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Why Madhya Pradesh Should be on Your Next Travel Itinerary!

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You are missing out on crazy experiences that no other state can offer you. Five people were selected through the #ChaloMPwithHolidayIQ campaign and are going to travel Madhya Pradesh for free. 

Why Madhya Pradesh Should be on Your Next Travel Itinerary!:

  1. Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh)
  2. Bandhavgarh (Madhya Pradesh)
  3. Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh)
  4. Sanchi (Madhya Pradesh)
  5. Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)
  6. Orchha (Madhya Pradesh)

Day 1. The Sculptures of Khajuraho

The Sculptures of Khajurahosource: Saranya Devanathan - HolidayIQ

The whole world travels to take a look at the intricate sculptures that tell a thousand stories here.

HolidayIQ traveller Keshav Jha shares, “Every artifact represents a story and the guide here is awesome but beware of frauds. If visiting Khajuraho do not forget to visit the nearby lake.”

Amit Jaiswal recommends Radisson Hotel for your visit,The hotel has a very beautiful landscape garden and pool with gym and spa facilities. The lounge is attached with activities like pool, badminton, chess, carom, and reading room and a bar. You may relax in the bathtub if you're coming from a long tiring journey. The food is delicious.”

Day 2. The Wildlife Experience of Bandhavgarh

The Wildlife Experience of Bandhavgarhsource: mp-tourism.com

Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the densest tiger population in India. The park has a large breeding population of leopards and various species of deer.

HolidayIQ traveller Husain Shabbir from Kolkata shares, ”One of the best places to spot tigers in the wild. It has the highest density of tigers in India.”

Swakhar Pachal stayed in White Tiger Forest Lodge, “The location of the lodge is quite near from safari zones. The lodge appears to be very decent and well decorated with numerous trees and plants around the lodge. There is a leisurely swimming pool. They provide buffet with lots of food options starting from mutton to paneer with mouth watering desserts. There is also a bar adjacent to the dining.”

Day 3. The Land of Gods - Ujjain

The Land of Gods - Ujjainsource: Gulsanober Mudassar - HolidayIQ

If you take a truck full of grains and offer one grain in each temple, the grains will run empty but the temples wouldn’t! Every god from Hindu mythology has lived here once!

HolidayIQ traveller Hetal from Delhi shares: “Situated on the right bank of the holy river Kshipra, the eternal city Ujjayini has been narrated as the navel center (Manipura lotus) of the cultural identity of the Indian nation.”

Satyanaray Mishra chose Shanti Palace Hotel for his stay, “When I went to Ujjain, I stayed in Shanti Palace and it is near Mahakal Temple. Big size room with especially big washrooms. Also complimentary breakfast. There is no mistake in service.”

Day 4. The Stupas of Sanchi

The Stupas of Sanchisource: Saurabh Srivastav - HolidayIQ

Go back to the Buddhist era where Stupas were a way convey spiritual messages. You will travel back in time here.

HolidayIQ traveller Sharad Sud from Gurgaon shares: “The very fact that this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marks the importance of Sanchi and its magnificent Stupa. One of the oldest stone structures in India, it is the finest example of Buddhist architecture.”

Saurabh Srivastav stayed at Hotel Sambodhi, “The Sambodhi hotel is very conveniently located on the main Bhopal-Vidisha Highway and has a homely feel. It has sprawling lawns and is very peaceful tranquil sort.”


Day 5. The Historic City Of Gwalior

The Historic City Of Gwaliorsource: hotelroyalinn.co.in

Known for its rich cultural heritage, the city of Gwalior has played an integral role in Indian history from ancient times, through the medieval era, and later during the Moghul and British colonial rule. You will see numerous museums, forts, and monuments that will remind you of the bygone era.

HolidayIQ traveller Abhimanyu Acharya from Hyderabad shares: Gwalior is one of the most historically enriching places to visit, The Fort atop its landmark hill, Tansen's memorial, the Gujari Mahal palace museum and the Man Singh Palace are truly works of an age when beauty was considered a way of life.”

Day 6. The Cenotaphs of Orchha

The Cenotaphs of Orchhasource: Bhoopendra singh Gour - HolidayIQ

These Chattris are basically the tombs of Maharajas that have been placed on elevated platforms and supported by pillars.

HolidayIQ traveller Pankti Desai from Baroda shares: A city that has witnessed Indian history etch itself, is one of the most sought after locations for the lovers of both, history and nature.”

Prem Anand recommends, “During my Orchha trip I stayed at Bundelkhand Riverside. It's a new but heritage style made resort. As per Manager, the property belongs to relatives of Orchha Fort clan. Just behind the resort, river Betwa flows down. Very serene and beautiful. One can spend hours sitting idle near the river.”

Day 7. Because.. Food!

Because.. Food!source: orchaa.wordpress.com

With dishes like Dal Bafla, Bhutte ki Kees, Rogan Josh, Jalebis and Raas ki Kheer, Madhya Pradesh is an unmissable foodie paradise.

HolidayIQ traveller Mayank shares a place in Bhopal, "It's near a majhar and you can see a crowd here on each and every Friday, Jalebi of this chowk is very yummy and famous. It's an important religious place for Muslims."

The views above are collated from opinions expressed by travellers on www.holidayiq.com

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