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Traversing Udaipur on a Happy Pocket

Traversing Udaipur on a Happy Pocket Varsha Mewada

This article is written by Varsha Mewada, one of our top HolidayIQ reviewers. As a part of the #ByInvitation programme, we have invited her to write a blog on her experience.

Author Bio: Varsha suffers from selfie phobia but is otherwise happy to capture nature and its creations when obliged. The process of travelling, according to her, is a journey towards becoming self-reliant and confident. She is passionate about history and loves exploring historically relevant destinations. 

To wake up breathing the clean air fragrant with unfamiliar shrubs is a surreal experience for a Mumbaikar.  Before you start making any assumptions, let me tell you that I had woken up in a creaky sleeper class railway compartment in the middle of nowhere instead of a historical suite at some heritage hotel!

Why this story?

It is because I am going to share my experience of travelling to Udaipur on a low-cost budget.

The trip to Udaipur had materialised at the last minute and I found myself on a train bound for Udaipur in the next four days. I had booked a tatkal railway ticket through a ticketing agent (to get a confirmed berth) and it had cost me INR 800 for a two-way ticket in the12995 Mumbai-Bandra-Udaipur Superfast Express!

If you wish to book cheaper tickets you can try to book a tatkal ticket yourself through IRCTC’s official website.  The 12995 has got convenient departure and arrival timings. I alighted at Udaipur Railway Station around 9:30 am

Traversing Udaipur on a Happy Pocket:

  1. Rajasthan

1. Pre-boarding preparations

Pre-boarding preparations
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Since I was travelling with my family, I had booked our hotel in advance. Solo travellers can opt to lodge in hostel facilities like Zostel and The Journey Hostel which provide a dormitory experience in the price range of INR 300-500 per night.  

If on a vacation with your family, you can opt to stay at a hotel which is located near Surajpole/Bada Bazaar. These areas are located in the centre of Udaipur and will help you save on your travel cost. A decent hotel in these areas should ideally charge you in the range of INR 1000-1200 for an air conditioned room with breakfast.

The Venice of the East, Udaipur, is spread over a radius of 5-7kms approximately which makes it a small city to explore. I have suggested some sightseeing combinations with the travel cost (from the centre of the city) below which will help first-time travellers plan their trip well.

2. City Palace

City Palace
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source: Varsha Mewada

Have an early lunch, book an Uber ride to reach City Palace by 12:30 pm (Cost of a one way Uber Ride would be INR 40-50). Entry ticket for an adult is INR 250. Please take a guide along to make your visit memorable and worth the entry charges that you have shelled out! Guides are present at the ticket counter and they will charge you another INR 250. If alone, you can request other travellers to have a common guide and share the charges.

The palace tour will last for a good 1.5-2 hours depending on your interest in history. The City Palace offers an hour long sound and light show in the evening (7 pm to 8 pm) which narrates the history of Mewar and its Maharanas. It is not a ‘must watch’ though and you can afford to skip it. 

Bagore ki Haveli

Once you are done exploring the City Palace, you can move to Bagore ki Haveli. The Haveli is right next to the City Palace and can be reached on foot. It depicts the customs and traditions of Mewar along with recreations of the past. A museum more or less. It hosts a traditional dance and puppet show in the evenings.  

Varsha Mewada - The immutable Gangore Ghat with Bagore ki Haveli in the background

Gangore Ghat

Gangore Ghat is just outside the Haveli where you will be able to rest your aching feet by sitting on the banks of the picturesque Lake Pichola.

3. Sajjangarh Fort and Biological Park

Sajjangarh Fort and Biological Park
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source: Varsha Mewada

Have a heavy breakfast and head out to reach Sajjangarh Fort by 10 am (It doesn’t open before 10). A one way Uber ride should cost you about INR 60-70. The only disadvantage of taking an Uber ride to Sajjangarh could be a longer wait time when you book your return trip. Please avoid travelling to the Fort on Tuesdays as the Biological Park remains shut and it should be a ‘must visit’ on your list. 

Varsha Mewada

Saheliyon ki Bari

Varsha Mewada

Saheliyon ki Bari was meant to be a leisure haven for the purpose of indulging the royal ladies. Please avail the service of a guide here to understand the architecture behind the lovely fountains and their connection in checking the water level at Fatehsagar Lake. The guide should ideally charge you INR 100 for the tour. In case he mentions taking you to a museum nearby then please decline. It is a ruse to take unsuspecting travellers to some shops where they earn a commission in case you shop there.  I will throw some light on shopping towards the end. 

Varsha Mewada - Saheliyon ki Bari - retreat of the royal ladies

Fatehsagar Lake

Varsha Mewada

Fatehsagar Lake is an ideal place for boating. You can also have your food at the road-side stalls located there. Once you are done, take an Uber ride to the Vintage Car Museum (if you are a car lover) for another INR 80-90. The Vintage Car Museum again charges INR 250 per adult and houses a large collection of cars owned by the royal family of Udaipur.  The cars are still in working condition and have been used for movie shoots over the years.  

Gulab Baug

Gulab Baug is adjacent to the Vintage Car Museum. It used to be a popular attraction in the past with its toy train rides and the presence of a zoo within it. However, most of the animals have been shifted to the Biological Park at Sajjangarh and the toy train joy rides have been shut rendering Gulab Baug as just another park where one takes a morning stroll. 

4. Kumbhalgarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort
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source: Varsha Mewada

If you love your history, a visit to Kumbhalgarh is a must. It is the birthplace of the legendary Maharana Pratap and its fort walls extend over a stretch of 38 kilometres thus making it the second continuous wall after the Great Wall of China. The fort is located around 90 kilometres away from Udaipur city and hence you will have to book a private car for the tour (Uber does not provide services in Kumbhalgarh region). The car transporter should charge you in the price range of INR 1000-1200 depending on your travel plan throughout the day.

Varsha Mewada - The fort walls of Kumbhalgarh are the second longest running walls after the Great Wall of China

As stated earlier, please take a guide along with you as you explore the fort. It will help you learn a lot about the fort and make your ascent interesting. I had ended up paying INR 350 to the guide but I’m sure that an expert negotiator can do better!

Haldighati is the battlefield where the infamous war between Maharana Pratap and Man Singh I (acting in the stead of Emperor Akbar) took place. One can have lunch near Kumbhalgarh, reach Udaipur by 5 pm and take a night train back to their home city.

Food is not too expensive and one can try dining at Natraj Dining Hall & Restaurant, Chhappan Bhog and the stalls near Fatehsagar Lake.


5. Udaipur sarees are worth the trip

Udaipur sarees are worth the trip
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source: Varsha Mewada - The Maharana Saree

Udaipur is famous for sarees made from banana silk and custard apple silk. Another well-known type of saree is the Maharani Saree which is crafted from a flowy, light weight material and is elegant to behold! If you live in a city like Mumbai, you could buy some sarees from Udaipur as they come really cheap compared to the price of fancy sarees available in Mumbai. 

I would recommend you to buy only from government approved shopping emporiums as the items are decently priced. The City Palace too has a shopping emporium but I found the rates to be higher even after a so-called discount. Udaipur is also famous for its handicrafts and polki jewellery but most of these items are available at a low price on e-commerce websites.

The local people of Udaipur are a simple with most of them being conservative.  The cab drivers (sent by private car tour operators) are generally friendly but they are glib talkers. I don’t really have many positive things to say about them but in the course of my trip I always found them searching for ways to charge an extra 100 bucks at the end of the day by conjuring up some lame excuses. Hence an Uber ride is much better in this case as it leaves no scope for such excuses and is also cost effective for a traveller.

Udaipur is a place where wanderlusts could find joy in solitude among the calm waters and the old by lanes. . .  

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