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Bangalore to Kolkata distance is 1870 kms . Out of the 122 reviews shared by travellers, 10% prefer Bus, 30% prefer Train, 10% prefer Car or Cab whereas 50% prefer Flight respectively.

Kolkata does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Howrah, at a distance of 6 kms from Kolkata.

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Rabi Banik

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  • Rabi Banik
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Rabi Banik
Posted Jan 28, 2016 Jan 28, 2016
Mode of Transport:Car
Day 1 : 20th Dec 2015 (Sunday)

We started our journey on 20th Dec 2015 (Sunday) around 3 am from Silkboard (Bangalore). We were two people in our car. We went via NH5. We reached Tirupati (200km) at 6am. And took some tea and snacks. We got NH5 around 9am and saw the first signage of Kolkata. It was 1588 km away from. The road is very good but that time lots of flyover work were going on. We reached Vijayawada around 3pm. We started again after having our lunch. We will stay Vizag at night that was our plan. We reached Vizag around 9:30pm and hired a road side guest house for one night.

Day 2 : 21th Dec 2015 (Monday)

We left the room at 6 o'clock from Vizag. We took our breakfast at palasha and were going to Bhubaneswar. There is awesome road and you can enjoy sightseeing. We reached Bhubaneswar by crossing a series of flyover. After that took a tea break, we were going to Bengal now we got long stretches of straight concrete road. The road was little bit difficult because of no of cycle and bikes were coming the wrong way along the side. We did not know the main problem was waiting for us. We got stuck in front of Bengal border because of they were checking truck one by one. It took almost 2 hours time to clear up. We entered in Bengal after crossing the gate then again the road was good. Fillings was good because we were so close to our destination. Finally We entered in Kolkata via Dunlop after 3 hours. The time was around 9 o'clock.
Car Type:
  • Hatchback
This route has:
  • Petrol pumps
  • Accomodation
  • Food/Dhabas
  • Clear Signages
Route Taken:NH 5
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Day 1 : 20th December 2015(Sunday). We started our journey on 20th December 2015(Sunday) around 3 am from Silkboard (Bangalore). We were two people in our car. We went via NH5. We reached Tirupati (200 km) at 6 am and took some tea and snacks. We got NH5 around 9 am and saw the first signage of...more »
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  • Uday
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Posted Jun 14, 2014 Jun 14, 2014
Mode of Transport:Car
Recently I travelled to Bangalore (my home) from Kolkata by driving my car with my family, after one year stay at Kolkata. My car was Chevrolett (SAIL UVA). We were 3 members with my wife and daughter. Car was fully loaded with luggage. But there was not much problem during the journey. I started my journey on 06 Jun 14 early Morning by 0630 Hrs from Uttarpara and followed the route NH-5 and AH 45. Up to Kharagpur road condition was good and it was an one way except few diversion where only single road used for both. After crossing Kharagpur, the road condition was not good enough, as it was under construction for ONE WAY and lot of diversions on the way up to 250 Km near Balasore. To cover 250 KM it took almost 8 hours. After that another 350 KM took almost 6 hours as the road was very good condition and it was very smooth and comfortable driving. Finally reached at Behrampur and passed the night with full rest and sound sleep in one of AC hotels. During this journey, we crossed 9 Toll Booths. ( Covered total 617 KM)

Next day I started at around 1000 Hrs by following route NH-5 & AH 45 reached around 1430 Hrs at Vishakapatnam and had a good lunch at a good restaurant and finally reached Rajamundry around 1930 Hrs and passed the night in one of AC hotels. During this journey we crossed 8 Toll Booths. ( covered 469 KM)

On the 3rd day, I started driving on around 0800 Hrs followed route NH-5/AH-45, while crossing Hanumant Junction followed NH 214 as the route was diverted due to Mr Naidu's oath taking ceremony at Vijayawada. NH-214 A was not much good. It was single road for both journey. Finally around 1630 Hrs reached at Ongole and had lunch there and started for Nellore followed NH-5 / AH-45 route reached Nellore around 1930 Hrs passed the night in one of AC hotels. (covered 489 KM) During this journey we crossed 6 Toll Booths. It was a bad experience as we did not receive much cooperation from the Andhra Police on the way. Whenever asked for route directions, Local Language was much problem while driving NH 214 through different villages. Finally, on the last journey, I started driving around 0900 Hrs after having a good Breakfast at Nellore followed NH-5/AH 45, then diverted route to Tirupathi followed SH 61/NH 205/NH-4 (Tirupathi- Bangalore route) had costly lunch at KAMATH Upachar at Narsapura and reached my final destination, my home at 1700 hrs. During this journey we covered 390 KM and faced 3 toll booths. Overall driving experience was nice and enjoyable. Total Toll booths we crossed were 26 additional and 3 to 4 could be added between Hanumath Junction to Ongole (NH-5/AH-45) as I travelled NH 214 which was Toll free road. Average Toll fee was Rs.65/- Of course, I was lucky enough for not paying Toll fee as exempted for Defense people. Cost of petrol was round Rs 8300/-. It was a wonderful experience indeed.
Car Type:
  • Hatchback
This route has:
  • Petrol pumps
  • Accomodation
  • Food/Dhabas
  • Clear Signages
Route Taken:AH 45/NH 5
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Popular driving routes from Bangalore to Kolkata

Route name Facilities Route popularity
NH 5(1905.4km) 100% travellers prefer this route
NH 5(1870.1km) - -
NH7 and NH6(2245.8km) - -
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Travel by Car/Taxi

Vehicle Approx. Fare/Km (Rs) Approx. Cost (Rs)
Tata Indica 8 12464
Toyota Qualis 9 14022
Chevrolet Tavera 9 14022
Tata Indica A/C 10 15580
Toyota Qualis A/C 10 15580
Suzuki WagonR A/C 10 15580
Hyundai Santro 10 15580
Skoda Superb 12 18696
Tempo Traveler 13 20254
Chevrolet Tavera A/C 13 20254
Tata Indigo A/C 13 20254
Suzuki Swift Dezire 14 21812
Mahindra Logan A/C 14 21812
Chevrolet Aveo 14 21812
Suzuki SX4 14 21812
Ford Ikon 14 21812
Mahindra Xylo A/C 14 21812
Mahindra Scopio A/C 15 23370
Ford Ikon A/C 15 23370
Tata Marina A/C 15 23370
Toyota Innova A/C 15 23370
Tempo Traveller A/C 15 23370
Ford Fiesta A/C 16 24928
22 Seater Non Ac S M 17 26486
Hyundai Accent A/C 18 28044
Mitsubishi Lancer A/C 19 29602
18 Seater Non Ac Coach 21 32718
Honda City A/C 21 32718
Toyota Corolla Altis 23 35834
Toyota Corolla 25 38950
24 Seater Non Ac Coach 25 38950
Swaraj Mazda 18 seater A/C 26 40508
30 Seater Non Ac Coach 26 40508
Skoda Octavia 27 42066
24 Seater AC Coach 28 43624
32 Seater Non Ac Coach 28 43624
35 Seater Non Ac Coach 30 46740
50 Seater Non Ac Coach 32 49856
Chevrolet Optra 33 51414
30 Seater Ac Coach 33 51414
35 Seater AC Coach 36 56088
Honda Accord 44 68552
Honda CRV 45 70110
Ford Endeavor 45 70110
Toyota Camry 47 73226
Toyota Fortuner 50 77900
Skoda Laura 50 77900
BMW 5 series 57 88806
Mercedes C Class 60 93480
42 Seater Volvo AC Coach 60 93480
Mercedes Benz - E class 64 99712
Audi A6 78 121524
BMW 7 series 130 202540
Mercedes Benz - S class 142 221236

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