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Mumbai to Margao distance is 580 kms . Out of the 2 reviews shared by travellers, 20% prefer Bus, 40% prefer Train, 40% prefer Car or Cab respectively.

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Bernard Alvares

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Bernard Alvares
Posted Mar 27, 2015 Mar 27, 2015
Mode of Transport:Bus
It is non AC sleeper bus it leaves on time from Mumbai and it stops twice 1 for tea and the 2nd for dinner when ever u go take sleeper. Non AC because you can have a good view outside. It has 2 door one main door and the other cabin door. It goes very fast and it has good way to over take the night journey as it is comfortable. It has small pillow and pls carry water bottle and blanket.
Bus operator: Paulo Travels
Bus Type:
  • Sleeper
This bus has:
  • Comfortable seats
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