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Shani shingnapur

Shani shingnapur  Video Review

Shani Shingnapur

Pradyumna b Ramesh
27th Nov 17

I am heading to Ahmednagar

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Vijay gaikwad

Vijay gaikwad3.6/5

10 reviews

Bibi ka Makbara at Ahemadnagar

Just fifteen kilometers away from Ahemadnagar town. It is on Nanda road. Situated on hill, four wheelers can reach near the spot. Sufficient parking space is available. Road is in good condition.
  • Bibi ka Makbara at Ahemadnagar
  • Bibi ka Makbara at Ahemadnagar
  • Bibi ka Makbara at Ahemadnagar

Mukesh Sagar

Mukesh Sagar4.3/5

102 reviews

Shani Shingnapur is a Holy Place, known for its honesty

I am not sure why this place is named as Ahmednagar, as far as my review goes it is about the place Shani Shignapur. Shingnapur is a place where no one steals, there are no thief. However that was the story we heard till date.

Now things have changed, I am sure many would have come across the people trying to fool you on your way to the temple. Those people will sound very honest and humble. You will feel that he will not cheat on you. But at the end they will take you to a shop which will sale prasad worth Rs. 100 at Rs. 600 or even more. They will lure you by saying there is are parking, and they are gram panchayat people. So these days is cheating and stealing going on in the very own city of Shani Dev.

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Ahmednagar Overview

History of Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar is the main city of Ahmednagar District in the state of Maharashtra. It is located about 120 km northeast of Pune, it's 300 km east of Mumbai and 120 km from Aurangabad. The name of the city originated from the name of the founder, Ahmed Shah Nizam Shah.The history of Ahmednagar dates back to the Mauryan era. The place is mentioned in the reference of Mauryan Emperor Ashoka (240 BC) as a hamlet neighbouring the present city and bypass between Junner and Paithan. The town was established by Ahmad Nizam Shah at Bhingar (an ancient city) in 1494. The Nizam Shahi dynasty, set up by Ahmad Nizam, lasted until fall at the hands of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1636.

In 1759, the destination was taken over by the Peshwa of the Marathas, and in 1790, it was given up to the Maratha chief Daulat Rao Sindhia. In 1817, it came in the possession of the British from the Marathas as per the terms of the Treaty of Poona.

People and Culture of Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar is located on the left banks of the Sina River. Three physical divisions namely, Western Hilly Region, Central Plateau Region and the region of northern and southern plains describe the geography of Ahmednagar. Mula, Pravara, Dhor and Sina are the important rivers of Ahmednagar. The major attraction of the city is the Ahmednagar Fort. The fort was built by Ahmed Nizam Shah in the year 1490. It is a circular shaped fort with 18 metre tall walls, which is supported by 22 bastions. The fort is currently under the control of the Indian military.

Things To Do in Ahmednagar

The Tomb of Salabat Khan II, also known as Chand Bibi Mahal, is located six miles east of the city, on a hill between 700 and 800 feet above the city level. Baugh Rauza, a fine black stone mausoleum with a domed roof, has the Koran inscribed on gold. Apart from these, the other attractions are Tank Museum and Shani Shinganapur (marketplace).Ahmednagar is renowned for sugar mills, milk production and bank co-operatives. It has nineteen sugar factories and is also known as the birthplace of the cooperative movement. The nearest airport to Ahmednagar is in Pune, which is 113 kilometres away. The Ahmednagar railway station is connected to the main cities of India. The climate of the city remains dry and hot throughout the year. The months from October till March remain moderately cold, which is also the best time to visit the city.

Photos of Ahmednagar

Shani Shingnapur, Ahmednagar

Photo by

Pratik Jena

Shani Shingnapur
Meher Baba's Samadhi, Ahmednagar

Photo by

Chandranath Shirwaiker

Meher Baba's Samadhi, Ahmednagar
Meher Baba's Samadhi, Ahmednagar

Photo by

Chandranath Shirwaiker

Meher Baba's Samadhi, Ahmednagar

There is so much to see in Ahmednagar.

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