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Mumbai to Kashmir distance is 2536 kms . Out of the 3 reviews shared by travellers, 50% prefer Train, 25% prefer Car or Cab whereas 25% prefer Flight respectively.

Kashmir does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Jammu, at a distance of 263 kms from Kashmir.

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Himanshu Manroa


"Turbulent flight, bad landing...but Superb Food!"

Posted 19 May

Travelled by: Flight

Travelled as: Family

Imagine succulent Chicken Tikkas, yummy veg puff, finger licking veg mayo sandwich and finally a sinful chocolate walnut brownie! No this ain\'t a gourmet experience in the best of coffee shops but your very own friendly, neighborhood Air India! The turbulent flight, the hard landing with a big thud and the noisy cabin were all negated by some simply superb food, prompt service by the flight crew and of course, a fantastic in-flight entertainment system with the latest Bollywood-Hollywood movies, TV shows and good music. Air India is changing quick and fast and no longer the image we have to come to associate it with. Fly Air India once again...and I bet you\'ll keep coming back for more. It\'s the most economical, most convenient routes and timings and packs in a memorable experien ...Read More




"The seats are comfortable, very neat and clean"

Posted 20 Apr

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Solo

You should always travel by super fast train because the travel time has to be less so that you can visit more places and spend a lot of time and enjoy. Early reaching helps to visit every place without any hectic schedule. The seats are comfortable, very neat and clean. Train bathroom has to be clean and thy should look into phone charging facility. The catering staff is well behaved and very helpful. The food is properly packed and fresh with packaged drinking water.




"Very fast train"

Posted 7 May

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Family

Travelling by train was a good experience and it was very fast. It reached on time and was at every station. But at last moment it was late by two hours. We enjoyed a lot in the train. We also purchased food from various station. Travelling with family in train was very good. We will never forget this trip.




"Difficult to travel by car to Srinagar"

Posted 8 Aug

Travelled by: Car

Travelled as: Family

Actual it is very difficult to travel by car to Srinagar but it was an enjoyable journey. The river view, dam view, Keshar Farm View, Snow Mount View from Benihal to Srinagar is excellent. Jawahan Tunnel on the route is a different experience all together. Special salute to the soldiers posted on this route in forest and on top hills.

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