#UniteFor #Bothie and Discover the Incredible Beauty of Sikkim! | HolidayIQ Blog

#UniteFor #Bothie and Discover the Incredible Beauty of Sikkim!

#UniteFor #Bothie and Discover the Incredible Beauty of Sikkim! HolidayIQ

Ever wanted to explore the hidden natural beauty of Sikkim but didn’t quite get around to it? Now is your chance for with the new Nokia 8, you can capture not one but both sides of the story- the stunning world in front of you and your expressions upon seeing the beauty around you.

Evolve the way you see the world and get used to exploring a whole new side to every story, while immersing yourself in the breathtaking Sikkim. Share both sides of the story and  #UniteFor #Bothie with HolidayIQ traveller Avinash K Singh, who will unravel the most beautiful secrets of Sikkim, just for you! For more awesome pics, follow him on Instagram.

The magnificent beasts!


The Sikkim Himalayan Zoological Park is known for its wide range of wild animals! You can find animals like Snow Leopard, Red Pandas, Barking Deer, Leopard Cat, Himalayan Palm Civet and Tibetan Wolf here.

On one side you can see the leopard resting while on the other you can see Avinash acknowledging the majestic presence of the beast!

HolidayIQ reviewer Ashish says, “Himalayan Zoological Park is situated opposite to the Ganesh Tonk and it is a must see place of Gangtok. You require at least 2 to 3 hrs to visit that place.”

The road not taken!


A small cemented walkway is built inside the park that facilitates tourists and prevents them from getting lost!

HolidayIQ traveller Avinash can be seen sharing the both sides of this path with us and pondering which way to go! Or maybe it’s just the sheer beauty of his surroundings that has him transfixed!

HolidayIQ reviewer Nirmit says, “We spent quite some time at the park. It was snow leopard which you cannot afford to miss. The best is the part where you trek in the jungle which is lush green and quiet. You will not see a lot of tourists around which helps the place maintain itself. Also you cannot get the car in, so you have to walk all the way.”

The bizarre, the rare and the intriguing!



Apart from being lush and beautiful, the park never ceases to surprise you with just about anything.

In the first picture, Avinash seems to be reminded of Spiderman after looking at the intricately crafted spider’s web. In the second picture, he clearly is in no mood to take Tibetan Wolf lightly and spots a mixture of fear and anticipation for what follows.

HolidayIQ reviewer Ashwini says, Well laid out zoo with different exotic animals one doesn't get to see in the plains. From the red panda to the snow leopard and tibetan wolf, seeing them in their natural habitat is something worth the visit.”

Pay your respects!



Near the Nathu La, lies the Ganju Lama War Memorial and Museum that commemorates Ganju Lama, the valiant recipient of the Victoria Cross.

The location is gorgeous and the Indo-China border is merely but a stone’s throw away from this place.

In the above pictures you can see HolidayIQ traveller Avinash getting mesmerized by the heavy artillery as well as paying his regards to the ones who have defended our country.  On the other side, you can see the majestic artillery as well as the entrance to the museum.

Of misty, serene lakes!


Shrouded in thick mist, the Tsomgo lake is one of the most surreal sights in Gangtok. With clear, clean water and cold temperature, this is a place you cannot afford to overlook.

You can see both sides of the story as Avinash tries to look past the dense mist on one side and the Tsomgo Lake at its gorgeous best on the other side.

HolidayIQ reviewer Sagar says, “The place is surrounded with mountains, snow and a beautiful freshwater lake. You need to be there to believe it. It's very cold out there so please be properly protected with warm clothing.”

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your new Nokia 8 to #UniteFor #Bothie.

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