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Delhi to Chakrata distance is 294 kms . Out of the 2 reviews shared by travellers, 50% prefer Bus, 50% prefer Car or Cab respectively.

Chakrata does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Dehradun, at a distance of 47 kms from Chakrata.

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Posted Apr 21, 2014 Apr 21, 2014
Mode of Transport:Taxi
We hired a taxi and didn't take the Saharanpur route. Some might suggest you but that is not safe even in the broad day light. So, take Rudhki Route and start your journey at night and reach Chakrata in the morning then you can enjoy Chakrata early morning sunrise. There is a cut from Dehradun chowk and then head towards Chakrata via Vijay Nagar.
Car Type:
  • Sedan
This route has:
  • Petrol pumps
  • Food/Dhabas
  • Clear Signages
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In the first week of January 2014 we visited Chakrata along with my cousins. As we are all into the corporate culture so we wanted a short break from our hectic life and then we decided to head towards Chakrata. We booked a suite of two attached rooms with a single bathroom in hotel Snow view...more »
Trip Includes:  | Deoban
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Sabyasachi Rayc

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Sabyasachi Rayc
Posted Apr 16, 2014 Apr 16, 2014
Mode of Transport:Car
I decide to drive down to Chakrata from Delhi in the height of monsoon and that too in my rickety old hatchback. Anyway I had the sanity of having decided to do it in two parts. From Delhi to Dakpathar then take a break for a day or two and then onwards to Chakrata. The halt at Dakpathar makes more sense as Chakrata does not offer you any accommodation option beyond one notable hotel.

So on the first day we drove 275 plus km drove from Delhi to Dakpathar. This route goes via Sonepat, Panipat, Pipli (turn right), Jagadhri and onward to Dakpathar through Paonta Sahib, Asan Barrage and Hathni Kund Barrage. (The barrage areas were heavily affected by the devastating floods of last year sometime after my trip.) The road conditions are not really very good after the right turn at Pipli and the road signs are few and far between. I did overshoot a few turns. Incidentally you cross four states in this drive Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

For pit stops you have your picks from Murthal to Pipli. After a couple of days lying back at Dakpathar, on the lovely guest house on the banks of the Yamuna Barrage, we moved to Chakrata. Well here's one to fool hardiness. This is not your everyday mountain drive. For the road is quite narrow, treacherous, steep and landscape quite bleak in parts. To top it all it was raining heavily. It took me a nerve wracking three hours to cover the approximate 60 km distance. Incidentally you will be repeatedly stopped and questioned on the way by the security authorities. Please bear with them. They are doing their duty and that too with a purpose.
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Car Type:
  • Hatchback
This route has:
  • Petrol pumps
  • Accomodation
  • Food/Dhabas
Route Taken:Grand Trunk Rd
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Grand Trunk Rd(329.5km) 100% travellers prefer this route
NH 58(322.6km) - -
SH 57(293.6km) - -

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