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Mayuri Kubal

Mayuri Kubal3.6/5

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Explorable place with nature's bounty

Amalner is truly a place where one can find the solace and quite blessed times . The journey is a bit long but the views while travelling leave you awestruck . The lush green fields on both sides, various grape vines that are freshly loaded with grapes . Guavas of the best quality . This place is certainly heaven of fruits Do buy some on your way back home as you get it cheaper than that in city .

Amalner Overview

Amalner is a city located in Jalgaon District of Maharashtra. Amalner is also a tehsil and covers many villages such as Vavade, Patonde, Mehergaon, Pimpali, Dahiwad, Shirsale etc. The place is situated on the banks of the Bori River, at an elevation of 700 metres above sea level.

Amalner has historical significance with respect to the independence, industrialisation and education movements. The northern part of this city is named after Srimant Pratap Shethji, who was a leader and a social worker and had worked for the development of education. Several institutes and schools are named after him in this city.

Amalner is also popular as a birthplace of many scholars like Nyayacharya Shriram Shankar Upasani and Pandurang Sadashiv Sane, who are revered for their contribution in the educational field. The place also earned its name for its role in the industrial development of India. This is also the city where Ajij Premji's father started the initial dalda factory, in the name of Wipro. Amalner has the highest number of share holders in the Wipro Company.

A very renowned saint, Sant Muktai stayed in the district and made it a holy place. In the month of Vaishakh, there is a large fair conducted on the Bori River. It is the biggest fair among nearby towns and attracts many devotees and tourists. A Rath-Yatra takes place on the Vaishakh Ekadashi, while a palakhi procession is also held on the full moon day of the same month. During the Rath-Yatra, to symbolise and promote tolerance and brotherhood among the local communities, the Muslim community puts a wooden log for stopping the Rath in front of the local mosque, for Aarati and Dohe.

The closet airport to this place is the Aurangabad Airport, located 136 km away from Amalner. Amalner has its own railway station and is connected to the major cities of Maharashtra as well as the rest of India. By road, the city is properly connected to all the main cities of the state, with taxis and buses available.

From a religious point of view, the months of April and May are the best time to visit Amalner.

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Amalner, Maharashtra

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Vinayak Saindane

Visit to Amalner
Amalner, Maharashtra

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Vinayak Saindane

Visit to Amalner

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