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Kolkata to Mysore distance is 2017 kms . Out of the 2 reviews shared by travellers, 67% prefer Train, whereas 33% prefer Flight respectively.

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Tushar Kanti


"Cordial staff and boarding to de-boarding was smooth"

Posted 24 Mar

Travelled by: Flight

Travelled as: Family

The flight was ok. The staff were cordial. Right from the ticket booking, the check-in, boarding and the de-planing was smooth. The hostesses were very helpful. The pilot seemed experienced as he controlled the aircraft in a turbulence very smoothly. Overall, a good journey it was.



"Shatabdi Express has the provisions of good food "

Posted 9 Jul

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Family

Our journey was commenced with a night train which arrives at Mysore in the early hours of sunrise. The station has prepaid taxi/auto facility. Our return journey was through Shatabdi Express. It was good with provisions of food. Our journey was through three tire AC and AC sitting.


Sandip Patra

"Excellent journey but bad food "

Posted 21 Aug

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Family

It was an excellent experience. We enjoyed a lot. But the food provided by the railway catering staff was very bad; you have to think about the food when you travel.

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