#UniteFor #Bothie as You Explore the Charming City of Pondicherry! | HolidayIQ Blog

#UniteFor #Bothie as You Explore the Charming City of Pondicherry!

#UniteFor #Bothie as You Explore the Charming City of Pondicherry! HolidayIQ

Go back in time as you traverse through the picturesque, dainty little streets of the colonial city of Pondicherry. Bring in the magic of a laid back and easy life as you wave at friendly strangers walking through the neighborhood street. De-stress and unwind!

As wanderlust takes over, have you had the uncontrollable urge to share your innumerable expressions with the world as you experience the rush of something new?

Well, now you can with the new Nokia 8, where you can share both sides of the story. The clever feature captures your expressions along with the experience! With  #Nokia8’s one of a kind feature of ‘Dual-Sight’ mode, you can now use both front and rear cameras to create a split-screen photo or a video. As you #UniteFor #Bothie, stories you share shall never be the same!  

Start your journey with HolidayIQ traveler Sancheeta Mazumdar as she takes you through Pondicherry where she shares both sides of the story at the same time.

1. For the love of exploring!

Share source: HolidayIQ

It’s all about the beaches, sand, and sun for HolidayIQ traveler Sancheeta. But when it comes to a city like Pondicherry, Sancheeta doesn't miss an opportunity to share with us the landscapes, people, and the colonial culture through pictures. However, her story doesn’t stop here. She uses the smart ‘Dual-Sight’ mode on her Nokia 8 where she shares her expressions as she narrates her experience.

You can see a sun-kissed Sancheeta having the time of her life as she goes scuba diving. Also, catch every detail of her thrilling expressions as she wanders through the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust. Excited much? Then you must watch her chilling on the beach and her tryst with spirituality as she heads to Matrimandir.    

With the Dual-Sight mode, it's more than just sharing pictures and with Nokia 8 as a game changer, it is no more about just memories. It is an experience.

HolidayIQ reviewer Paresh Nissar says “The beautiful clean beaches, the grand Vinayaka Temple, the great Aurobindo ashram, the botanical garden, all must visit places. The local restaurants serve authentic yummy south Indian food.

Surely visit Auroville village, 8kms from the city. French culture homes, an excellent cheese factory and some superb bakeries serving a delicious variety of cakes and bread.”

2. Live in the present!

Share source: HolidayIQ

Sancheeta’s ever happening life demands her to have a constant online presence. In a typical scenario, you’d have to wait till you come back home and get in your comfort zone to share your stories with social media. However, with the new Nokia 8, you get to live in the present.

How? You wonder? It's the Facebook Live and YouTube Live in the Nokia 8 that lets you share your experiences with your gang at the touch of a button. Now you can make sure that your friends are kept updated on time.

Catch Sancheeta as she brings her accommodation experience alive!

3. Try something innovative!

Share source: HolidayIQ

With the launch of Nokia 8, experiences won't remain the same. Need proof?

Check out the audio quality of Sancheeta’s video. Every little audio detail in the surrounding is captured skillfully through the OZO spatial 360° audio.

When Pondicherry is the destination and there are several places, sounds, and experiences to capture, there is no room for compromise. And that is where an innovative gadget like Nokia 8 comes into action. The immersive Nokia OZO spatial 360° audio records studio-like quality sound giving you the best of an overall experience.

HolidayIQ reviewer Pranav Raj says We went on a Team outing trip to Pondicherry. I love the aura and phenomenal ambiance of the place. One could get complete peace package along with the romantic move. I would recommend this place for all who wants a peace either after too much work pressure (my case) or want to spend a quality time with your closed one. Really enjoyed a lot. You get lot of options for beaches, restaurant and pubs

4. Freeze the moment!

Freeze the moment! Share source: HolidayIQ

We all click pictures on our phone. However, with the new Nokia 8, you get to click pictures that will make you look like a professional. Blue skies and blue waters and streets that exude colonial vibes, Pondicherry is every photographer's dream come true. Check out Sancheeta’s picture of Madras Crocodile Bank Trust. Every detail in the picture stands out, including the water, fence and the croc. Plus, notice the vivid greenery that is captured too!  

The above picture is the magic of Nokia 8’s stellar  ZEISS optics. With lens quality so good, you end up with nothing but Instagram worthy pictures all the time. Get along and #UniteFor #Bothie as you discover new ways of visual storytelling!

HolidayIQ Reviewer Saurabh Jain saysWe went to Pondicherry last week, it's really a break from your time. It's a serene and peaceful place where you can explore French architecture French cuisine. It offers you calm beaches, temples, churches and varied food. You can explore beaches or do scuba-diving, you have plenty of options, at the end, you shall rejuvenate yourself


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