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Bhubaneswar to Visakhapatnam distance is 442 kms . Out of the 3 reviews shared by travellers, 67% prefer Train, 33% prefer Car or Cab respectively.

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"Excellent road with lots of toll booth "

Posted 7 Oct

Travelled by: Car

Travelled as: Family

We travelled by my own Honda City petrol car. The road was excellent. But there were lot of toll gates. We saw Chilka Lake, and lot of small hills in between. We started around 5 in the morning and reached around 11 at Vizag. My family was beside me and we enjoyed the trip a lot with loud music and gossiping. We planned the trip just the previous day and booked a holiday package in Four Point Sheraton. It was a nice trip.


arghya pal


"Good experience by travelling through train"

Posted 12 Sep

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Couple

As I visited in the month of January, that is why I booked Non AC sleeper class. Good to travel at the time of day as several hills can be seen at the time of travel. Some food should be carried with as this train doesn't stop much stations and unavailability of food may be experienced.


Bhabagrahi Dash

"Nine hours journey by train "

Posted 4 Jul

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Couple

I picked up the train as it was suitable for me and seats were available in it. The journey was for nine hours during the day time. Bhubaneswar was the starting station and therefore, the second AC compartment, the toilets etc. were clean. We have arranged food from home.

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