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Srinagar to Pahalgam distance is 88 kms . Out of the 5 reviews shared by travellers, 20% prefer Bus, 80% prefer Car or Cab respectively.

Pahalgam does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Jammu, at a distance of 156 kms from Pahalgam.

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Donarun Das

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Donarun Das
Posted Apr 9, 2014 Apr 9, 2014
Mode of Transport:Bus
The road to Pahalgam crisscrosses the Kashmir Valley and passes through some amazing scenery. The best one of them being almost a half a kilometer long Green Tunnel. Trees have covered the road and no light crosses through and that acts like a dark tunnel. The experience of that stint was amazing.
Bus operator: JKSRTC
Bus Type:
  • Non-AC
Trip Includes:  | Pahalgam
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