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Saurav Bakshi

Saurav Bakshi

6 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Amboli Trip (Western Ghats)- In the lap of mother nature

Well, just thinking from where to start the description of this piece of beauty on the earth Okay, let me tell you in this way that if you are a nature lover, biologists, photographer or just want to spend couple of days away from all the hustle-bustle of city life, far away from the honking of car horns to the cacophony of the birds, from breathing in the poisonous smoke of fossil fuel to inhale the chest full of fresh air, from truanting & tinting of you electronic gizmos & mail box to the sweet dripping sound of water & dew drops, THEN This Is The Place To Be. It's pure bliss to be here.

It's a hill station in Maharashtra at an altitude of 2260 ft. It lies in the range of western ghats and famous for it's flora & fauna. It's also famous for it's wide range of snakes, frogs and butterflies. Nearest airport is Belagaum (70 KMs approx) and Goa (100 KMs approx). From here you need to hire a cab to reach here. Road from Goa is very good but from Belagaum, one will find couple of rough patches in between.

It was a friendly group photography trip where 7 of us gathered at Amboli from various corner of the country. Since I joined them from Delhi, and there is no other way to reach there except air, hence it coasted me little extra as compared to others. If you are travelling down from southern part of the country or Maharashtra, then the entire trip cost will be approx 5K lesser than the one I mentioned and if it's a group trip, cost will go down further.

It was my first trip to Amboli and also for the group members as well, hence hadn't had much idea about the travel route, so I booked the flight ticket to Belagaum via Mumbai due to which it took longer than usual as there was a layoff of approx 3 hours. If I would have traveled via Goa, it would've taken 5 hours instead of 8 hours. I boarded the flight of 10:00 AM from Delhi and reached Belagaum at 4:00 PM. Then from there I took the cab to Amboli at 4:30 PM which took 2 hours time to reach. Since it was mid of rainy season hence there was intermittent heavy spells of rain in between. If you are a photographer and coming via Belagaum, then try to grab the window seat and keep your camera ready for some breathtaking aerial landscape shots while entering the Belagaum air space, unfortunately I missed it. On the way you will also witness some lovely frames.

I reached Amboli at 6:30 PM and checked into the resort. Rest of the group had already checked in at 11:00 AM and went to see waterfall & sunset point which I missed. Nonetheless, I was so excited about the trip and with the thought of witnessing & capturing the beautiful varieties of snakes, butterflies and frogs that I forgot about my long journey. I just put my bags down and grabbed my camera and went out with the group in search of these beauties. It was pouring heavily but still the rain god was not able to dampen our spirit. We spotted geckos, vine snake & wrinkled frog. Since it was raining heavily, we returned early to our resort.

Since it was a photography trip and that too in rainy season, we prepared few must have items checklist before the trip. Those were- Macro lens(1:1), flash & diffuser, leech socks (yes you will get these blood sucking creatures over there), poncho ( a gown type raincoat which helps you to save you and your gear from getting wet), silica gel, torch & headlamp (as most of the walks are during night), extra dry cell, gum boot, tape, plastic packets to wrap your gear, umbrella etc...

Yashashree Kane

Yashashree Kaneratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

2 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Nice place

Must visit at onset of monsoon. Oct is hot here... Nights are chilling. The roads are in good condition except few patches. Food thali at valley view is worth and good taste with quality.

Sunset point and waterfalls must see places.

Jeet Bhanushali

Jeet Bhanushaliratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

2 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Nice place to visit

This is an extremely quiet place suitable to visit with family, friends and spouse all alike. It has beautiful forest trails and any person who loves to spend some time amidst nature will love visit this place for a weekend holiday.

Pro tip - It's impossible to dry your clothes here because of the humidity, so please carry ample number of clothes.

Sachin urunkar

Sachin urunkarratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

2 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Awesome place to visit

Amboli is not only about Waterfall but much more than that. Its a hill station after all. You can enjoy heavy monsoon and let yourself free in waterfall as well. Beyond that places like Hiranyakeshi(5km), Nangartass waterfall(10km), Ramtirth Waterfall (20km) Mahadevgad point(3km) are also full with natural beauties.

Raj Varma

Raj Varmaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

63 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Just the right place for nature lovers

This waterfalls are located in Maharashtra and promise an elegant view of the shayadaris. There is a sunset and sunrise point nearby. The waterfall itself is mesmerizing. The local food stalls opposite the waterfall present you with fresh and hygienic refreshments.

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Nagendra Kushwah

Nagendra Kushwahratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

10 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Awesome Amboli

I can't even find the words to describe the mesmerizing beauty of Amboli situated on the way between Kolhapur and Goal. The wettest place of Maharashtra, do visit in monsoon to enjoy it fully as in rains the beauty is at peak, the nature blossoms. Major attractions are Amboli waterfall, Kavlesaad Point, Hiranyakeshi Temple, the best which I like the most is Kavlesaad point because it's reverse pressure of the waterfall will damply make you wet fully standing near the fall. I remind everyone to feel this because you won't get this experience in the entire world for no cost. And all please do respect nature there and everywhere because the local people really lead a tough life to maintain the sacredness of these tourist places. For the luxury of us they bear all the pains. Local food was also amazing specially the Amboi Dosa(pronunciation may differ)as I requested my cab driver to have us some local speciality. Seriously I never ever tasted this Dosa. At the end do visit Amboli friends if you are passionate nature lover.

Prasanna Rs

Prasanna Rsratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

77 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Unexplored Hill station.

Amboli is a hill station the Maharashtra. It lies in the Shayadri hills. Amboli is unexplored destination. Though there only few places to visit here, but every place is worth Visiting. One must Visit Amboli during Rainy season . . Amboli is well connected with Roadways. Nearest Railway stations are Sawantwadi (28 Belagavu (70 Nearest Airports are Belagavi (70 Dambolium Airport (120. Amboli falls, Sunset point are all worth Visiting. Since Amboli is situated 2, 000 fts above sea level, one can experience Low lying Clouds during rainy season. There are many good hotels for stay. So lodging and boarding is not at all a problem at Amboli. But Amboli is One day visit destination.

Nitin Pethkar

Nitin Pethkarratingratingratingratingratingrating3.9/5

100 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Last hill station before the coastal highlands of Goa and a relatively unexplored one

Before going to Amboli, some homework has to be done. I have given some background of the Amboli Hill station below, hopefully it is very helpful for the new travellers while going to Amboli . Introduction. Amboli is a hill station in south Maharashtra, India. At an altitude of 690 m it is the last hill station before the coastal highlands of Goa and a relatively unexplored one. The beautiful hill-station of Amboli is rightly called the of Maharashtra; such is its natural splendour. Famous among environmentalists as a precious ecological hotspot, it is cool, calm, serene and enriched with all the treasures that the world of flora and fauna can bestow upon it. Located in the princely state of Sawantwadi, Amboli is located on the ridge of the Western Ghats and is particularly majestic during the monsoon when impromptu waterfalls gush down the hilly terrain. It's amazing topography comprises dense forest area with a large number of waterfalls which increase in number during the rains. In fact, it is the heavy rainfall of an average of 750 centimeters per year which results in such thick growth of trees and plants along the hillsides. Winter is actually the perfect season to visit Amboli. However, for those who would like to add a little more mysticism to their visit, choose to go during the monsoon season. The entire region gets covered with a dense fog during several times a day. It is then that you can actually experience the power of silence and how nature makes it own music. What makes this place special is that it is very rich in flora and fauna and you will in all probability be able to spot wild boars, antelopes, deer, monkeys and bison and maybe a leopard too in case you happen to be at the right spot at the right time. Amboli is also a draw with enthusiastic bird-watchers who come here to glimpse and photograph various species like the Hornbill, Paradise Flycatcher, Drongo, Yellowed Bulbul, Bewhiskered Bulbul, Crimsoned Sunbird, Orangeades Ground Thrush, Indian Schimitar Babbler, and a lot more. A huge number of butterflies, frogs and reptiles make the forest their home too. Some of the trees and plants found here include Hirda, Ain, Anjan, Shikekai, Mango, Fern, etc . As per my experience in Amboli, it is very interesting. Some of the most memorable experience I feel there is given below:. It is an excellent place for trekking. It has a number of trails with different degrees of difficulty. Beware of leeches; the trails are teeming with them! Even if you are not a serious trekker, Amboli has some lovely walks, which can be easily managed. The walks from the main road to any of the view-points like Shirgaonkar Point, Mahedevgadh Point are beautiful, with green vegetation on both sides and streams gurgling away. The best way to locate trails is to ask the people at the hotel where you are staying . The main attraction here is the jungle safari. Anybody can enjoy the jungle safari and it exited the most . You can purchase the wooden toys from the locals here in reasonable rates. No hotels or shops at Amboli accept cards. Its recommended that you carry adequate cash for your trip as there aren't any ATMs at Amboli . I have an airtel connection but it is not connected in Amobi Town but it works in all other areas of and around Amboli . Amboli itself is a Tourist destination but in Amboli some of the famous attractions exist. Some of the points that are a see' includes:. The Nangartas Waterfall, Sea View Point and Mahadevgad . . Kavlesaad Point is another interesting point from where you can get a view of the Sahyadri ranges . Meanwhile, don't forget to stop by at the Hiranyakeshi temple. It is from here that the river Hiranyakeshi originates. The approach road is rough but the destination provides a wonderful experience. You would in fact want to spend hours at this calm and peaceful spot. The river ultimately flows through Karnataka where it is known as Ghataprabha. There's also a small temple dedicated to Parvati . Food. As amboli consists of the border of Goa and Maharashtra so their food is also consists of the taste of Goa and Maharashtra. Amboli Food is full mixture of Konkani as well as Kolhapuri mixes. It is the hot destination for the food lovers where you can get the taste of Maharashtra as well as Karnataka. You can taste Konkani food, kolhapuri food here at one place. The food style of most of the eating joints are synonyms to the cuisine that one can taste in other parts of Maharashtra. You can find numerous eat outs in the 500 meter distance between the main bus stand and the police check post with all of them serving similar cuisine . For those with interests in branded food can visit Vithal's Kamath near Sunset point. The hotel offers good seating with ample car parking and a good view of the mountains. They are priced reasonably higher compared to the other prices in Amboli . You would hardly find any shops that serve you fruit juices. There is only one store near the main bus stand that serves sugarcane juice . Refreshments like Tea and Coffee and other tolerated drinks are available in all stores that dot the highway between the bus stand and the police check post . There is one alcohol store near the main bus stand which maintains a pretty good stock of Spirits. The store is open from 9am to 9pm . Connectivity. By Air. The nearest airport to reach Amboli would be the Dabolim Airport, Goa at 57 km or Sambre Airport, Belgaum at 70 km . By Train. The nearest rail heads are; Sawantwadi Road - 28 km, Kolhapur - 110 km, Sangli - 148 km, Belgaum - 70 km, and Miraj -140 km. Both Sawantwadi and Belgaum are well connected with all the important rail heads from all parts of the country . By Bus. There aren't any luxury buses that ply to Amboli. There are general buses both from Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation that ply frequently (every half hour) between Belgaum and Sawantwadi Via Amboli and charge Rs. 51. It takes between 2-3 hours to reach Amboli from Belgaum. Amboli is well connected by road from Sawantwadi, Belgaum and Kolhapur. Number of buses ply from Pune and Mumbai to Amboli also .

  • Last hill station before the coastal highlands of Goa and a relatively unexplored one

Maulik Mehta

Maulik Mehtaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 5 years ago

Great place to be during monsoon

During my college days at Belgaum (karnataka) we used to have bike trips to amboli. Just 50 kms away was the hill station full of great waterfalls, resort, mountains, table top hills, and a fall where water blows up rather then falling on ground. One also can have a day long break at amboli while going to Goa by road.

Charuta Kulkarni

Charuta Kulkarniratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

1 reviewPosted 5 years ago

Heaven on earth - Amboli

It was mesmerizing experience to visit amboli. It is situated in the hills of sindhudurga, near sawantwadi. It is equally memosrable to reach amboli . You need to take road only as that is convenient one. Road is in majestic view of hills, fog, greenery and waterfalls also in rainy days. You will forget everything being there. Magical atmosphere as it is basically hill station. You will forget all tentions, worrys, sorrow . . Variation of accommodation is available. Sightseeing of points is amazing watching valleys is the experience where you feel so small before nature . It is also famous for its military school. I am so proud that naharashtra prepare soldiers who serve nation. Be there you will love it.

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