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nice location

nice location  Video Review

Jain Meguti Temple

Nik Goradia
24th Oct 17

I am heading to Aihole

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Venson Lobo

Venson Lobo3.6/5

28 reviews

Heritage at its best

Though the temple are scattered all over the village, the main ones are within a reach from one to another. Especially the ones close to the Durga temple.
Picturesque location if you love history and heritage sites.
How to reach?
Travelling is not a problem, get on any tuk, for 20 buck(sharing) from statical and they'll drop you outside the main temple complex.

Vaishnavi M

Vaishnavi M2.9/5

36 reviews

Aihole - sightseeing

Aihole - was the 2nd Chalukya capital and a place, rich cultural history, dating back to even 5th century be. C.
We started our trip here, some temples like Huchimalli, Durga and Lad Khan temples are well maintained, but there are few others, poorly looked after, slush and garbage surrounding those. Some of these sites were makeshift living areas for the locals, it is a pity to see such heritage sites being mismanaged.

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Aihole Overview

Situated on the bank of the Mallaprabha River in Bangalkot, Karnataka, Aihole is famous for the temples built here. Aihole is a major tourist attraction in north Karnataka especially popular among spiritual folks and those who are interested in Indian heritage. Aihole has numerous temples nearby villages.

There are various legends related to the place. One of the legends says that Parshuram from the Hindu epic Ramayana cleaned his axe after killing the Kshatriyas. Early inscriptions describe this place as Aryapura and Arya-vole. There are various historically significant caves and temples in Aihole and it holds an important place when it comes to ancient rock architecture. That is why Aihole is also referred to as the ‘cradle of Hindu rock architecture’.

Aihole also served as the first capital of the Chalukya dynasty. The Chalukyas built around 125 temples in Aihole and used this experience at various places in rock architecture building. Some of the temples date back to as early as the 5th century but mostly the first phase of temple construction began in the 6th century and the second phase started in the 12th century.

The Chalukya King Pulakeshi II was a major contributor on temple building and was inspired by Jainism which is the reason some of the temples have a Jainism influenced look. There are also some temples related to Buddhism.

Inscriptions have also been discovered by archaeologists in the area in the Sanskrit language which date back to 634 CE. It is about the achievements and victory of Pulakeshi II over Harshavardhana.

Aihole can also be described as the laboratory of rock architecture of Chalukya artisans. Here they experimented with various styles and came up with the earliest rock cut shrines. According to the structure, the temple has been divided into 22 groups by historians.

The Lad Khan Temple is the oldest temple of Aihole dating back to the 5th century. The Lad Khan Temple consists of a shrine with two mandapas in front of it. The shrine bears a Shiva lingam. The mukha mandapa in front of the sanctum has a set of 12 carved pillars.

Other famous temples of Aihole are Huchappayya (gudi) Temple, Durga Temple, Meguti Jain Temple, Ravana Phadi Cave, Gowda Temple, Suryanarayana Temple, etc. Aihole also has a museum and art gallery which displays the ancient art works and inscriptions found in Aihole.

Photos of Aihole

The Huchimalli Gudi, Aihole

Photo by

Vaishnavi M

The Huchimalli Gudi, Aihole
The Huchimalli Gudi, Aihole

Photo by

Vaishnavi M

The Huchimalli Gudi, Aihole
The Huchimalli Gudi, Aihole

Photo by

Vaishnavi M

The Huchimalli Gudi, Aihole

There is so much to see in Aihole.

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