wala, Varanasi

Babu Lal Kachori Wala, Varanasisource:

Get your breakfast, sit on a wooden bench, and enjoy it while you watch people worship. The kachoriwala serves piping hot kachoris on a peepal leaf along with jalebi and a clay pot of vegetable stew called bhaji.

Mohd Danish Zahir: Nice decor soft spoken and humble staff, good service, overall pleasant experience, food quality was good, room was decent and experienced good feeling. I would like to suggest my family and friends for Ramada.

You Must Order: Kachoris, puris and syrupy jalebis.


9. Netajis Cabin, Siliguri

Netajis Cabin, Siligurisource:

Renowned for its breakfast, Netaji's Cabin offers various variety of egg dishes, lavishly buttered bread and tea.

Sudip Saha: Wonderful stay in the hotel with great food and services. The room rates with the services provided along with the cooperative and helpful staff are just right and do look forward to my next visit soon.

You Must Order: Tea and buttered bread.

10. Jodhpur Sweet Home, Mandawa

Jodhpur Sweet Home, Mandawasource:

The places opens its doors at 6 in the morning. Try the garlic and onion kachoris served with mint and chilli chutney.

Surbhi Kala: We were greeted with kindness and smile proposed us to visit the site and choose our room. Some are original, others harmoniously decorated, all are clean. Excellent food in a restaurant on a terrace. We recommend this hotel and this hotel is really suitable for longer stay.

You Must Order: Mava kachori.

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