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These Indian Destinations Are More Dangerous Than You Think
These surprisingly dangerous vacation destinations in India may seem like a good idea, but they deserve some extra thought. Explore at your own risk.

These Indian Destinations Are More Dangerous Than You Think:

  1. Drass, Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir)
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Roopkund, Gopeshwar (Uttarakhand)
  4. Kishtwar, Doda (Jammu & Kashmir)
  5. Khardung La Pass, Ladakh (Leh) (Jammu & Kashmir)
  6. Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu)
  7. Kolli Hills, Namakkal (Tamil Nadu)
  8. Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir)
  9. Dumas, Surat (Gujarat)
  10. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar (Rajasthan)

1. Drass


Drass is the coldest living habitat in India. The area is also prone to some cross fire and military exercises regularly.

HolidayIQ traveller Anup Upadhyaya from Kolkata shares, “We went to Drass to see beautiful snowfall but the road of the Drass region was very dangerous that time because of the heavy rain and snow falling the all over Drass, Kargil and Ladakh Region. But we enjoyed a lot over there.”

2. Thar Desert

Thar Desertsource:

Beyond the endless expanses of the golden sands lies dangers like Saw Scaled Vipers, Black Cobra’s and Sand Boa lurking for their prey.

HolidayIQ traveller Rajesh Korde from Pune shares, “The trip to Rajasthan would be incomplete if you have not visited and stayed in the Sand Dunes.”

3. Roop Kund

Roop Kundsource:

Roopkund is a lake, located at an altitude of 5029 mt above sea level. The Roopkund is a very thin kund, some two mt in depth, with edges that remains snow covered during most of the year. Some 500 people had died in the lake, supposedly about 600-800 years ago and investigators reason that they probably died from widespread disease or a natural disaster. Their skeletons can be seen when the snow melts, otherwise preserved in the frigid conditions for most of the year.

HolidayIQ traveller Shourya shares, “The lake is frozen during winter 16,000 feet above sea level, at the bottom of a small valley, Roopkund is a completely frozen lake full of skeletons."

4. Kishtwar Kailash Road

Kishtwar Kailash Roadsource:

The road between Kishtwar and the base camp of Kishtwar Kailash is one of the scariest roads in the world. Located in the Kishtwar District of Jammu & Kashmir, the road in some places is only wide enough for one vehicle, and in many places bordered on one side by cliffs and on the other side by a drop of hundreds of meters into the valley unprotected by guardrails.


5. Khardung La

Khardung Lasource:

Apart from being the highest motorable pass in India, the area is prone to unexpected landslides and coupled with the low oxygen level of the air, makes it one of the most precarious places in India.

HolidayIQ traveller Abhijit Sarkar shares, “Dream come true to stand at the highest motorable road of the world. Feel really thrilling although a bit tough to breath. It's only 40 km from Leh but the roads take you up slowly as we become more acclimatized as we move up. Hats of to bikers who scale this road and it's only possible who dares. Met many women bikers who trailed along with us to the top and we really feel proud when we shake hands with them at the top. Yes one has to be mentally prepared / physically acclimatized to start this journey.”

6. Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridgesource:

The Pamban bridge is one the most beautiful bridges in India but none the less it's a 100 year bridge that requires 12 people to operate the ancient giant for ships to pass by. The bridge stirs in the presence of strong winds.

HolidayIQ traveller Nikhil Raj from Kannur shares, “Love for the older engineer comes into mind when you start moving your vehicle to Pamban bridge. It connect the island of Rameshwaram to the Indian subcontinent. Every time of the day they give different experiences and if you are lucky enough. You could see the rail bridge opening for the ships to pass by.”

7. Kolli Hills

Kolli Hillssource:

Riding up the mountains of death and conquering 70 hairpin bends along the narrow winding road to the Kolli Hills is challenging and exciting enough. But what makes it spookier is the folklore about a maiden who lures travellers with her beauty and kills them!

HolidayIQ traveller Neelu Khader shares, “About 1000 - 1200 meters in height, one has to negotiate an astonishing 70 hairpin bends with a few excellent view points to reach the hills.” HolidayIQ Traveller Santhosh adds, “Drive cautiously on the hairpin bends as the roads are narrow and trucks/buses may appear out of nowhere.”

8. Gurez Valley

Gurez Valleysource:

Gurez or Gurais, as it is also known, is located 120 km from Srinagar, right below the Line of Control. Such close proximity to this terse area has had it's effect on the people, with reports of stray landmines having blown people's legs off. It is also highly avalanche prone, once experiencing 80 avalanches in 3 days. This turbulent zone's danger is offset by the sheer beauty around though.


9. Dumas Beach

Dumas Beachsource:

The palm and casuarinas fringed sea shores of Dumas are popular among the leisure travellers visiting Surat. This beach is believed to be one of the most haunted places of India and numerous accounts of haunting and eerie experiences have been registered for years now.

HolidayIQ traveller Parth Shah from Surat shares, “Dumas seashore is an attraction, best thing over there is to taste different types of bhajis. Best time to visit is early morning or evening, you can travel on your own vehicle or hire taxi. At main entrance, you can enjoy horse ride, camel ride etc. You can park your vehicle over there and enjoy bhajis, ice hola, American Makkai etc. You can play cricket or any other outdoor sports over there.”

10. Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fortsource:

Bhangarh was believed to be abandoned after a sorcerer cursed the village and villagers had to flee overnight.

HolidayIQ traveller Shivam Gupta shares, “Said to be one of the most haunting places in the world, these are the ruins of a whole town. Entry is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset. On weekends and holidays, it gets crowded and is not scary at all. But if you want to experience the thrill, go there on a normal day. The eerie silence frightens people.”

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