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1Beautiful, Agatti Airport, Lakshwadeep
Beautiful, Agatti Airport, Lakshwadeep

Surrounded by nothing but the Indian Ocean, the 4,000-foot-long Agatti Airport runway is so random and petite that it could pass off as a piece of a larger runway lost at sea. The airport is the only one in Lakshadweep - an Indian Union Territory comprising 36 exotic islands located off of the southwestern coast of India and sits on the island of Agatti.

HolidayIQ reviewer Gautam Barman says, Agatti is a small island and hence, one can enjoy the sea, the lagoons, and the beach. You can go to Bangaram and enjoy a full day there. It is about an hour’s journey by boat. Make sure that the permit and formalities are taken care of beforehand.”

Sachin, HolidayIQ reviewer, tells HolidayIQ, "The destination is awesome. I have enjoyed a lot. There is lots of sports activity. You can have good quality time with your family. Far away from metro city fast life. People are good and helpfull in nature. You can plan for minimum 03 days for the Agatti island. "


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Reviews (15)

Prakash chaudhari

Prakash chaudhari4.3/5

1 review

Enjoy the paradise on Earth

Visit to Lakshadweep has been one of the best and most enjoyable one. Crystal clear water with changes in its shades are simply adorable. Enjoyed the blissful experience. Would rate it as a BUCKET LIST for all Indians and people living abroad.

Suyash Dwivedi

Suyash Dwivedi5.0/5

1 review

The true beauty of nature-Agatti

Awesome . True blue color of the sea, pristine beaches, less crowd and just great natural. Beauty to admire. There are two hotels and one lodge to stay. Prior booking is required to be permitted in the island. Its a small island. 7km tip to tip. A two day stay is ideal as there is nothing else apart the beach and some water sports if the weather allows. A must go destination according to me

Recommended Duration in Agatti

Number of days to spend in Agatti as recommended by our travellers.

4 days


Agatti Overview

In the south west of India and in the waters of the Arabian Sea, the island of Agatti forms a part of the Lakshadweep archipelago. The length of the island is about 6 km and the width is 1000 m approximately with a sparse population of around 7000.

This island is the gateway to the Lakshadweep Union Territory through sea and air, as the only airport in Lakshadweep is located in Agatti. Agatti lies to the west of the Kavaratti Island which is the headquarters of the Union Territory with the administrative section located here.

The island is connected by air and water. The ship route is connected to Kochi as well as Mumbai. The journey by ship is about 24 hours while the flight takes 1 hour from Kochi. The airport landing strip is small, capable of accommodating few small airplanes such as the Droniers and ATR flights.

This land, which is surrounded on all sides by coral reefs and blue waters, has a few legends but its history has marks of rulers who controlled it from the western coasts of India, especially Kochi.

The last king of Kerala, Cheraman Perumal, while traveling in the boats got shipwrecked in one of the islands near Agatti, but returned back safely. The people during this period travelled to Lakshadweep and settled there and gradually spread themselves across different islands.

The presence of Islam and its followers in the island have been attributed to the preaching by St Ubaidullah in the 7th century, who by directions from the prophet in him, went to the islands and tried preaching Islam with partial success. Later on his wife carried on the preaching after the saint died where his mukbara or tomb in the nearby island of Androtte is still prayed by the muslim devotees.

Briefly, the Portuguese tried to rule over the area for the coir products but were evaded by the local population. During the rule of Tipu Sultan, the previous influences of Chirakkal raja and Cannanore muslim houses were stopped and people were happy. Then the British East India Company took over the island and Lakshadweep was declared a Union Territory in 1956 and named so in 1973.

The small lagoon near the Agatti Island is the only place where fishing is allowed, and in monsoon, boats are not allowed into the sea. The coral reefs and the water surrounding it gives opportunity for scuba diving, snorkelling, boating, para sailing, gliding, etc. The nearby islands of Kavaratti, Bangaram, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Minicoy, etc. are popular for sightseeing visits by boats and water activities.

The climatic conditions are typical of that of Kerala with hot summers from March to May and high humidity. Monsoon rains come from May to September and is heavy. Entry into Lakshadweep is allowed with permits only which needs to be applied in Kochi.

Photos of Agatti

Bangaram Island, Agatti

Photo by

Supriya venkat

Bangaram Island, Agatti
Agatti, Lakshadweep

Photo by

Harpal Singh

View of the beach
Agatti, Lakshadweep

Photo by

Sandeep kumar Saxena

My bicycle ride at agatti
Bangaram Island, Agatti

Photo by

Supriya venkat

Bangaram Island, Agatti

There is so much to see in Agatti.

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