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What Your First Love and First Solo Trip Have in Common

What Your First Love and First Solo Trip Have in Common pexels.com

Falling in love is one of the best feeling anyone could ever experience. Walking side by side through the school corridor,  you allow your swinging arms to touch lightly, ever so tentatively. Smiling shyly through the school books and passing notes under the table. The first “Hi” of the morning that you look forward to and the “Bye” that you dread.  

There is nothing like the first rush of adolescent affection. When holding hands was positively electric. The first love always sticks with you, you know what else fits this description? Your first solo travel experience. Let me walk you through the emotions you go through that are common to both. 

What Your First Love and First Solo Trip Have in Common:

  1. Apple Country Resort, Manali (Himachal Pradesh)
  2. Fariyas Resort Lonavla, Lonavala (Maharashtra)
  3. Daiwik Hotels, Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu)
  4. Ladakh Residency, Ladakh (Leh) (Jammu & Kashmir)
  5. Guhantara Resort, Bangalore (Karnataka)
  6. ACE Friends Park, Yelagiri Hills (Tamil Nadu)
  7. Hotel Shivalik, Almora (Uttarakhand)

1. You’re little bit afraid

You’re little bit afraid
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source: holidayiq.com

The first time you click that ‘book’ button, you might scream a little and be afraid, atleast for sometime. What did I do? It’s kind of like that first time when you type send a secret message to your crush. The nervous excitement, the wait for what’s in store, and apprehension about how it's going to be.

I remember when I was packing for my first trip to Manali after my board exams. Even though I was a part of the trekking group and had 3 of my closest friends with me, I was scared. But 15 days of camping and adventure made me fall in love with the unknown and unexplored.

Kalpesh shares: "I have been to Manali many times and I would like to say it's a beautiful place created by God. Snow capped mountains, roaring sound of Beas river and chilling temperature really takes you to the heaven. There are so many adventures which you can do there for instance river rafting, paragliding etc."

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2. But the excitement overpowers the fear

But the excitement overpowers the fear
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source: mumbaitravellers.in

She said yes. Now what? You’re scared that you’ll screw up the date, just like a newbie traveller is scared of getting lost. But the desire to go through with the trip or date keeps you moving forward. Such is the experience of your first travel trip or first date.

I am extremely scared of heights, just watching Youtube videos of daredevils walking on top of skyscrapers makes me dizzy. So when I was presented the opportunity to try paragliding in Kamshet, I was petrified to my core. But my friends somehow convinced me that the prize at the end was well worth it. And it was, the view of the top was scary for a first few minutes but soon nothing else mattered, I was flying.

Arunabh Dutta Roy shares: Kamshet is ideal for those who just want to get disconnected from life it's a small village if you can all that located next to a dam or reservoir. there are a couple of hotels that cater to paragliders who flock to kamshet not much to do here other than wading and swimming in the reservoir. of course one can read while swinging on a hammock under the shade of a tree and catching forty winks

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3. You dream about what to expect

You dream about what to expect
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source: Flickr - Mike Prince

Alongside the nightmares are vivid daydreams about your destination. It’s almost like anticipation of your first date. You envision it to be perfect, like walking through paradise on a carpet of flowers while a band plays your favourite song. When it comes to both these big firsts, you have been imagining and sighing over them for as long as you can remember.

Before travelling to Dhanuskodi, I had dreamed of an epic adventure, walking on the thin blurry line that separates reality and mythology.The moment we arrived these dreams came rushing into the realm of reality. It was better than I could have ever hoped of.

Snehal Raibole shares: At the Dhanuskodi Beach you can witness the roaring mighty Indian ocean with clear blue waters with strong choppy waves, and Bay of Bengal at the other end, in a calm manner as it could be with a clear green water. Two seas with extreme opposite characteristics - Bay of Bengal(Female) is calm while the Indian Ocean(Male) is aggressive. The beach at the confluence is long and wide, pristine, devoid of crowd and really breathtaking, still virgin to non-religious travellers.

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4. You consult a lot of guide books

You consult a lot of guide books
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source: flickr - Sumeet Mondal

When you’re in the throes of your first romance or planning your first solo adventure, you look out for help and guidance from anyplace you can. As you navigate the choppy water of love, you seek advice from more experienced friends. You search through the vast and endless resources of Google. The same is with travel you try and read as much as you can about the destination, scouring travel blogs and forums.

Before my solo bike trip to Ladakh, I combed through all travel blogs and forums I could find. I read about the locals, what kind of clothes to carry, what kind of rucksack to buy, modifications for my bike etc. I also spoke to my rider friends who had travelled to Ladakh. My Ladakh bike trip was eventful and memorable because of helping hands.

Dhruv Agarwal shares: It's a beautiful place with a wonderful scenic beauty and beautiful monasteries. Great hotels like Zen Ladakh, it's a very calm and nice place, people should visit this place for busting their stress and enjoy every moment of that place. You should visit beautiful Pangong Lake too.

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5. You’re dying to discover more

You’re dying to discover more
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source: mouthshut.com

There’s something intriguing and exciting about getting to know someone better. No matter how much you learn, there is always something new to discover. The same logic works with travel, everytime you go someplace new, you look at it with fresh eyes, leaping into the unfamiliar, trying to unravel the layers, just waiting for it to drop its guard and reveal itself, little by little.

One of my absolute favourite thing to do after reaching anyplace new is just sitting there, listening to the ambient sounds, watching people move. If you wait long enough you get to see something truly majestic. While coming from BR hills, we came across a herd of 10 elephants crossing the road. They saw us and the baby elephant stopped mid track and looked at us. The trumpet by the leader elephant brought all of us back to reality and we watched them disappear into thick foliage.

Santosh Rao shares: BR hills is a great getaway from Bangalore. About 4.5 hours away, this is a national park that is set in hilly terrain. Tigers are present but rare to spot. elephants, boars, deer, nilgai and great variety of trees and birds abound. Leopards are also seen in this park and in fact wandered into our lodge premises. The temple is also worth a visit. Go here to relax, slow down life, enjoy nature at its finest.

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6. You reveal that part of you that nobody knows

You reveal that part of you that nobody knowssource: mouthshut.com

When you’re falling for someone, you bare your soul to them. You open your heart out and show them the side of you that others don’t normally see. When you’re in another state or country, where nobody knows you, you’re not afraid to be ourselves. We could be silly or honest without being worried about being judged. It’s easier to strike a conversation when you say what’s on your mind.

While riding to Yelagiri hills in Tamil Nadu, we decided to stop for a cup of tea. We stopped at a local Dhaba, while sipping on our teas, the dhaba owner started asking us about our whereabouts. He was jubilant when we told him that we hail from Mumbai. We spent the next 2 hours listening to his stories about Mumbai in 80's, his family and his adventures.

Srinivas Rao shares: Our overall experience of the Yelagiri hills is good. The roads leading to the hills from Jolarpet is pretty good. Each hairpin bend has a name and I was quite surprised to see that. It is as excellent place to go for long walks, the weather is just superb.

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7. It hurts to say goodbye

It hurts to say goodbyesource: wikimedia.org

Your first travel experience is like your first love because it’s so hard to say goodbye. It’s painful because you’ve never experienced a parting like this before. Coming back home after a trip feels like a breakup, it stings like hell. And just like after a breakup, when you think you’ll never love again. But, eventually you do. And it only gets better and better.

On my last day in Almora, I was on the verge of breaking down. During my stay there, I met some of nicest people, had some real conversations and made connections that i'll cherish for a life-time.  A chance to reveal in new land and immerse completely, be accepted in at new places and fall in love one more time is why we travel. Isn’t it?

Sabyasachi Rayc shares: If you had wanted to really see what an Alpine village looks like without getting your passport stamped. Well Almora is the place for you. Check out the unhindered view of the old town gently sloping down the sides of the hills with snow capped peaks in the back-ground. Enjoy a lazy sun-down at Bright-end corner. Take a stroll down the old Sadar Bazar. Take a peep-in of the Museums. There will be something that will be your personal favourite in this town, after all everyone ranging from Swami Vivekananda to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore could not have been so wrong about this place! All of them came here repeatedly and stayed on for long periods of time.

We can all agree that there’s nothing quite like the first time.

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