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Kolkata to Rameswaram distance is 2258 kms . Out of the 2 reviews shared by travellers, 67% prefer Train, whereas 33% prefer Flight respectively.

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"Now a days in flight services are good "

Posted 30 Oct

Travelled by: Flight

Travelled as: Family

Flight was very good and in time till Coimbatore from there we travelled by car. Madurai was bit crowded otherwise roads are good and it was comfortable journey. In the midway availability of food is also good, but lacking of clean toilet facility. Some places road were very bumpy so you have to face the jerks. In flight services are good now a days you can buy the stuff as per your requirements.


rashmi rekha

"Go ahead and book your tickets "

Posted 20 Mar

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Family

It was only train available to cover the destination which I wanted. Actually I took my train from Howrah but my parent from other station. So I choose this train. This train was overall fine. Evey thing on this train was above average. Visitor can book tickets for this this train without any hesitation.



"Two tier AC travel is comfortable"

Posted 21 Dec

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Family

Two tier AC travel is so comfortable. Pamban Bridge experience is so good when coming back at daylight. One must go and see this place by train while going by train above sea. Pamban Bridge is excellent. The sea colour is like Andaman.So clean and colourful water.

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