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Ghaziabad to New Delhi distance is 29 kms . Out of the 1 reviews shared by travellers, 50% prefer Bus, 50% prefer Train, respectively.

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Ashu Saini

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  • Ashu Saini
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Ashu Saini
Posted Apr 20, 2015 Apr 20, 2015
Mode of Transport:Bus
This bus looks beautiful and comfortable seats. This bus people are charming and kind person and Delhi is a beautiful city and historical place. I like Delhi and the buildings. Aksardham is beautiful temple and I like Sansad Bhawan. This journey is best of my life.
Bus operator: City Express Travels
Bus Type:
  • Sleeper
This bus has:
  • Comfortable seats
Trip Includes:  | New Delhi
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City Express Travels Sleeper
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